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Estimated Extent: 14.00 linear feet
Abstract: Lenox D. Baker graduated as part of Duke University School of Medicine's first graduating class in 1932. He came back to Duke in 1937 and became the chief of the Division of Orthopaedics, a position he held until 1967. He helped establish the North Carolina Cerebral Palsy Hospital and served as its medical director until 1972. Dr. Baker was a founding member and later president of the North Carolina Orthopaedic Association. The collection contains the administrative and personal papers of Dr. Lenox D. Baker, which includes correspondence, photographs, and articles. The bulk of the material is related to his work as chief of Duke University's Division of Orthopaedics at Duke University and his role in various clinics, professional societies such as the North Carolina Orthopaedic society, and work his work at the Cerebral Palsy Hospital. There are also materials regarding politics and elections, including Dr. Baker's support for various candidates. Other subjects within this collection are the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American Orthopaedic Association.
Creator: Baker, Lenox D.
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    Dr. Lenox D. Baker was born in DeKalb, Tex., in 1902. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee in 1929, and graduated as part of Duke University School of Medicine's first graduating class in 1932. Dr. Baker married Virginia Flowers, the daughter of the President of Duke University, and later returned to Duke in 1937 as an Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery. He came back to Duke in 1937 and became the chief of the Division of Orthopaedics,and established the Duke University Medical Center Orthopaedic and Affiliated Institutions Training Program in 1938. Dr. Baker helped establish the North Carolina Cerebral Palsy Hospital, which originally was on Duke-owned property but was built with state funds. He served as medical director at the Cerebral Palsy Hospital until his retirement in 1972. Prior to his retirement, the hospital was renamed the Lenox Baker Children's Hospital. In addition to his academic achievements, Dr. Baker was the team physician for Duke sports activities for thirty years and was inaugurated into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame in recognition of his contributions. Dr. Baker was involved in outlying state orthopaedic clinics and continued this involvement throughout his career. He was also active in numerous state and national organizations. He was a founder and president of the North Carolina Orthopaedic Association, and was active in the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy, for whom he also served as president. Dr. Baker was elected President of the American Orthopaedic Association in 1964. Dr. Baker was recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus by Duke University and the Medical Center named him as an outstanding alumnus and teacher. He initiated the fund-raising for the Virginia Flowers Baker Distinguished Professor Chair, which was activated in 1988. After his retirement from Duke, Dr. Baker directed his energies toward the North Carolina State Health Department and became the secretary of the State Department of Human Resources. Dr. Baker died in 1995.

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    TheLenox D. Baker papers contains Baker's administrative and personal papers and correspondence. Types of materials include photographs, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.

    28 document cases

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    Collection Contents

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    Series: Administrative and Personal Papers, 1930-1979expand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Scope and Contents note
    This series contains the administrative correspondence and papers for Dr. Baker in connection with his work as Chief of Orthopaedics at Duke along with his work at the Cerebral Palsy museum, his work at various clinics, and his work with professional societies.
