Snyderman, Ralph, Records, 1968-1996

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Collection Number: AR.0059
Ralph Snyderman (Chancellor) Records, 1990-2004

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held in the Duke Medical Center Archives in Durham, N.C. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the World Wide Web. See the FAQ section for more information.

Collection Overview

Size: 543.5 linear feet
Abstract: Contains administrative records created by Ralph Snyderman during his tenure as Chancellor for Health Affairs and President and CEO of Duke University Health System (1989-2004). Types of materials include minutes, agendas, reports, committee materials, chronological files, and videotapes. Major subjects include Duke University Medical Center, Duke University Health System, School of Medicine, School of Nursing and administration.
Creator: Snyderman, Ralph
Language: English
Repository Duke University Medical Center Archives
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Access Restrictions
Contains University Administrative records. These include records of the officers of the University, as defined in the Bylaws, the deans of schools and colleges, and departments, institutes, and other offices as designated by the President. For a period of twenty-five years from the origin of the material, permission in writing from the director of the office of record and the University Archivist is required for use. After twenty-five years, records that have been processed may be consulted with the permission of the University Archivist. (Issued by the Office of the Chancellor, December 1, 1975).
Usage Restrictions
Copyright for Official University records is held by Duke University; all other copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
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[Identification of item], Ralph Snyderman (Chancellor) Records, Duke University Medical Center Archives.
Acquisitions Information
Transfer; A2004-010; 2004
Transfer; A2004-034; 2004
Transfer; A2004-038; 2004
Transfer; A2004-047; 2004.
Transfer; A2004-052; 2004.
Sensitive Materials Statement
Collections may contain Medical Center Administrative records. These include records of the officers of the University, as defined in the Bylaws, the deans of schools and colleges, and departments, institutes, and other offices as designated by the President. For a period of twenty-five years from the origin of the material, permission in writing from the director of the office of record and the Medical Center Archivist is required for use. After twenty-five years, records that have been processed may be consulted with the permission of the Medical Center Archivist.
Collection may contain Records of the Board of Trustees of the Duke University Medical Center. These include minutes and supporting documentation of the Board, its Executive Committee, and standing and ad hoc committees, and reports, studies, and the like presented solely to the Board. Records which have been existence for at least fifty years are available for scholarly research with the permission of the Medical Center Archivist. Access to records which have been in existence for less than fifty years shall be granted only by special permission, in writing, of the Medical Center Board of Trustees.
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Subject Headings

The following terms from Library of Congress Subject Headings and Medical Subject Headings suggest topics, persons, geography, etc. interspersed through the entire collection; the terms do not usually represent discrete and easily identifiable portions of the collectionsuch as folders or items.

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Historical Info

A graduate of Washington College in Chestertown, Md., Ralph Snyderman received his M.D., magna cum laude, from the Downstate Medical Center of the State University of New York. He served his internship and residency in medicine at Duke University and later worked as a public health officer doing research in immunology at the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Snyderman accepted his first faculty appointment at Duke University Medical Center in 1972 as a Howard Hughes Medical Investigator, assistant professor of medicine and immunology, and chief of Rheumatology at the Durham Veteran's Administration Hospital. He rose through Duke's academic ranks, becoming chief of the Division of Rheumatology and Immunology in 1975. In 1984, Dr. Snyderman became the Frederic M. Hanes Professor of Medicine and Immunology. Dr. Snyderman is internationally recognized for his contributions in inflammation research, and he continues to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge.

In 1987, Dr. Snyderman left Duke to join Genentech, Inc., a biomedical technology firm in San Francisco, as vice president for medical research and development. A year later he was promoted to senior vice president. While at Genentech, he led the development and licensing of several novel therapeutics and supervised 300 staff members working in pharmacology, clinical research and regulatory affairs.

Dr. Snyderman has received numerous honors and awards, including an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Downstate Medical Center of the State University of New York and a lifetime achievement award from the Arthritis Foundation. He has been recognized as a distinguished alumnus of both Washington College and the Downstate Medical Center of the State University of New York. He is past chairman of the Association of American Medical Colleges' Council of Deans and is the past Chair of the AAMC. He alsa is a member of the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine.

Dr. Snyderman served Duke University as Chancellor for Health Affairs at Duke University, President and CEO of Duke University Health System and James B. Duke Professor of Medicine. He retired from his position as Chancellor for Health Affairs and President and CEO of Duke University Health System in 2004.

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Scope and Content

Organized by accession: A2004-010, 2001-2002; A2004-034, 1994-2004; A2004-038, 1990-2004; A2004-047, 1967-2004.

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Contents list

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Genentech Files, 1987-1990

Box 1
Duke at Vail, 1988-1989
John Gueriguiani's Book
Paid Expense Reports, 1987, 1988
Letters of Recommendation
Correspondence 1988-1989
Airline Accounts

Box 2
Reviews (Duke)
Rheu. Exp. Fund
Meetings Attended, 1987
Internal Memos
Strategic Planning
Biotechnology Therapeutics
Triangle Universities Licensing Consortium (Duke University, NC State, NC at Chapel Hill)

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Alphabetical Files, 1968-1987

Box 3
Arachidonic Acid Metabolites
Arthritis & Allied Conditions Text - McCarty, Ed.
Augmentation of Human Mono. Chemo. Response by Levamisole, Nature, May 1976
Bacterial Products
BCG & Tumors
Behcet's Syndrome
Biochemistry - General
MCP & RS Biochem. & Biol. Aspects of Leuk....In The Ret. Sys., Vol. 2, 1980
Biochem. Req. of a Chemo..In Macrophage Biology, RS, 1986
Biological Activity of Complement in Vivo, J. of Ex. Med. 134:5, 1971
Biol. Activities of a Mac. Ctx. Inh. (MCI) Prod. by Neoplasms - Acad. Press, 1979
Biological & Biochem. Activities of Cont. Cell Lines, J. Immunol., 1977
Biomembranes 5a
Blood Disorders
Blood Group Factors
Bone Absorption
Bone Marrow - Derived .... Sci. 178, 866, 1972
BULL. ON. RHEU. DISEASES, - RS & Bevra Hahn, 1978

