Records Transfer Instructions

Medical Center Archives collects and preserves departmental and administrative permanent records (except for patient records) on an annual basis. We are available to assist you with boxing and moving materials from your department to ours. Contact us for more information or to plan your first transfer. Departmental Records Liaison should review files annually for items that should be transferred or destroyed. For files to be transferred to Medical Center Archives:
  1. Call the Medical Center Archives (383-2653) for proper boxes. 1 full file drawer = 2 boxes
  2. Review the records to be transferred. They must not contain patient records. For further description of the kinds of materials departments may transfer, see the Retention & Disposition Guidelines.
  3. Place file folders in boxes Do not use hanging folders. They don't fit the boxes and are an expensive way to store records. Put records in labeled folders. Label folders in pencil. Do not use printed mailing labels. Keep the folders upright with labels facing forward. If placing more than one record group in a box, place a marker sheet between the folders.
  4. Label the outside of the box -- in PENCIL -- with:
    Office or Department name
    Record group title and date range
    Alphabetical, numerical, or chronological range of records
    Number boxes in sequence
    EXAMPLE 1:
    Department of Medicine
    Job Search File, 1994-1995
    Box 1 of 2
    EXAMPLE2 :
    Controller's Office
    Accounts Payable, 1993
    January-March 1993
    Box 1 of 6
  5. Prepare a list by individual folder title or groups for each box.
    The list will be used in retrieving records as needed in the future. The office should keep a copy and email a copy to Medical Center Archives at time of transfer.
    Chancellor's Office
    Correspondence, 1984-1994
    Box 1 - A-AR
      Annual Reports
    Dean' Office
    Correspondence, 1990-92
    Box 1   A-L
    Box 2   M-Z
  6. The Archives Staff can pick up a limited number of boxes. Contact the Archives (383-2653) to make arrangements for pick up, delivery, or a list of companies who can provide delivery services.