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J. Deryl Hart Papers and Records

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Estimated Extent: 34.00 linear feet
Abstract: Contains the personal and professional papers of J. Deryl Hart, chair of the Department of Surgery at Duke University from 1930 to 1960, and president of Duke University from 1960 to 1963. Major subjects include Chowan College, Duke University Medical Center, the Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic, surgical wound infection, medical hospitals, history of teaching medical schools, and history of surgery in North Carolina. Types of materials include personal and professional correspondence, memorabilia, certificates, diplomas, scrapbooks, photographs, speeches, lectures, addresses, clippings, sketches, reprints, ledgers, lantern slides, subject files, and committee materials. Materials range in date from 1916 to 1987.
Creator: Hart, Deryl
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Access Restrictions
The Teaching Slides series of this collection contains personal health information. Contact the Archivist for information about access.
Usage Restrictions
Copyright for Official University records is held by Duke University; all other copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
Preferred Citation
[Identification of item], J. Deryl Hart papers and records, Duke University Medical Center Archives.
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Acquired; circa 1977
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Collections may contain Medical Center Administrative records. These include records of the officers of the University, as defined in the Bylaws, the deans of schools and colleges, and departments, institutes, and other offices as designated by the President. For a period of twenty-five years from the origin of the material, permission in writing from the director of the office of record and the Medical Center Archivist is required for use. After twenty-five years, records that have been processed may be consulted with the permission of the Medical Center Archivist.
Collection may contain Records of the Board of Trustees of the Duke University Medical Center. These include minutes and supporting documentation of the Board, its Executive Committee, and standing and ad hoc committees, and reports, studies, and the like presented solely to the Board. Records which have been existence for at least fifty years are available for scholarly research with the permission of the Medical Center Archivist. Access to records which have been in existence for less than fifty years shall be granted only by special permission, in writing, of the Medical Center Board of Trustees.
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The following terms from Library of Congress Subject Headings and Medical Subject Headings suggest topics, persons, geography, etc. interspersed through the entire collection; the terms do not usually represent discrete and easily identifiable portions of the collectionsuch as folders or items.