Box 4
Calcium Influx Require. for Human Neutrophil Chemotaxis ... Science 193:905-907, 1976
Calmodulin, Calcium 10c
CAMP - Mediated Inhib. of Receptor-Stimulated....(NV, CD, RS) Sub. PNAS (Dr. Amos) 10/8
Cecil Textbook - 18th Ed. JBW, ed.
"Chemoattractant Receptors & Signal Transduc..(RU, SD, PP, At & RS) SKF Proceedings
Clinical Rheumatically, Cases 6, 12
Clinical Usefulness of Hemolytic Complement Determinations - Verlag, 1978
The Cloned Hydrophilic, Sub. - Science, 3/86, Ds, NS, GC & RS
Complement Alternative Pathway
Complement - Anaphylatoxin
Complement - Clinical
Complement C3 & C5
Complement - Deficiencies

Box 5
Complement - Duke Clinical Studies
Complement - Early Components
Complement - Hemolytic Mech.
Complement - Immune Adherence and Phagocytosis
Complement - Mechanisms
Complement - Mediated Circulation Research XXX, March, 1972
Complement - Methods for Preparation
Computer Discs
Congressional Hearing - April 29 - Wash., D.C.
Defective Mononuclear Leukocyte Chemotaxis - A Previously Unrecognized Immune Dysfunction, RS, Altman, Frankel, Blaese
Depression o Trans.... English Walnuts. Cell. Immunol 9, 73, Marquardt, RS, Oppenheim
Demonstration of a Chem. Factor Receptor...JI, RS & Fudman, June 1980
Dermatological Inflammation
Dev. of Spec. Rec. for N-form. Chem. Peptides MCP Dina, Koren, RS, JEM, 1980
Diacylolycerols Stimulate... Cox, Dougherty, Gamong, Bell, Niedel, RS, JBC, April 1985

Box 6
Diff. Anti-infl. Effects of LPS...MV & RS, JI, July 1981
Disorders of Human Leukocyte Chemotaxis...Ann. Rev. Allergy, 1974
Disorders of Human Leuk. Dtx. Clin. Immunol. Rev. KL & RS.. 1981
Disorders of Leukocyte Chem. - Snyderman & Pike, Ped. Clin. N. Am., May 1977
Do Macrophages Destroy Nascent Tumors? Adams & RS, J. Nat'l. Can. In., 1979
Duke/Genentech Relocation
The Effect of a Low Molecular Weight Factor From Neoplasms, DOA & RS
Effect of C4....Nature New Biology 231: 22: 1971
Effects of Endotoxic Microbial Toxins, Vol. 5, 1971
Ef. Of Mem. Fluid on the Number & Aff. of Chem. AKI & RS, J I sub., February 1981
Effects of New. On Infla. Depress of Mac. Accu. J.I., March 1976
Effects of New. on Mono. Phag. Func. In Tumor Imm. In Prog. GC & RS, 1982
Effects of Tumor..GC & RS, For Cancer & Metastasis Reviews, December 1985
Effect of Virus Infection on Inflammatory Response, Am. J. of Path., November 1976
Eular Multicenter Trial In R.A. Interim Analysis, July 1977
Funding Requests
Genentech, Inc.
Genentech Letterheads
General Correspondence
Gen of a Fib. Chemotactic Factor in Serum, JCI, Postlethwaite, RS, Kang, July 1979
Generation of Chemotactic....European J. Immunol. 3,371, 1973
Genetic Control of Per. Leuk. Resp. to End. in Mice - JI, 5/80, MV, RS, Prine
Gen. Control of Leuk. Resp. to End. Lipo. in Mice, MV, RS, Microbiology, 1980
Goodpastures Syndrome
Gout & Crystal Arthritis
Gout - Pseudo Gout
"Guanine Nucleotides Modulate the binding Affinity....", Koo, RJL, & RS (Sub. JCI), 13 October 1982
A Guanine Nucleotide Regulatory Protein....MV, CS, LC, LJ, RS, 30 December 1985

Box 7
Hageman Factor
Hereditary C2 Def. Ass., w/Cutaneous Lupus Ery. Levy,, Arch Derm.
Histamine, IgE
Histamine - Releasing Infection & Immunity, Vol. 2:4, 1970
Hormonal Activation of AC ...MV & RS (Sub. JI), 1983
Human Gi Protein a-sub. Unit: Deduction of ... JRD, YSH, RS
Human Lymphocyte Motility, Blood, November 1976
Human Malig. & Mitogen Transformed Cells ... GC, DP, RS, JCI, 29 June 1983
Human Mononuclear J. of Immunol. V. 1, 108, 1972
Human Mononuclear Leu. Chemotactic Factor: J. Immunology, v. 110
Human Mononuclear Leuk. Chemotaxis: Def. 2 Chim. Snyderman, Altman
Human Retrovirus - Related Syn. Peptides ... Science, GC, HB, RS, sub., 3 October 1986
Humoral and Bacterial Mediators of Inflammation, DHEW, Pub., No. NIH, 73-438, 1973
Humoral Immunity In Rhue. Arth. - Utsinger, Zvaifler, eds., RS, 1985
Humoral Mediators of J. Inf. Dis. Vol. 125, June 1972
Identifica. of a Novel Inositol ... SD, JM, RS, sub. BBRC, 10 February 1987
Identification of B-Adre. Receptors in Human Lymphocytes by Alpren, JCI, January 1976
Idiotypes, 50b
Immune Complexes
Induction of Cellular Immunity to Coccidioides Immitis ... Burch & Snyderman
Immune Deficiency Diseases
Immune Deficiency States
Immune Fever in the J. Immunol., Vol. 107, 1971
Immune Mechanisms Antigen Antibody
Immunogenetics HLA, IA, etc.

Box 8
Immunology Article, In Science Year, Vol. ?, RS only, 1982
Immunological Mechanisms of .... Special JADA, 87, 1020, 1973
Immunologic Reactions J. Dental Research, Vol. 49, 1970
Immunology Article for 1983 Science Year
Immunology Today
Immunology Today, Article on Immunosuppressive Activities of Retro....
Immunophysiology Book The Role of Cells & Cytokins (MV & RS)
Immunotherapy for Neoplasia
Inactive Manuscripts
Induction of Selective Biological Responses to Chemoattractants in a Human Monocyte - Like Cell Line, Gary E. Kay, Ben Lane, & RS, 5 January 1983
Infectious Arthritis
Infectious Diseases
Inflammation & Chemotaxis, 2nd Ed. Endocrinology
Inflammation & The Complement System - Zinsser
Inflammation - General
Inflammation & Herpes - Science, Vol. 170, 1970
The Inflamm. Response & Resis. to Endotoxin in Mice, J. Immunol., 1977