    Box 1
    A - General Correspondence, 1942-1971
    Activities, programs, and meetings, 1962-1964
    Adams, Chick: Board of Trustees letters, 1968-1969
    Air force: Training Program, 1952-1962
    Allen - Duke, 1965-1969
    AMA - Physical Therapy Advisory Committee, folder 1, 1957-1961
    AMA - Physical Therapy Advisory Committee, folder 2, 1957-1961
    American Academy for Cerebral Palsy, 1952-1969
    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1940-1945
    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1946-1949
    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1950-1959
    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1960-1965
    Box 2
    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1966-1969
    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: Liaison Committee, 1960
    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: Liaison Committee, February 1961- June 1961
    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: Liaison Committee, July 1961- November 1961
    American Orthopaedic Association, 1953-1959
    American Orthopaedic Association, 1960-1962
    American Orthopaedic Association, 1963-1965
    American Orthopaedic Association, 1966-1967
    American Orthopaedic Association, 1968
    American Orthopaedic Association, 1969
    American Orthopaedic Association, 1970-1971
    American Orthopaedic Association, undated
    American Orthopaedic Association: Gavel Correspondence, 1965-1966
    American Orthopaedic Association: Resident Guest, 1964-1971
    American Orthopaedic Association: Resident Guest, 1969
    Box 3
    American Orthopaedic Association: Resident Guest Committee, 1966-1970
    American Orthopaedic Association: 79th Annual Meeting, 1966
    Letters Regarding Vancouver AOA Meeting, June 15-20, 1964
    Anlyan, Dr. William G., 1964-1966
    Appointments, 1937-1967
    Army Institute of Pathology, 1946-1961
    Arthritis Program, 1955-1963
    Athletic Department (Duke University), 1960-1966
    Restricted: Awards: crippled Children, 1953-1954
    Azuma, Governor Ryotano, 1965-1966
    B - General Correspondence, folder 1, 1955-1971
    B - General Correspondence, folder 2, 1955-1971
    Baker, Lenox D.: Education, training, etc., 1969
    Baker, Lenox D.: General Correspondence, 1942-1970
    Baker, Lenox D. : Medical School and Residency Training, 1930-1936
    Baker, Lenox Jr., 1966-1971
    Baker, Robert F., 1966-1970
    Mr. Barnes, 1958-1969
    Restricted: Battle Creek Clinic, 1960-1963
    Battle Creek Clinic, 1965-1969
    Box 4
    Bennett, Dr. Robert, 1945-1957
    Dr. Bennett: Hall of Fame, 1937-1962
    Bugg, E.L., 1952-1971
    Baker, Dr. Roger, 1957-1961
    Bradford - Columbia, 1968-1969
    Bennett Place, 1971
    Bennett Place Restoration, folder 1, 1958-1963
    Bennett Place Restoration, folder 2, 1958-1963
    Biographical Sketches, 1958-1971
    Book Reviews, 1960
    Boy Scouts (Texarkana, Tex.), 1956-1971
    Buildings: Names For, 1955-1970
    Box 5
    C - General Correspondence, folder 1, 1937-1971
    C - General Correspondence, folder 2, 1937-1971
    Cameron (Eddie) Project, 1959-1972
    Cerebral Palsy Football Game, 1962-1964
    Cerebral Palsy Football Game, 1964-1965
    Cerebral Palsy Hospital Dedication, 1950
    Cerebral Palsy Hospital: Blumenthal, Edna, 1952-1971
    Box 6
    Cerebral Palsy Hospital: Miscellaneous, folder 1, 1952-1972
    Cerebral Palsy Hospital: Miscellaneous, folder 2, 1952-1972
    Cerebral Palsy Hospital: Miscellaneous, folder 3, 1952-1972
    Cerebral Palsy Hospital: Miss Vick, 1955-1971