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    Julian Deryl Hart was born in Buena Vista, Ga. in 1894 and was raised on a plantation of several hundred acres in Taylor County, Ga. He matriculated atEmory University, where he distinguished himself in mathematics and speech, compiling the best record in math over four years of any student. During his senior year, he decided to become a doctor. He remained at Emory beyond his 1916 graduation (A.B) to receive a master's degree in mathematics (1917). Hart chose to attend theThe Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He was selected by Dr.William Stewart Halsted to join the surgical training program, where he made his highest grade in medicine. After earning his degree in 1921 (M.D.), he served atJohns Hopkins Hospital as intern (1921-1922), assistant inpathology (1922-1923), instructor insurgery (1923-1929), assistant resident in surgery and surgical pathology (1923-1927), resident surgeon (1927-1929), and associate surgeon (1929-1930). While a resident, he authoredSurgery of the Hand, a text in thePractice of Surgery series (edited by Dean Lewis). In 1928,Wilburt C. Davison, dean of the Duke University School of Medicine, approached Hart to become professor of surgery and first chair of theDepartment of Surgery in the Duke University School of Medicine and Hospital. In 1928, Hart joined Duke, a school in the process of building a national reputation. Dr. Hart placed emphasis on achieving excellence in patient care and teaching by integrating research with development. Through this philosophy, he laid the foundation for a model system of integrating the fundamental missions of academic medical centers: patient care, education, research and administration. During his tenure as chair, Dr. Hart expected faculty members to assume major clinical and teaching responsibilities and to pursue laboratory research. He recruited the founding members of the surgical faculty and established Duke's surgery residency. Soon after assembling a core group of practitioners, Hart saw a way to provide patient services more efficiently. In 1932, with Frederic M. Hanes and the cooperation of other members of the clinical faculty, Hart implemented a private diagnostic clinic plan. Under the plan, physicians would share clinics with examining rooms, a patient waiting room, and a central office. An office staff managed clerical work and lab technicians conducted tests, hence freeing doctors to see more patients. Duke'sPrivate Diagnostic Clinic not only provided coordinated medical and surgical care to private patients with moderate incomes, but it allowed members of the medical faculty to contribute a portion of their earnings toward the continued excellence of medicine at Duke. The private diagnostic clinic model was subsequently employed at other healthcare institutions around the country. Hart's innovation was evident both inadministration and research. In the 1920s, Hart worked on several patents for equipment to improve patient care. His inventions included a pneumatic bed, a surgical basin and support (for clean rooms), an operating room supply table, and variable pressure beds (or air mattresses) to ease bed sores. At Duke, Hart led plans to create a surgical instrument shop which would meet Duke's needs for specialized medical tools and instruments. Dr. Hart was also credited with originating the use ofultraviolet radiation to control airborne infections in surgical operating rooms (1936), a technique that became widely accepted across the country. This procedure dramatically reduced the number of infections and related deaths and won national acclaim in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Also in 1949, Hart and Dr. James Moody claimed national attention for their work on changing the male-female ratio in litters of rats. Relating their results to human experience, they suggested that it made a difference, in terms of sex determination, how early in the period of fertility an egg was fertilized. For many years after this work was published, Dr. Hart served, often informally, as a counselor to childless couples or couples desiring a child of a certain sex. In 1960, Hart became president of Duke University, the fourth man to be elevated from within the institution. Hart organized the provost group to share in governance of the university; guided the adoption of new bylaws that replaced the University Council with our present faculty legislature, the Academic Council; expanded the role of the University Planning Committee; and significantly redefined the responsibilities of the offices of Institutional Advancement, Development, Business, Legal Counsel, Registrar, Undergraduate Admissions and Architect. During his three-year tenure, the number of distinguished professorships doubled and faculty salaries increased. Hart's administration was also responsible for amending the admissions policy to affirm equality of opportunity regardless of race, creed or national origin. Outside of Duke University, Hart held offices with theAmerican College of Surgeons,Southern Surgical Association,Southern Society of Clinical Surgeons, and theDurham-Orange County Medical Society. He was also director of theDurham Bank and Trust Company, member of theCorporation of Research Triangle Institute and theResearch Triangle Foundation of North Carolina,American Association of Thoracic Surgery,Society of University Surgeons,American Medical Association,International Surgical Association,Nu Sigma Nu,Phi Beta Kappa,Alpha Omega Alpha,Sigma Xi,Durham Rotary Club (N.C.), and fellow of theAmerican College of Surgeons. Other honors include an honorary doctorate from theUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1929). Dr. Hart marriedMary Johnson Hart in July 1932 in Raleigh, in a ceremony recognized asthe social event of the year. The Harts had their home built at the corner of Duke University Road and N.C. 751. Over the years, dozens of Duke medical and divinity students lived in the Harts' house, staying in a backyard building that had been converted from an old chicken coop. After Dr. Hart died in 1980, Mrs. Hart served as honorary chairwoman of the Duke University Founder's Society, which was formed to recognize individuals, foundations, and corporations that made endowment gifts to the University. Mrs. Hart died in 2000.

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    Organized into the following series: Correspondence, 1916-1975; Department of Surgery and the Private Diagnostic Clinic, circa 1930-1968, no date; Building Program and Development Funding, 1961-1963, 1974; Subject File, 1956-1976; Addresses, Speeches and Lectures, 1952-1957; Professional Organizations, 1952-1975; Clinical Research, circa 1938-1975; Chowan College Board of Advisors, 1964-1975; Redevelopment Commission of Durham, circa 1955-1973; Hart Residences, 1933-1983; Personal Materials, 1917-1987, no date; Teaching Slides, circa 1940-1960; Oversize Materials.