Box 9
Inflammation & Viral, J. Inf. Diseases, Vol. 126, 1972
Influence of Cyto. Ass. on Phos. Syn....MCP, Kreidich, RS, Cell, June, 1980
Influenza Ind. Depression of Nom. Chemotx. Cellular Immunology, Pike, Daniels, Snyderman
Inhaled Asbestos Fibers Produce Complement ..., Warheit,, sub., November 1983
Inhib. of Lymphocyte Prolif...Transactions of the AAP (GC, HB, RK, TC, SO, & TS), sent, 7/9
Inhibition of Lympho...GC, RS, Oroszlam, Copeland Science, Sub., June 1985
Inhib. of Mono. Resp. to Chemotoxins...GC, JH, JS, JH, RS, (JCI), October 1981
Inhibitors of Monocyte Responses ... In Adv. Exp. Med. Biol., RS & CG, 1982
Interactions of the C, J. of Exp. Med., Vol. 128,5, 1968
Interactions of Complex Polysaccharides With ... Infic. & Immunity II: p. 273 - 279, February 1975
Interactions of the C, J. of Expt. Med., Vol. 131, 4, 1970
Interact. of Complement System With Endotoxic: Complement Membrane
International Registry of Tumor Immunotherapy
Intrinsic Defect of the Clin. Exp. Immunol., Vol. 9, 939, 1971
In Vitro Methods for the Study of Mac. Ctx, In Manual of Mac. Mith., KL & RS, 1981
Kawasaki Syndrome
Lab. Testing in Rheumatic Dis. in Clim. Trends in Rheumatology, RS, 1979
Lab. Testing in Rheumatic Dis. in Wellcome Trends in Rheumatology, RS, 1979
Letter to N. Eng. J. Med., Croker, McCarty, & RS, 11 May 1978
Letter to the Editor
Leukocyte Chemoatt. Receptors In The Receptors, MCP & RS, 1984
Leukocyte Ctx - Fed. Proc., 42:2851, Gallin & RS, 1983
Levamisole, 58a
Levamisole & Human Mon. Chemotaxis: Reversal ... RS, MCP, and Daniels, Raven Press
Levamisole - Immunology
Levamisole - Skin D2
Levamisole - Agranulocytosis Side Effects
Light Scattering by PMNs ... Ty & RS, Blood, Submitted, November 1983
Lin Meadows Ms.
Lipid Requirements for Leukocyte Ctx ... JI, MCP, RS, April 1980

Box 10
Lymphocyte Mechanisms
Med. Clin. N. Am., - "Autoantibodies and Their Relationship to Connective Tissue Diseases" April 1985
Molecular Cloning of a ... Human GTP - Binding Protein... JRD & RS, Sub., 29 June 1987
NAAB Mtg. on Chem..., Oct. 19-21
NAAB Conference - Molecular Biology, Oct. 19-21
NAAB Mol. Biol. & Rheu. Dis, Conf.
NAAB Meeting, July 19-20
Pharm. Director Candidates
Possible Text On The Inflammatory Process, J. Gallin, ed., Raven Press
PNAS MS, "The Recombinant Hydrophil Region of Murine Retroviral PISE... (OS, NS, GD, & RS)
Protein Kinase/Phosphatase
Psoriatic Arthritis
Purines & Immunology

Box 11
Quan. of Binding, Methods for Studying Mono. Phag., Fudman & RS, 1982
Quan. of Lymphokine Production in Human Disease States, Biol. of Lymph.
Quan. of Mac. Acc. In Vivo, IN, Manual of Mac. Meth., RS & KL, 1981
Quan. of Mono. Func. in Pat. w/Cancer, "Aug. Agents..." MCP & RS, 1981
Quantification of Mouse Macrophage Chemotaxis Infect. Immun., March 1975
Quan. of the Infl. Acc. of Mono. Phag... Methods for Studying Mono. Phag., GC & RS
Regulation of Inositol Phosphate...SD, JM, MV, RS, sub. JBC, 27 February 1987
Regulation of Inositol Phospholipid & Inositol Phosphate....(SD, JM, RU, RS), JCB
Relapsing Polychondritis
Retroviruses & Retroviral Proteins
Rev. of Infl.... Levam. Cell Immun., 32:234 - 238, 1977
60s Review For England
Rev. MS "Role of a....", MV, LC, LJ, SD, & RS, sub. to J. Immunol., 26 November 1986
Rheumatic diseases - General
Rheumatic Fever & JRA
Rheumatoid Arthritis
RS Appt.
Suppression of the Respiratory Burst....
Synthetic Peptides
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Box 12
The NADPH Oxidase of Human PMN's... Koo, RFL, & RS, Biochem. Biophys.
The Oligopeptide Chemo, Fac. Rec. on Human..., Koo, RFL, & RS
Toronto Sym. MS, MV,
Transfer Factor
Trans. Mech. of Chemoatt. Rec., RS & MCP, for Cont. Topics in Immunobiol., 1983
Transmethylation Reac. Regulate Affinity .... MCP & RS, (sub. Cell, 8/14)
Trans. Reac. are Req. for Init. Mon... MCP & RS, JI, (127:1444), October 1981
Tumor Immunology
Uncoupled Chemotactic Factor Receptor on Equine, Poly. Leuk., RS & MCP
Urticaria 96a
Vasoactive Peptides (Kinins)
Viruses & Immunity

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Alphabetical Files, 1987-1989

Box 13
American Rheumatism Association
Arthritis Foundation
Bark Project
Board Presentations
CKS - 17 Patent
Development of Basic Sciences at Duke University Medical Center
Duke Institutional Review Board
Duke University Patent Staff
Duke University (Misc.)