    Cerebral Palsy Panel on Protocol National Institute of Health, 1955
    Cerebral Palsy Research, 1950-1965
    Cerebral Palsy: Surgery Performed at Duke, 1952-1955
    Restricted: Cerebral Palsy: Surgery Performed at Duke, 1952-1955
    Chapel of Nameless Woman, 1966
    Cleland - Chapel Material, 1965-1971
    Clinics: Ahoskie Clinic, 1952-1960
    Clinics: Clinton Clinic, 1953-1971
    Clinics: Concord Clinic, 1952-1954
    Clinics: Greenville Clinic, 1957
    Clinics: Highpoint Clinic, 1952
    Clinics: Lumberton Clinic, 1953-1954
    Box 7
    Clinics: Morehead City Clinic, 1952-1968
    Clinics: Smithfield Clinic, 1956
    Clinics: Wilmington Clinic, 1956-1958
    Clinics: Wilson Clinic, 1953-1963
    Clinics: Winston Salem Clinic, 1955
    Clinics Visited, 1937-1957
    Committees, 1959-1970
    Community Hospital, 1954-1967
    Condolences, 1958-1963
    Condolences, 1964-1966
    Condolences, 1967-1968
    Condolences, 1969-1970
    Condolences, 1971-1972, undated
    Congratulatory Letters, folder 1, 1971-1972
    Congratulatory Letters, folder 2, 1971-1972
    Box 8
    Credentials Committee Inspection, 1967
    Mr. Crenshaw, 1960-1962
    Job Specifications/ S.B. # 178, undated
    North Carolina Cerebral Palsy Hospital - Lenox D. Baker Cerebral Palsy Hospital, 1971
    United Cerebral Palsy, 1969-1971
    D - General Correspondence, 1952-1971
    Dr. Davison, 1955-1970
    De Rogatis, Al, 1970
    Dog, 1953
    Durham Cerebral Palsy Foundation, 1961-1962
    Durham County Hospital, 1969
    Durham Outstanding Handicapped, October 14, 1965
    E - General Correspondence, 1952-1971
    East Carolina College of Medicine, 1965-1971
    Easter Seal Society Crippled Children and Adults, 1971
    Ellsasser Washington, St. Louis, 1969
    Exhibits, 1939-1955
    F - General Correspondence, 1953-1971
    Fellowships, 1955-1963
    Fellowship Committee, 1946-1950
    Box 9
    Fellowship Reports, 1946-1951
    Dubois and Kingdom - National Foundation Etc. (Fellowships, money for Fellowships), 1946-1951
    Football Classic - Cerebral Palsy, 1976
    Foreign Places (Places to Visit), 1964-1972
    For Meetings File, 1942-1960
    Frymoyer - Vermont, 1963-1969
    G - General Correspondence, 1947-1971
    Box 10
    Dr. Gardner, 1961-1964
    GI Bill Adjustments, Training Program, 1947
    Gifts, 1961-1966
    Restricted: Gifts and Donations, 1961
    Glasson, Dr. John, 1949-1971
    Dr. Goldner, 1967-1971
    GP Book Review, 1964-1971
    Grandfather Golf Country Club, October 22-25, 1970
    Grants, 1947-1966
    Box 11
    Greensboro Daily News, folder 1, August 1, 1971
    Greensboro Daily News, folder 2, August 1, 1971
    Groceries, 1971
    Gross - Toronto, 1969
    Gudakunst, Dr. Don W, 1945-1949
    Guatemala Trip, November 15-29, 1970
    H - General Correspondence, folder 1, 1950-1972
    H - General Correspondence, folder 2, 1950-1972
    Box 12
    Hall of Fame NC Sports, 1969
    Hart, Dr. Daryl, 1951-1967
    Herald Sun Paper, 1964-1965
    Hill, Watts, 1963
    History of Orthopaedics and Cerebral Palsy in NC, circa 1969-1970
    History of Orthopaedics in N.C., Speech at Johns Hopkins, 1964-1970
    Hoke, Dr. Michael, 1944-1947
    Honors, 1967
    I - General Correspondence, 1953-1970
    Instructor's Reports, 1947
    Interurban, folder 1, 1962-1972
    Interurban, folder 2, 1962-1972
    Box 13
    Interurban Itinerary St. Louis, 1971
    Irwin, Ed C., folder 1, 1945-1964
    Irwin, Ed C., folder 2, 1955-1962
    J - General Correspondence, 1945-1972
    Jacobs, Dr. Julian E. (Training Program), 1947-1958