    18 record storage boxes; 2 oversize boxs

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    Collection Contents

    Series Quick Links expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Series: Correspondence, 1916-1975expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Scope and Contents note
    Contains Hart's personal correspondence with family (mostly with sister Mary Hart) or friends and general Duke-related correspondence with colleagues. Also contains correspondence pertains to homes and property inDurham, N.C. andRoaring Gap, N.C.
    Box 1
    Personal, 1916-1924
    Personal, 1925-9128
    Personal, 1929
    Personal, 1925,1929
    Personal, 1930-1931
    Personal, 1945, 1950-1951
    Personal, 1952-1957
    Personal, 1959-1961
    Personal, 1962
    Personal, 1963
    Personal, 1964
    Personal, 1965-1966
    Personal, 1967
    Personal, 1968-1969
    Roaring Gap Cottage, 1949-1957
    Box 2
    Roaring Gap Cottage, 1958-1960
    Roaring Gap Cottage, 1961-1965
    Roaring Gap Cottage, 1966-1969
    Louise Hart, 1951-1965
    Louise Hart, 1966-1972
    General Duke-related, 1964-1966
    General Duke-related, 1967-1968
    General Duke-related, 1969-1971
    General Duke-related, 1972-1975

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    Series: Department of Surgery and the Private Diagnostic Clinic, 1930-1970expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Scope and Contents note
    Contains materials pertaining to the management and administration of the Department of Surgery and Private Diagnostic Clinic, which had many staff members in common.
    Subseries: Correspondence, 1942-1970
    Box 2
    Perkins, Tom, 1968
    Postlethwaite, R.W., 1967-1970
    Sealy, Will, 1942, 1944
    Sherwood, Mildred, 1954
    Subseries: Private Diagnostic Clinic Administration, 1930-1968
    Box 2
    Summary of Developments in the Department of Surgery, 1930-1959
    General history (includes Sabiston correspondence, Tumor Clinic and Division of Physiotherapy), 1940-1965
    Departmental plans and Report of Duke University School of Medicine and Duke Hospital 1933 and Statement of Their Needs for 1934 to 1938, 1934
    Private Diagnostic Clinic Statement of Facts, undated
    Bylaws, rules, and regulations, 1963-1964
    House staff lists, 1956-1966
    House staff and rotations, 1947-1968
    Requirements for Students Assigned to the Surgical Wards of Duke Hospital, undated
    Georgiade and Pickrell research, 1963
    Subseries: Graduate training grant site visits, 1966
    Box 3
    Tulane University, undated
    University of Mississippi, undated
    University of North Carolina, undated
    Subseries: Divisions of the Department of Surgery, 1952-1962
    Box 3
    Clinical Research Laboratories, undated
    Experimental Surgery, undated
    Neurological Services, undated
    Neurosurgery, undated
    Otolaryngology, undated
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, undated
    Plastic Surgery, Division of, undated
    Staff performance, 1952-1960
    Thoracic Surgery Laboratory, undated
    Urology Laboratory, undated

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    Series: Building Program and Development Funding, 1931-1963, 1974expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Scope and Contents note
    Hospital addition includes plans, correspondence, statistics pertaining to bed use. Other folders contain information pertaining to the Private Diagnostic Clinic's financial contribution to building funds for the medical center, outpatient needs, staffing needs, and funding sources. TheHospital beds and cross wing file includes a narrative by Deryl Hart. The funds ledgers has been moved to Oversize Materials.
    Box 3
    Medical Center funding, 1961
    Long Range Planning Committee, 1961
    Woodhall, Swanson and Busse correspondence, 1961-1962
    Marshall I. Pickens and Duke Endowment correspondence, 1962
    Hospital addition, 1962-1963
    Hospital beds and cross wing, 1962-1974
    Hospital administration financing needs conference with A. Hollis Edens, 1954-1957
    Surgery and PDC expense funds ledger, [moved to Oversize boxes], 1931-1934