Box 14
FASE-B Abstracts
FDA Regulations
G Protein
General Correspondence
Institute of Medicine
Journal of Clinical Investigation
Lab's Research (Raleigh's)
Macrophage Function Report

Box 15
National Arthritis Advisory Board
Operations Committee

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Reprints, 1987-1989

Box 16
Analysis of Cyto. Ca Afflux in Activated Human Polymor. Leukocytes: Evd. Two Mech., A.P. & R.S., J. Bio. Chem., June 1988
Behcet's Disease: Provocative Clues, R.S., W. Journ. Med., 1988
Biochem. Changes in Leuko. in Resp. to Chemoattractants, M.V. & R.S., Meth. in Enzymol., July 1987
Calcium Influx Stimulates a New Pathway..., TT, MV, SV, RS, PNAS
Char. of a Dest. 25k Da GTP Bind. Pro. Reveals Anomalies...., PP, RS, TE, Jo. of Bio. Chim.
Chemoattractant Ind. Memb. Phen. of Cells, CD& RS, Meth. in enzymol., July 1987
Chemoattractant Receptors and Signal Transduction Processes, RU, SD, PP, TT, RS, SKF, November 1987
Chemotaxis & Chemotactic Factors - Signal Trans. & Intracell. Mssgrs., MV, RS, Chpt in Asherson
Chemotaxis Inhibitor in IL-1-treat, Endo. Want, Chen, RS, RS, August 1988
Effects of CKS-17, a Synthetic Retroviral Envelope Peptide, on Cell Mediated...., GC, RS
The Formylpeptide Chemoattractant Receptor Interacts With Two Distinct GTP-Binding Proteins (JBC), PP, TE, RS, May 1988
The Formylpeptide Chemoattractant Receptor Copurifies With a GTP, PP, RU, RS, JBC, November 1987
The Identification of the GI - Subunits Encoded by Two Distinct cDNAs...., PP, JD, RS, JBC Submitted, 3 February 1988
G-Proteins and Neutrophil Function
Human Retrovirus - Related Synthetic Peptides Inhibit T, GC, HB, RS
Identification of the RAL and RACL Gene Products, Low Molecular Mass GTP - Binding...., PP, JD, TE, RS, Sub. JBC, March 1989
Identification of the GTP-Binding Protein Encoded by Gi3 Compl. DNA, PG, KR, AC, WS, CHU, RV, AMS., Press JBS, 1988
IMMUNOPATHOLOGY, Chapter 18 of Zinsser Microbiology, 19th Edit., F. Sanfilippo, Wm. Baldwin, RS, November 1987
Inhibition of Transmethylation Blacks The Production of Chemotactic..., LM, MP, RS
In Vitro Inhibition of 5-Lipoxygenase Activation and Translocation in Human J. Cox, RS, J. Murray
Isolation of GTP-Binding Protein from Myeloid HL-60 Cells., RU, PP, RS, JBC
Leukocyte Chemoattraction by 1,2 - Diacylglycerol., TW, RH, JN, LJ, Rs, & H. Shin in Press PNAS, 1988
Mastoparan, a Wasp Venom Peptide Identifies Two Discrete Mechanisms..., AP, RS. Subm. Jour. of Immun., December 1988
Molecular Biology: Its Potential for Advancing Rheumatology Research, A & R, October 1987
"Molecular Cloning of Ligatin: A New Subclass of Peripheral Membrane,,,,, E. Jacobi, Y. Shihito
1987 Duke U. Profile - "Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammation", RS
Multiple Chromatographic Forms of the Formylpeptide Chemoattractant Receptor, PP, TE, RS. Sub to Glaxo, March 1989
Mult. Chrom. Form of the Formyl...., PP, TE, RS,. Biochem Journ., 7 October 1988
Prod of Retro. P15-E-Rel. Chemotaxis Inki by IL-1..., AM, JMW, J. of Immunol.
Prokaryotic Expression of the p15E Component..., DS, RS, Journal of General Virology
Rac, A Novel ras-Related Family of Proteins That Are Botulinum Toxin..., JD, RW, GB, TE, RS, Sub. to JBC, 17 March 1989
The Recombinant Hydrophilic Region of Murine Retroviral Protein p15E...., ES, Sidhu, GC, RS, PNAS
Regulation of Insitol Phospholipid & Phosphate Metabolism, SD, JM, RU, RS
The Reserve Population of Formylpeptide Chemoattractant Receptors...., RU, MV, Jakoi, RS, Mol. Pharm.
Retroviral Protein p15E & Tumor-genesis...., RU, RS, Journal of Immun.
Rheumatic Disease Clinics of North America. Book Introduction by RS
"Role of Chemotactic and Inflammatory Cytokines:, MV, RS, Oxford Univ. Press/Oppenheim Book
Signal Transduction in Cells Following Binding of Chemoattractants to...., SD, RS, Virchows Archives
"Stim of Phosphatidylcholine Turnover & Diacylgylcerol Prod....", JM & TT
Structure & Function of Monocytes & Macrophages, MP, RS Arthritis & Allied Conditions

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Somatogenetics International, Inc., 1987-1989

Box 16
Somatogenetics International, Inc., 1987-1989

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Slides, crica 1980s

Box 17
Thrombolytic Therapy in Acute Myocardial Infarction: Draft Slide Lecture Guide (2 copies)
Resource Materials in Rheumatology (2 copies)
Resource Materials in Rheumatology, Volume II
Resource Materials in Rheumatology, Volume III

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Genentech Operations, 1988-1989

Box 18
Capital Expenditure Review - Yellow
Project Progress Summary - Tan
Management Committee
Monthly Financial Review - Green
Monthly Opertations Review - Blue

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Genentech, 1980-1988

Box 19
The Medical Letter - Vol. 22 No. 1 (Issue 548) - Vol. 24 (Issue 624)
The Medical Letter - Vol. 27 No. 1 (Issue 678) - Vol. 29 (Issue 738)
d Base Assembly Language, Relational Database, Management System - Sky Blue Notebook
GENENTECH, Inc., Proposed Budgets - Second Half, 1987

