Retention Guidelines

  • Duke University has put into place guidelines in order to standardize retention of accounting documents, designating specific retention periods, as well as official methods and locations for storage. Types of materials include, but are not limited to, account reconciliations, banking records, and payroll records.

  • Records concerning office, department, center, or program accreditation. File may include correspondence, reports, questionnaires, guides, and other related records.

  • Records concerning the administration of the office, department, center, or program. File may include reports, memoranda, correspondence, directives, and other records.

  • Records maintained by the administrative officer concerning programs and activities. File may include correspondence, memoranda, reports, directives, and other related records.

  • Office, department, center, or program audit reports and related records.

  • Board minutes, reports, and related materials.

  • Meeting records and related materials from various academic school boards.

  • Records concerning office, department, center, or program budget. File may include proposals, approved budgets, budget reports, requests for budget changes, budget authorizations, accounting information, breakdowns of allocations by line item, correspondence, reports, and other related records.

  • Reference copies of university calendars of events.

  • Record copies of department or program class schedules.