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    Series: Subject File, 1956-1975expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Scope and Contents note
    Contains subjects and correspondence pertaining to academic administration of the Department of Surgery and various committees within the Duke University Medical Center.
    Box 3
    Anesthesia, Division of, 1964-1966
    Surgery, Dept. of, space assignment, undated
    Dorothy Beard Research Fund, 1973-1974
    Committee on Biomedical Sciences, 1965
    Surgery, Dept. of, budget, 1956-1960
    Building Committee, general materials, folder 1, 1960-1964
    Building Committee, general materials, folder 2, 1960-1964
    Building Committee, general materials, folder 3, 1960-1964
    Building Committee, general materials, folder 4, 1960-1964
    Building Committee, Baker House Addition, 1965
    Building Committee, Medical Science 1, 1964-1965
    Building Committee, P.D.C. addition, 1964
    Clinical Facilities Extension, 1963-1964
    Clinical Research Program, 1962-1966
    Crenshaw, R.N., undated
    Davison Scholar Program, 1961
    Death and Complications Conference, 1972
    Duke University Development Program, 1972-1973
    Surgery, Dept. of, Executive Committee, 1965-1969
    Gerontology and Diagnostic and Treatment Center, 1960
    Gifford, James F., 1974
    Halsted Ward, 1956
    Box 4
    History of Duke University Medical Center (by Davison), 1965-1966
    Hospital collection reports, 1960-1965
    Hospital Infections Committee Report, 1970
    Hospital bed occupancy reports, 1961-1975
    Johns Hopkins University, 1968-1972
    Knight Douglas M., 1963-1969
    Long Range Planning, 1961
    Loyalty Fund, undated
    Markee, J. E., undated
    Lecture Notes, undated
    Nursing Education Program, Louisburg College, 1967
    Nursing Education Program, Wingate College, 1966
    Operating Rooms E, F, G, and H (recreating old suite), 1963
    Ophthalmology Dept., undated
    Parking Facilities, 1966
    Rankin, Watson S., Need for Rural Hospitals, undated
    Recommendations, 1963-1972
    Renovation, Physiology Dept., 1962
    Retirement Living Proposal, 1968
    Room Sanitizing Unit, 1961-1963
    Sabiston, David C., 1965-1975
    Student Health, 1962-1963
    Surgery core course for second year, third term, 1971
    Surgical P.D.C. and insurance, 1963-1971
    Surgical Shop, 1963-1966
    Surgery, undated
    Traffic Committee, 1964
    Urology, Division of, 1964
    U.S. Army Research Office, 1963
    U.S.S. Shangri-La Cruise, 1961
    Veterans Affairs Hospital, Research and Education Committee, undated
    J. Hughes and M. Pickens, 1963
    Visiting Committee, 1964
    Visitors to Duke, 1963
    Watts Hospital, 1972
    Wingate College, undated
    Woodhall, Barnes, 1961-1965

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    Series: Addresses, Speeches and Lectures, 1952-1977expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Box 4
    American Cancer Society, television program, 1955
    Antibiotics in G.I. Surgery Lecture, undated
    Carcinoma of the Breast lecture, undated
    Carcinoma of the Colon lecture, undated
    Box 5
    Davison Symposium, 1961
    Durham-Orange County Medical Society, 1960
    Emory University Medical Alumni Association, 1962
    Clarence E. Gardner dinner, undated
    Clarence E. Gardner Surgical Outpatient Clinic Dedication, 1968
    Floyd McRae Society Meeting, Development of the Department of Surgery at Duke, undated
    Gastric Resection Exclusion of Complicated Duodenal Ulcer Discussion, undated
    Georgia Surgical Society, 1964
    Conference on Gerontology, 1959
    Halsted Society Meeting, 1973
    Hyperbaric Conference Speech, 1965
    Kiwanis Club, 1970
    Walker McKinley Nielsen portrait reception, undated
    North Carolina Surgical Association, 1963
    Nurses' lectures, Introduction to Surgery and Some Thoughts of a Surgeon, undated
    Tribute to Mataline and Guy Odom, undated
    Pre-Med Society, 1952
    Research Triangle Area TB and Respiratory Disease Assn., November 9, 1971
    D. T. Smith dinner, 1977
    Southern Section of the Surgical Association (on postoperative wound infections), 1967
    Presidential Address to the Southern Surgical Association, The Responsibility of the Medical Profession to Medical Education,, 1956
    State Science Fair, Duke University, 1964
    Thirty Year Club, 1964
    University of Kansas, Postgraduate Course in Surgery, 1958
    Watts Hospital 60th Anniversary Dinner, 1955
    The Relationship of the Growth of Trinity College and Duke to the Duke Family and Their Industrial Enterprises (Founder's Day?), 1961
    Notes, undated