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Reprints, 1969-1986

Box 20
Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Richard H. Simon and Peter A. Ward
Chemoattractant-elicited Alterations of cAMP Levels in Human Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes Require a Ca2+-dependent Mechanism Which Is Independent of Transmembrane Activation of Adenylate Cyclase, Margrith W. Verghese, Kimberly Fox, Linda C. McPhail, and Ralph Snyderman, from The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 260, No. 11, pp. 6769-6775, 10 June 1985
Immunosuppressive Activity of the Retroviral Envelope Protein P15E and its Possible Relationship To Neoplasia, Ralph Snyderman and George J. Cianciolo, from Immunology Today, Vol. 5, No. 8, 1984
Inhibition of Lymphocyte Proliferation by a Synthetic Peptide Homologous to Retroviral Envelope Proteins, George J. Cianciolo, Terry D. Copeland, Stephen Oroszlan, and Ralph Snyderman, Science, Vol. 230, pp. 453-455, 25 October 1985
Macrophages As Destructive Cells In Host Defense, D.O. Adams and T.A. Hamilton, from Inflammation: Basic Principles and Clinical Correlates, J.M. Gallin, I.M. Goldstein, and Ralph Snyderman, eds., Ravin Press, New York, 1986
Murine Malignant Cells Synthesize A 19,000 - Dalton Protein That Is Physicochemically And Antigenically Related to the Immunosuppressive Retroviral Protein P15E, by George J. Cianciolo, Mark E. Lastrom, Milton Tam, and Ralph Snyderman, from J. Exp. Med., Vol. 158, 885-900, September 1983
Neutralization of Sensitized Virus by the Fourth Component of Complement, Charles A. Daniels, Tibor Borsos, Herbert J. Rapp, Ralph Snyderman, and Abner Louis Norkins, from Science, Vol. 165, pp. 508-509, 1 August 1969
Neutralization of Sensitized Virus by Purified Components of Complement, Charles A. Daniels, Tibor Borsos, Herbert J. Rapp, Ralph Snyderman, and Abner Louis Notkins, from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 65, No. 3, pp. 528-535, March 1970
Potential Role for a Guanine Nucleotide Regulatory Protein In Chemoattractant Receptor Mediated Polyphosphoinositide Metabolism..., Margrith W. Verghese, Charles D. Smith, and Ralph Snyderman, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol. 127, No. 2, pp. 450-457, 15 March 1985
Production of Chemotactic Factor and Lymphotoxin by Human Leukocytes Stimulated With Herpes Simplex Virus, Gary L. Rosenberg, Ralph Snyderman, and Abner Louis Notkins
Stimulus-Response Coupling Mechanisms, Ralph Snyderman and Ronald J. Uhing

Box 21

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Subject Files, circa 1968-circa 1987

Box 22
Acute Phase Reactants
ID Adhesion Proteins
Adrenergic Receptors
Ag - Ab Reactions in Serum (Fever, etc.)
Allergy Study Notes
Alterations of MO Mem. Micro. Upon Act., JI, Somers, Yuli, RS, DOA, December 1983
Alterations of New Meth. Phos. syn..., MCP & RS, JCB, 91, 221-226, October 1981
Annual Review of Immunol. article (Vol. 2), due 1 November 1983
Anti-Globulins Including C'19
Antinuclear Antibodies
Ben Lane's Detergent ms.
Cecil Textbook
Cell Lines
Cell Sorters
Cell Wars, in Science Year, RS, Vol. 1981
Cellular Immunity
Cellular Serine Proteinase Induces Chem..., Nature, 269:521-522, October 1977
Characterization of Chemotactic Activity Produced In Vivo by a Cell Mediated..., J. Immunol., 114: 274-78, 1975
Char. of an Inhib. of Mono. Func., GC & RS, Proc. Wkshp on Lymph. & Thymic Factors
Charact. of Human Chemot. Lymphokine Prod., by Mitogens..., Cell Immunol, 30: 225-235, 1977
Char. of the Oligopep. Chemoatt. Recep..., Red. Prod., 42: 2855, RS, 1983
Charac. of an Oligopeptide Chemoattractant Rec., KB & RS sub. Blood, 25 May 1983
Characterization of PMN Leukocyte..., Bio. Act. C Karger, 1972
Chemo. Factor Receptors on Leuk. Wkshp. on Infec. Infl. & Allergy NEI, 1980
Chemoattractants (CTX Factors)
Chemoatt. - Elicited Alt. of cAMP Levels..., J. Biol. Chem., MV, K. Fox, LM, RS, June 1984
Chemo. Attrac. of Human Fibroblasts to a Lymph. Der. Factor, 1976
Chemoatt. - Mediated Stimulation..., Blood, MCP, LJ, LCM. & RS, April 1986
Chemoatt. Recep. Arr. Reflects Its Ability..., In Agents & Actions, March 1983

Box 23
Chemoatt. Recep. are Dec. On PMNs..., MCP, Boxer Ingraham, RS; Brit. J. Haem.
Chemoatt. Receptor Func., Yuli, Aki, RS, PNAS, submitted April 1982
Chemoattractant Receptor Induced Hydrolysis..., CS, BL, IK, MV, RS, (sub. JBC, 1/25/85; Resub. 2/20)
Chemoatt. Recep. Ind. Leuk..., In Sensing & Resp. In Micro., CDS, MV, RS; 1986
Chemoattractant - Recep. Inter. in Leuk., Adv. In Infl. Res., MCP & RS; 1982
Chem. of Mononuclear Cells, R.S. and MCP, Academic Press, 1976
Chem. & The Complement System, RS & Meadows, Verlag; 1978
Chem. Resp. & Non-Resp. Forms..., Dina, MCP, Koren, RS, JI; 1980
Chemotactic Activity Cell. & Humoral Mech., Karger; 1969
Chemotactic & Anaphylatoxic..., Science, Vol. 162, 1968
Chemotactic Factor - Induced Events
Chemotaxis - Bacterial
Chemotaxis - Clinical
Chemotaxis - Complement
Chemotaxis - Cytoskeleton
Chemotaxis - Defective, PMN
Chemotaxis - Drug Effects
Chemotaxis - Fibroblast
CTX. of Human & Murine Mono. Phag., Methods for Studying Mono. Phag., RS, 1982
Chemotaxis of Inflammatory Cells..., J. of Den. Res., 50: 2:71
Chemotaxis - Ion Events
Chemotaxis - Lymphocyte
Chemotaxis of Macrophages - Snyderman, Mergentagen, Academic Press, 1976
Chemotaxis - Methods
Chemotaxis - Methylation
Chemotaxis, Miscellaneous
Chemotaxis of Mononuclear Leukocytes, Antibiotics and Chemotherapy, 1974
Chemotaxis - Physiology
Chemotaxis - Receptors

Box 24
Chronic Granulomatous Dis.
Chronic Muco. Cand. Imm. Stud... AJM, Sams, etal., December 1979
Clinical General
Clinical Rheumatol. News
Clinical Trends In Rheumatology
Complement - Viruses
Consumption of Hamster, J. of Immunology, 105: 1: 70
Contractile Proteins
Cordis Human C
Cyclic Nucleotides, JI CS & RS, Sub., June 1981
Cyclic Amp & Medlars
Cytogenetic Engineering In Vivo: Restoration of Biologic...Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., Vol. 70, No. 11, 1973
Complement Miscellaneous
Data For Papers
Decreased C'lq...Clin. & Exp. Immun., 3: 5; June 1968
Decreased Properdin...Int. Arch of All. & App. Immun. 35: 592: 69
Defective Immune Effector Function In Patients With Neoplastic... The Phagocytic Cell In Host Resistance, 1975
Defective Macrophage Migration Prod. by Neoplasms, Academic Press, 1976
Defective Mon. Function In Pts. w/Gen. Carcin., J. Natl. Can. Inst.
C5 Deficiency - Am J. of Med., RS, Durack, McCarty, Ward, Meadows, October 1979
Depressed Monocyte Chemo. During Acute Influenza Infection, Lancet, 29 November 1975
Depression of Human Monocyte Chemotaxis by Herpes Simplex and Influenza Viruses)J. Immunol. Vol 113, No. 5), November 1974
Dep. of Murine Mac. Acc. JNCI - BC, Herberman, RS, Vol. 65 (4), October 1980
Depression of Macrophage Function by a Factor Prod. by Neoplasms, J. Immunol., 117 (4), October 1976