    Jeter - Oklahoma, 1966-1968
    Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1941-1953
    Amos Johnson and Board of Trustees, 1965
    Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Editorial Board of Trustees, 1960-1971
    Box 14
    K - Correspondence, folder 1, 1939-1961
    K - Correspondence, folder 2, 1939-1961
    Kimmelsteil, Dr. Paul - Charlotte Memorial Hospital, 1946-1950
    King, Dr. Lecter S., 1967-1968
    Kinney, Dr. Thomas, 1960
    L - General Correspondence, 1940-1971
    Lawrence, Dr. Ben, 1962
    Lectures and Presentations, 1960-1964
    Liaison Com. (Officers), 1955-1962
    Library Committee, 1942-1960
    Box 15
    Library - Orthopaedic Clinic, 1968
    Lincoln Hospital (Director's Meeting), 1948-1970
    Mc - General Correspondence, 1945-1971
    M - General Correspondence, folder 1, 1954-1971
    M - General Correspondence, folder 2, 1954-1971
    Box 16
    Mann, Ted, 1964-1968
    Mecklenburg County Medical Society, Charlotte, March 17, 1964
    Medical - Legal, 1959-1962
    Medical Tribune, Letters Concerning, 1963
    Medicare (NC State Board of Health), 1965-1966
    Memberships / Meetings Attended, 1936-1957
    Memorandums - Training Program, 1947-1952
    Michigan Society For Crippled Children, 1960
    Miller, Dr. O.L., 1939-1951
    Miller, Dr. Oscar L. - Charlotte, N.C., 1946-1971
    Memoirs Dr. O.L. Miller, 1953,1961
    Box 17
    Miller Memorial, 1971
    Some Recollections of My Years With Dr. Michael Hoke - Dr. O.L. Miller, 1961-1971
    Miscellaneous - Training Program, 1945-1958
    Moore, 1964-1968
    N - General Correspondence, 1951-1971
    National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis - Landauer, Dr. Kenneth, 1947-1951
    Navy Applicants, 1965
    Navy Correspondence - Re: Naval Trainees For Orthopaedic Training Program, 1952-1961
    Navy Trainees - Accepted, 1947-1950
    Neville, Robert J., M.D., 1949-1951
    NCMS, 1969-1972
    NCMS: Executive Council File, 1947-1961
    NCMS: Legislation, 1958-1962
    NCMS: Negotiations Committee Nominating Committee, 1958-1965
    Box 18
    NCMS: Nominating Committee, 1958-1964
    NCMS: Politics, folder 1, 1957-1971
    NCMS: Politics, folder 2, 1957-1971
    NCMS: Politics, folder 3, 1957-1971
    NCMS: Politics, folder 4, 1957-1971
    Box 19
    NFIP Training Program: October 1949 Meeting in Durham, 1948-1953
    Norfleet, Miss Dell (Grizzelle), folder 1, 1936-1950
    Norfleet, Miss Dell (Grizzelle), folder 2, 1936-1950
    Norfleet, Miss Dell (Grizzelle), folder 3, 1936-1950
    Norfleet, Miss Dell (Grizzelle), folder 4, 1952-1971
    North Carolina Orthopaedic Association, 1955-1972
    North Carolina State Board of Health, 1956-1971
    Box 20
    North Carolina Rehabilitation Association Conference, Winston Salem, 1966
    North Carolina State Board of Health: Advisory Commission File, folder 1, 1953-1971
    North Carolina State Board of Health: Advisory Commission File, folder 2, 1953-1971
    North Carolina State Board of Health: Minutes of Board Meetings, 1964-1966
    North Carolina State Board of Health, President, 1964-1971
    North Carolina State Board of Health: Dr. Jacob Koomen, 1965
    Restricted: Notification of Personnel Action, Department of the Army, 1964
    Box 21
    O'Connor, Basil, folder 1, 1952-1967
    O'Connor, Basil, folder 2, 1952-1967
    Other Correspondence, 1961-1969
    P - General Correspondence, 1953-1971
    Palmer, 1966-1971
    Physical Therapy, 1958-1959
    Physical Therapy Department Communications, 1959, 1961
    Box 22
    Piedmont Orthopaedic Society, 1954-1956