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    Series: Professional Organizations, 1953-1975expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Box 5
    American College of Surgeons, general materials, folder 1, 1954-1964
    American College of Surgeons, general materials, folder 2, 1954-1964
    American College of Surgeons, Board of Governors, undated
    American College of Surgeons, Committee on Anesthesia, 1954-1957
    American College of Surgeons, North Carolina chapter, 1955-1973
    American Medical Association, 1959-1973
    American Sterilizer Company, 1954-1959
    American Surgical Association, 1959-1975
    Box 6
    Durham Bank and Trust Company, 1954-1960
    Durham-Orange County Heart Association, 1964
    Durham-Orange County Medical Society, 1956-1975
    Gulf Coast Clinical Society, 1958
    Deryl Hart Society, 1960-1974
    National Industrial Conference Board, 1966
    National Institute of Health, 1965-1967
    North Carolina Medical Society, 1954-1974
    North Carolina Medical Society, Scientific Exhibit, 1960
    Southern Society of Clinical Surgeons, folder 1, 1961-1975
    Southern Society of Clinical Surgeons, folder 2, 1961-1975
    Southern Surgical Association, general, 1953-1972
    Southern Surgical Association, meetings, 1962-1975

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    Series: Clinical Research, 1930-1975expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Subseries: Ultraviolet Radiation, 1930-1975
    Box 6
    Clippings, 1936-1968
    Reprints on ultraviolet light in operating rooms, folder 1, 1938-1968
    Reprints on ultraviolet light in operating rooms, folder 2, 1938-1968
    Reprints on ultraviolet light in operating rooms, folder 3, 1938-1968
    Reprints on ultraviolet light in operating rooms, folder 4, 1938-1968
    Reprints on ultraviolet light in operating rooms, folder 5, 1938-1968
    Subseries: Subject File, 1957-1975
    Box 6
    Surgical basin and support, correspondence and patent, 1957-1962
    Correspondence regarding hospital sterilization, folder 1, 1957-1975
    Correspondence regarding hospital sterilization, folder 2, 1957-1975
    Correspondence regarding hospital sterilization, folder 3, 1957-1975
    Ivan Brown correspondence, 1964
    Editorial, Operating Room Infections with Airborne Bacterias: the Surgeon's Blind Spot,, 1959
    Ultraviolet light equipment specs, undated
    Presentation to the National Institute of Health on ultraviolet light use, 1958
    Operating Room Supply Table specs and patents, 1958
    Operating Room Technique (methods for improvement), undated
    Operating room specs and plans, undated
    Sun block for screening ultraviolet rays Plough, Inc., 1961
    Protocol Meeting of Committee on Ultraviolet Light Study, 1958
    Box 7
    General research correspondence, 1957-1960
    Research Grant Request, Ultraviolet Radiation in Control of Wound Infections, 1958-1959
    Hospital research correspondence, 1959
    Correspondence, requests for information and advice, folder 1, 1958-1964
    Correspondence, requests for information and advice, folder 2, 1958-1964
    Correspondence, requests for information and advice, folder 3, 1958-1964
    Correspondence, Sterilization products, Westinghouse, 1958-1967
    Research notes on masks, forms of protection, light, infection, bacteria, and supplies, undated
    Box 7
    Photographs [moved to Oversize Materials], 1930-1960
    Slides of recommended garments and protection levels provided [moved to Oversize Materials], 1950
    Subseries: Sex Determination Research, 1948-1960
    Box 7
    Public Health Research Grant, 1948-1951
    Sex ratio studies, 1948-1949
    University Research Grant, 1960
    Subseries: Operative Wound Infections, 1941-1963
    Box 7
    Surgeries tabulated by procedure, 1941-1958
    Summary report, 1959-1963