Box 25
Endotoxin - General
Endotoxin Resistance
Endotoxin - Shock
Endotoxin (LPS) Stimulates In Vitro Mig....V.V. & R.S., J. Immun., sub. 7/14
Extensive Hydrolysis ... TY & RS - J. Biol. Chem., April 1986
Factors from Saliva
Familial Deficiency of 7th Compon. of Compl., J. Infec. Disease, 1978
Fam. Def. of 6th & 7th Comp. of Comp. In Immunobiol. of Neiss. Gon., Lee,, 1978
Further Characterization of a Factor... Infl & Imm., 5:6:, 1972
Further Studies.... Jour of RES, 26 (4), GC & RS, October 1979
Generalized Microsporum Audouinii Infection... Allen, Snyderman, Meadows, Pinnell, Am. J. Med., December 1977
Lymphoma Models For B Cell Activation & Toler., D. Scott,, sub. October 1986
Mac. Acc. In Mice Is Inhibited... JI, GC, Matthews, Bol, & RS., June 1980
Macrophage Migratory Dysfunction In Cancer, Am. J. Path
Macrophage Proteinase & Inflammation J. Immunol., 109, 896
Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC)
Maternal - Fetal Relationships
Mechanisms of Immunoregulation
Mechanisms of Inflammation In Periodontal Disease; Snyderman, Pike
Mech. of Inflam. & Tissue Des... Cecil Textbook of Med., 16th Ed., 1982
Mechanisms of Monocyte Funct. & Macro. CTX, GC, & RS (sub. to ECU)
Mechanisms of Non-Spec. Host Resis., RS & Pike, Immunodermatology, 1981
Mediators of Delayed Hypersensitivity, Annual Review Allergy, 1973
Medical Clinics Of N.A., Wb Saunders Co., R. Snyderman (ed.), 1985
Membrane Physiology

Box 26
Methodology for Mon. & Macrophage Chem. Academic Press, 1977
Methods In Enzymol. Chapters (RS, CS, MV, MP), due 1 January 1986
Methotrexate - Pneumonia (toxicpneu)
A Model For Leukocyte Regulation ... RS & MV (Rev. of Infec. Dis.)
Molecular & Cellular Mech. of Leuk. Ctx., Science, 1981
Mol. Cloning of a Novel... FEBS Letters - JD & RS, Submitted, 29 April 1987
Molecular Genetics
Monoclonal AB
Mono. Resp. to Chemo. Stim., GC, RS, JCI, Submitted, July, 1980 - Appeared in JCI, January 1981
Ms From Heidelberg Mtg. Urbaschek, In Reviews of Infectious Diseases
Ms. for Virchows Archiv. B Thoenes, Editor (MV, SD, RS)
Murine Mal. Cells Syn. A 19,000 ... GC, J. Em, April 1983
Natural Killer (NK) Cells
Neisseria Mining. Bact. In Assoc. w/Def. of the 6th Comp. of Compl. 1 & 1, 1979
Neiss - Men... C6, 7, 8, Def. Ann. of Int. Med. 90 (6), Petersen,, June 1979
Nelson Manuscript
Neoplasia & Lymphocytes
Neoplasia & Macrophages
Neoplasia Miscellaneous

Box 27
Neoplasia & Mononuclear Phagocyte Function, sub. Plen. Pub., GC & RS, 22 June 1981
Neutralization of ... Proc. Nat. Ac. of Sci., Vol. 65, 3, 1970
Neutralization of Sen... Abstract: Science, Vol. 165, 508, 1969
A Neutrophil Chemotac. J. of Immunol., Vol. 103, 3, 1969
N Formylmethionyl Pept. Rec. on Equine Poly. Leuk., RS, MCP, Science, 1980
N - FMLP Hydrolysis by a ...Plasma Membrane.... TY & RS, Sub., JBC, 1986
Nonimmunogenic Enzymes
Oligopeptide Chemoatt. Receptors ... CK & RS - Sub. J. Biol. Chem., 2/84 - Resubmitted, 1 October 1984
Oxygen - Depen. Microbicide Act. of Leuk., LM & RS, Cont. Topics in Immunobiol, 1983
Oxygen - Radicals
1gA Paraprotein Inhib. Chemotactic Factor.... Fudman, Van Epps, RS - (JI) - Resubmitted 10 July 1981
Pathophys. Aspects of Leukocyte Chemotaxis ... Leuk. Chem. Raven Press, 1978
Periodontal Disease
Periodontal Disease ... J. of Infect. Dis., Vol. 123, 6, 1971
Phagocyte Dysfunction
Pharmacologic Man. of Leuk. Ctx.... RS, Transmedica Sym. Innisbrook, November 1982
Phar. Man... John Jacob Abel Sym. - JHU, 6/82, RS/Yuli & Koo
Phso. Methylation in Mac. is Inhib. by Chemo. Fac. PNAS, MCP, NK, RS, 1979

Box 28
Platelets - Endotoxin (Schwartzman)
Plasmacytomas and Hybridomas
PMA Mediates Trans... Wolfson, McPhail, RS - Submitted JI, 7 May 1985
Polarization Assay Ms., GC & RS (Japanese)
Polymorphonuclear Infection & Immunity, Vol. 1, 6, 1970
Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte Function in Psoriasis --- Franki, LJ, A. Davies, RJL, RS & Lazarus
Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes
Post Translational Modification of Proteins
Potential Book - Williams & Wilkins
Potential Role For a ... BBRC - MV, C.D. Smith, RS, March 1985
Proc. 4th Leiden Conf. Mononuclear Phagocytes "Stimulus - Response..."
Production of Chemo. Factor & Lymphotoxin Inf. & Immunity, Vol. 10
Production of Chem.... J. of Immunol., Vol. 108, 5, 1972
Prostaglandins * Inflammation - McClatchey and RS, Prost. 12: 1976
Rapid Light Scattering ... TY & RS - Sub. to Cell, 5/83, JCI, June 1983
Reaction of a Cobra .... Proc. Soc. Exp. Bio. & Med., 131, 1969
Receptor - Coupled Activ.... CDS, CC, RS - Science -Submitted September 1985
Receptors - General