    Piedmont Orthopaedic Society, 1957-1970
    Piedmont Orthopaedic Society: Travel, 1962, 1963, 1967
    President's Committee on Employment of the Physically Handicapped, 1958-1971
    Programs Appeared On, 1937-1971
    Prostigmine File, 1946
    Publications - Fellowship, 1947-1954
    Publication Lists, 1938-1971
    Publications: The Bulletin, December 1968
    Publications and Correspondence: The Consultant, 1961
    Publications and Correspondence: Department of Surgery, 1959-1964
    Publications and Correspondence: General Practice, 1966-1968
    Publications and Correspondence: Modern Medicine, 1962
    Publications and Correspondence: North Carolina Medical Journal, 1958
    Publications and Correspondence: Southern Medical Journal, 1950,1961
    Publications and Correspondence: Treatment of Cancer and Allied Diseases, 1963
    Box 23
    R - Correspondence, 1951-1971
    Rehabilitation, 1959
    Rehabilitation Center, 1954-1956
    Requisitions - Orthopaedic Training Program, 1945-1950
    Research Fellowship United Cerebral Palsy, 1960-1962
    Research Triangle, 1967-1969
    Former Resident's Replies To Request For Orthopaedic History, 1969
    Retirement, 1967
    Roberts, Dr. William M. - Gastonia, N.C., 1945-1968
    Reply To Memorandum Number 64, 1950
    Reprints, Lenox D. Baker, 1949-1966
    Box 24
    Resident - Guest, 1967-1970
    Resident - Guest, 1966, 1970
    Resident - Guest, 1967,1968
    S - General Correspondence, folder 1, 1955-1971
    S - General Correspondence, folder 2, 1955-1971
    Sabiston, Dr. David, 1964-1971
    Sanford, 1970
    Seaboard, 1969-1970
    Box 25
    Shands, Alfred R., 1968
    Shands, Dr. Alfred R. and Ghormley, Ralph, 1945-1955
    Shands, Dr. A.R. - The Nemours Foundation, 1937-1944
    Shrine Burn Unit, 1963-1968
    Spring Meeting (Training Program) Charlotte, 1947-1949
    Stelling, Dr. Frank, 1950-1967
    Student Training File, 1964
    SICOT, 1968
    Social Security, 1969
    Southern Conference Trainer's Assignment, 1952
    Southern Medical Association, 1956-1971
    Box 26
    Southern Medical Association Editorial Committee, folder 1, 1944-1971
    Southern Medical Association Editorial Committee, folder 2, 1944-1971
    Southern Railway Co. Orthopaedist, 1958-1970
    Southern Surgical Association, 1969-1971
    Thompson, Dr. Hugh, 1963-1970
    Taylor, Daniel E., folder 1, 1955-1967
    Taylor, Daniel E., folder 2, 1955-1967
    Schedule Lectures - Training, 1936-1957
    Box 27
    T - General Correspondence, 1938-1971
    Taylor Foundation, 1968-1971
    Teaching, 1960-1970
    Telethon UCP, 1969-1970
    That Something, 1944-1958
    ToBac Club, 1964-1972
    Toward Highway Safety, 1964
    Training Program and Correspondence Letter File, 1948-1962
    U - General Correspondence, undated
    United of Omaha, 1958
    V - Correspondence, 1956-1979
    Viets, Dr. Henry R. - Boston, Mass., 1945-1949
    Vocational Rehabilitation, 1961-1971
    Veterans Hospital Staff, 1951-1970
    Box 28
    W - General Correspondence, folder 1, 1951-1971
    W - General Correspondence, folder 2, 1951-1971
    War Department - Consultant Appt., 1948-1949
    Watts - Harvard, 1968
    White, Dr. J. Warren, 1946-1957
    Winkler, Dr. Harry, 1948-1956
    Dr. Woodhall, 1961, 1964
    Worthington, Catherine NFIP, 1949-1960
    XYZ - General Correspondence, 1949-1971

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    Series: Scrapbook, undatedexpand/collapseExpand/collapse

    Box 29
    Scrapbook, 1956

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