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    Series: Chowan College Board of Advisors, 1964-1975expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Scope and Contents note
    Contains meeting memoranda, correspondence, and planning materials pertaining to the establishment of an undergraduate nursing education program at Chowan College. While serving on this board, Dr. Hart corresponded with the president of Chowan College, Bruce Whitaker, as well as members of the Board of Trustees.
    Box 8
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, 1964
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, 1965
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, January-June 1966
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, July-December 1966
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, January-June 1967
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, July-December 1967
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, 1968
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, 1969
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, 1970
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, January-June 1970
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, July-December 1971
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, 1972
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, 1973
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, January-June 1964
    Chowan College Board of Advisors, 1965

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    Series: Redevelopment Commission of Durham, 1960-1973expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Scope and Contents note
    Contains minutes, maps, plans, and reports.
    Box 8
    Meetings and notes, September-December 1966
    Meetings and notes, January-June 1967
    Meetings and notes, July-December 1967
    Meetings and notes, January-July 1968
    Meetings and notes, August-December 1968
    Meetings and notes, January-July 1969
    Meetings and notes, August-December 1969
    Meetings and notes, January-June 1970
    Meetings and notes, July-December 1970
    Meetings and notes, January-June 1971
    Meetings and notes, July-December 1971
    Meetings and notes, January-June 1972
    Meetings and notes, July-December 1972
    Meetings and notes, January-May 1973
    Meetings and notes, June-December 1973
    Box 9
    Pamphlets and reports, 1960-1970

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    Series: Hart Residences, 1933-1983expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Scope and Contents note
    This series contains records pertaining to residential properties owned by the J. Deryl Hart familyhews property: Hart house. Caswell Place, and J.B. Matthews property. Includes records about the conception, construction, and renovation to the first Hart house and surrounding land on Duke University property. Hart house materials include lists, specs, contracts, correspondence, receipts, handwritten notes, and a sketch of a window sill. The architect of the first Hart home, now a home for the Duke University President, was Nelson and Cooper Architects of Raleigh, NC.
    Subseries: Hart house, 1933-1951, 1983
    Box 9
    Hart house, 1933
    Hart house, 1934
    Hart house, 1935
    Hart house, 1936
    Hart house, 1937
    Hart house, 1938
    Hart house, 1940
    Hart house, 1941
    Hart house, 1944
    Hart house, 1951
    Hart house, 1983
    Contracts, 1933
    Improvement and costs list, 1933-1935
    Box 9
    1401 Caswell Place, 1948-1964
    J.B. Matthews property, 1978