Box 29
Rec. & Trans. Events in Leuk. Ctx., 1st Inter. Conf. on Immunophar., 1980
The Recombinant Hydrophilic Region ... (DS, NS, GC, RS), Sub. PNAS, 19 September 1986
Redis of PKC Activity ... JI, M. Myers, LM, RS, November 1985
Regulatory Mech. of a Chemoatt. Receptor... Rev. Infect. Dis., 1985
Reg. Mech of a Chemoatt. Recep. on Leuk:... RS in Fid. Proc., (Cochrane), 1983
The Relationship of C., J. of Immunol., Vol. 107, 5, 1971
Req. of Mono. Leuk. Func.... in Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci., MCP & RS, December 1985
Requirements of S-aden, L-meth. - med. Methyl. For Human Mono. Ctx., PNAS, W/Pike/Kred, August 1978
Keystone paper; "Requirement of Transmethylation Reactions..."
Req of Trans. Reac. for IEF, "Lymphokine Reports", MCP, RS, 1981
Resistance of Neopl. to Immunol. Destruc., Shin, RS, MCP, Pasternak
Rheum. Nodulosis ... Brown, Hadler, Sams, Wilson & Snyderman, J. Rheum., 1979
The Role of Cell - Mediate Immunity ..., Ann. Rev. Allergy, 1977
Roles of Cells & Cytokines in Immunity & Inflam., Text, Oppenheim, ed., Oxford Press
Role for Endotoxin & J. of Dentat Research, Vol. 51, 2, 1972
Role of the Immune Response ...., Int. D. J. 23, 310, 1973
The Role of Lymphokines In Delayed Hypersinse - Immunopharmacology, 1976
The Role of Macrophages in the Rheum. Diseases, RS/McCarty
Role of Meth. Reac...., DOA, MCP, RS, JI, July 1981
Role of Tran. Reactions Mole. Imm., MCP, RS, NMK, January 1980
Schwartzmann Reaction
Secretion, Lysosomal Enzymes
Septic Arthritis
Significance of Comple. Current Topics in Micr. & Imm., Vol. 50, 1969
Similarity Between p15E ..., GC, Kipnis, RS, Nature, October 1984
Sjogren's Syndrome
SLE/Animal Models
Specific Receptor Sites For Chemo. Peptides On PMNs, PNAS, 74(3): 1204, 1977
Inter. Wkshp. on Het. of Mono, Phag., Vienna, 1980
Spec. Recept. & Trans-Reactions are Req. for Leukocyte Chemotaxis (Messina Manuscript)
Spondylo Arthritis
Stimulation of Neutrophil Oxid..., Lehmeyer, RS & Johnston, Blood, 1979
Structure & Function of Monocytes & Macrophages In Arth. & Allied Cond. (RS)

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Search Committees, 1981-1989

Box 30
Original Cell Biology Search Notebook #1
Original Cell Biology Search Notebook #2

Box 31
Nursing Search Notebook #1
Nursing Search Notebook #2

Box 32
Pediatrics Search Notebook #1
Pediatrics Search Notebook #2
Pediatrics Search Notebook #3

Box 33
Original Pharmacology Search Notebook #1
Original Pharmacology Search Notebook #2

Box 34
Pediatrics Search Letters and Notes
Radiology/Oncology Search Notebook, 1981

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Committees, 1985-1989

Box 35
Chancellor's Advisory Committee & Chancellor's Planning Group
Minutes, CAC and CPG
Clinical Chairmen Meetings, 1985

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Medical Center Files, 1989-1990

Box 36
Alzheimer's Research Center
Aging and Human Development
Animal Research - Vivarium
Budget & Finance (Medical Center)
Building & Grounds (Medical Center)
Caring House
Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
Clinical Research Unit
Committee of 100
CME (Continuing Medical Education)
Center For Living
Center For Youth

Box 37
Conflict of Interest
Cultural Services - Janet Palmer
Distinguished Professors
Faculty Steering Committee
General Correspondence
General Information On O.T.S.
Health Administration
Hyperbaric Unit
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
I.C.C. Labs
Information Systems
Johnson, Charles
Robert Wood Johnson Grant
Markey Foundation
Mathematical Biological Center

Box 38
Misconduct - Two Files
Minority Issues
Parking Issues
Public Relations - Two Files
Seven . Five Acres
Transplant Program
Medical School, General Corres.
Medical School Curriculum

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Medical Center Files - Departments, Bulk, 1989-1990

Box 39
Basic Science Chairmen
Biological Anthropology & Anatomy
Cell Biology
Immunology and Microbiology
Clinical Chairmen
Community and Family Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Box 40
Psychiatry - Two Files
Cancer Center

Box 41
Comprehensive Cancer Center
VA - Central Office
VA - Affiliations
VA Chief of Staff Search
Chancellor's Committee For The VA
VA Hospital, Durham, N.C.

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Hospital Files (Red Zone), 1989-1990

Box 42
Advisory Board
Duke Hospital Consultants
W. J. Donelan
General Correspondence (Bylaws)
Duncan Yaggy, Ph.D.
Wallace Farewell

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University Files (Allen Building), 1987-1990

Box 43
Academic Council
Arts & Sciences
Board of Directors
Dean's Council - Two Files
Gillis, Malcolm, Graduate School
Griffiths, Phillip, Provost
President's Advisory Committee on Resources
Vice President

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William G. Anlyan - Development Activity (Old), 1979-1991

Box 44
Alumni - Medical
Alumni Cruise, 1985
Alumni - Travel
Alumni Exec. Council
Alumni & Development Activities
Alaska Alumni
Atlanta Alumni
Boston Alumni
California Alumni
Chicago Alumni
Alumni, Colorado
New Haven, Connecticut Alumni
Florida Alumni
Florida, West Palm Beach, "Gold Coast", 1988-1991
Florida, West Palm Beach Gold Coast, 1985
Louisville, Kentucky Alumni
Alumni, Louisiana
Maryland Alumni
Alumni, Massachusetts