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    Series: Personal Materials, 1917-1987expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Scope and Contents note
    Contains some personal correspondence, calling cards, photographs, programs, certificates, diplomas, scrapbooks, sketches and memorabilia from undergraduate and early medical college years. Clippings and programs contains materials from college years and early medical training.House furnishing layout sketches, 1934 has been moved to Oversize Materials.
    Box 9
    Family genealogy, 1937-1980
    Clippings and programs, 1917-1958
    Pneumatic bed invention materials, 1926
    Speech of acceptance of the Duke University presidency, 1960
    Letter conferring doctor of laws degree upon Dr. Hart, 1964
    Box 10
    Julian Deryl Hart, a report by a schoolchild, undated
    Certificates, state and national Associations, 1930-1965
    Certificate, doctor of laws, Duke University, 1964
    Speech conferring doctor of laws upon Hart from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1962
    Photographs, scientific exhibition, 1960
    Photographs, Hart portraits, undated
    Photographs, Hart with groups [one item moved to Oversize Materials], undated
    Dedication of the Hart Pavilion, 1966
    Deryl Hart Lectureship remarks by Clarence Gardner, 1964
    Committal service and pastoral prayer for Hart's entombment in the Duke Chapel crypt, 1980
    Mary and Deryl Hart Distinguished Professor of Surgery, 1987
    The Duke Hospital, an Epic Pome [sic] by Novacaine and a Patient, Unrepressed Edition, undated
    Box 11
    Certificates and diplomas, Duke University, 1955-1964
    Certificate, Southeastern Surgical Congress, 1960
    Certificates, State of North Carolina, 1961, 1962, 1986
    Letter of gratitude for service to Duke University from William R. Pitts, 1964
    Photographs, Hart with Department of Surgery house staff, undated
    Variable pressure beds or mattresses patent materials, 1930
    Scrapbook, [Mary Johnson Hart Surgical Conference Room], 1987
    Scrapbook, Deryl Hart, 1955
    Scrapbook, D.H., 1950-1953
    Scrapbook, Deryl Hart, M.D., President, Duke University, 1960-1963 (presented by the Half-Century Club of Duke University), 1963
    Scrapbook loose materials, Deryl Hart, M.D., President, Duke University, 1960-1963

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    Series: Teaching Slides, 1940-1960expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Scope and Contents note
    Contains boxes of lantern slides used for teaching students in the Duke University Department of Surgery and for making medical case study presentations at grand rounds and association meetings. Contains restricted materials.
    Box 12
    Slides, undated
    Box 13
    Slides, undated
    Box 14
    Slides, undated
    Box 15
    Slides, undated
    Box 16
    Slides, undated
    Box 17
    Slides, undated

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    Series: Oversize Materials, undatedexpand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Subseries: Ultraviolet Radiation, 1930-1975
    Box 18
    Photographs, 1930-1960
    Slides of recommended garments and protection levels provided, 1950
    Subseries: Building Program and Development Funding, 1931-1963, 1974
    Box 18
    Surgery and PDC expense funds ledger, 1931-1934
    Subseries: Personal Materials, 1917-1987
    Box 18
    House furnishing layout sketches, folder 1, 1934
    House furnishing layout sketches, folder 2, 1934
    Subseries: Drawings: Surgery of the Hand, 1928-1929
    Box 19
    Figure 1 (page 3): Lymphatic palmar surface hand, 1929
    Figure 2 (page 5): Lymphatics of the finger, undated
    Figure 3 (page 6): Lymphatic collecting trunks on the dorsum of the hand, undated
    Figure 6 (page 9): Palmar fascia, left hand, 1929
    Figure 8 (page 11): The thenar space, undated
    Figure 11a (page 15): Synovial sheaths of the flexor tendons, 1929
    Figure 11b (page 15): Synovial sheaths of the flexor tendons, 1929
    Figure 11c (page 15): Synovial sheaths of the flexor tendons, 1929
    Figure 36 (page 37): Drawing to show a tendon suture, undated
    Figure 106 (page 129): Drawings showing the operation for a paronychia with a subungal abscess underlying the greater part of the nail - RESTRICTED, 1928
    Figure 115 (page 140): Incision for drainage of an infection of the flexor tendon sheath of the fourth finger, 1929
    Figure 116 (page 143): Incision for drainage of the infected ulna bursa and flexor tendon sheath of the little finger, 1929

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    Series: Blueprints and Plans, undatedexpand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Box 21 - Blueprints
    Blueprints and Plans, folded, undated
    Box 22 - Blueprints/plans
    Blueprints and Plans, rolled, undated

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    Separated Materials expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Duke University Medical Center architectural plans, proposals, blueprints, 1940-1964. Twenty-six items have been transferred to the Medical Center Engineering and Operations records.

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