Box 45
Alumni, New Jersey
New York Alumni
Alumni, North Carolina
Alumni, Ohio
Alumni, South Carolina
Alumni, Texas
Alumni, Tucson
Virginia Alumni
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Alumni
Committee of 100 Medical Alumni
Alumni - Deceased - Letters To Families
Dist. Alumnus Award
Distinguished Teaching Award
Medical Alumni, 1955-1958
Medical Alumni Weekend, 1979-1980
Alumni Weekend, 1987-1989
Medical Alumni Weekend, 1986

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Associations and Affiliations, 1989-1990

Box 46
AAI - The American Association of Immunologists
AAHC - Assoc. Acad. Health Centers
AAMC - Assoc. Amer. Med. Colleges - Two Files
AAU - Assoc. Amer. Univ.
ASCI - American Society for Clin. Investigation
Bowman Gray/Baptist Hospital
City/County Relations
City of Medicine
East Carolina University (ECU)
Governmental Relations
Nat. Academy of Science Roundtable
North Carolina Medical Society
North Carolina Institute of Medicine
Society For Leukocyte Biology
Miscellaneous Societies, etc.
University of North Carolina
U.S. - Japan Health Symposium

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B72-3 (RESTRICTED - Dr. Snyderman), 1989-1990

Box 47
B72.3 (I) (Pathology Department Test Controversy)

Box 48
B72.3 (II)

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Research - Dr. Snyderman (Somatagen) (RESTRICTED), 1989-1991

Box 49

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Vickery Stoughton's Files, Academic, Planning Papers, and Correspondence, 1988-1990

Box 50
Duke University Medical Center Academic Plan Working Draft - Two Copies in Blue Binders, September 1988
Academic Plan, Anatomy/Anthropology
Academic Plan, Department of Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
Academic Plan, Anesthesiology
Academic Plan, Biochemistry
Academic Plan, Cancer Center
Academic Plan, Cell Biology
Academic Plan, Community and Family Medicine
Academic Plan, Genetics
Academic Plan, Health Administration
Academic Plan, MICS
Academic Plan, Medicine
Academic Plan, Department of Medicine, Part I
Academic Plan, Department of Medicine, Part II, Section I
Academic Plan, Department of Medicine, Part II, Section II
Academic Plan, Microbiology/Immunology
Academic Plan, Neurobiology
Academic Plan, OB/GYN
Academic Plan, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Blue Binder

Box 51
Academic Plan, Ophthalmology
Academic Plans, Pathology
Department of Pathology, Ten Year Plan, 12 July 1988
Academic Plan, Pediatrics
Department of Pediatrics, Bibliographies and Divisional Reports for the Academic Plan of The Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics.
Academic Plan for The Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics - Dark Blue Binder
Academic Plan, Pharmacology
Academic Plan, Psychiatry
Academic Plan, Radiation Oncology
Academic Plan, Radiology
Academic Plan, School of Medicine
Academic Plan, School of Nursing
Academic Plan, Surgery
Final Academic Plan of the Department of Surgery, Duke University medical Center - Black Binder
Academic Plan, Appendix Material
Academic Plan, AAMC
Association of American medical Colleges, Institutional Profile System Ranking Report

Box 52
Academic Plan, Correspondence
Academic Plan, Faculty Salaries
Academic Plan, Faculty Statistics
Academic Plan, Financial Statements
Academic Plan, General
Academic Plan, House Staff
Academic Plan, Initial Reviews
Academic Plan, Research Grant
Academic Plan, Space
Academic Plan, University

Box 53
Former Clinical Chairmen
Dr. Andrew Wallace, Correspondence
Dr. Bernard Carroll, Correspondence - Two Folders
Jennings, Dr. Robert B.
Katz, Dr. Samuel B. - Two Folders
Machemer, Dr. Robert
Shelburne, Dr. John
Watkins, Dr. David - Two Folders

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Transfer of 1991-1992

Medical Center - Alphabetical, 1991-1992
Box 54
American Tobacco
Animal Care and Use Committee
Animal Research
Bone Marrow
Budget and Finance
Budget - I.R.'s
Center For Aging & Human Development
Conflict of Interest
Credentials Committee
Cultural Services
Duke Endowment
Faculty Meetings - Basic Science

Box 55
General Correspondence
Glenn, Tom
Heart Center
Human Resources
Information Systems
Live For Life
Medical Center Library Oversight Committee
Medical School July 1991-December 1992
Medical School Curriculum
Medical School - General Correspondence

Box 56
National Biomedical Simulation Resource
Parking Issues
Priorities and Policy
Private Diagnostic Clinic
Public Relations
Steve Kuma
Sea Level Hospital
Technology Transfer
Transplant Program
University Architect/Planning
Winfree, Robert
X-Ray Crystallography

Departmental - Alphabetical
Box 57
Basic Science Chairmen
Biological Anthropology & Anatomy
Cancer Center
CSEC Minutes
CSEC Clin. Serv. Exec. Committee
Clinical Chairmen
Department of Anesthesiology
Department of Biochemistry
Department of Cell Biology
Department of Community & Family Medicine
Department of Medicine
Department of Microbiology & Immunology

Box 58
Department of Neurobiology
Department of OB/GYN
Department of Ophthalmology
Department of Pathology
Department of Pediatrics
Department of Pharmacology
Department of Psychiatry
Department of Radiology
Department of Surgery
Med Pac
Section of Cell Growth Regulation & Oncogenesis

Hospital - Alphabetical
Box 59
By Laws
Mary Champaigne, Dean of Nursing
William J. Donelan
Emergency Department
General Correspondence
Patricia O'Connor
Patient Services Complaints
Patient Services Complaints
Patient Services Compliments
Potential Job Applicants
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
VCHA/CEO - Stoughton
Duncan Yaggy, Ph.D.

Associations - Alphabetical, 1991-1992
Box 60
AAHC (Association of Academic Health Centers)
AAI - The American Association of Immunologists
AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges #1)
AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges #2)
AAP - Assoc. American Phys.
AAU (Association of American Universities)
ASCI (American Society for Clinical Investigation)
Chamber of Commerce
CCEC - Carolina Clin. Educ. Consortium
City/County Relations
City of Medicine

Box 61
Congressional Information
Durham County General Hospital
East Carolina University
Governmental Relations
GUIR Roundtable
Howard Hughes Med. Institute, 1991-1992
Institute of Medicine (Samuel O. Thier)
Miscellaneous Societies, etc.
National Academy of Science (NAS)
National Institutes of Health
N.C. Association For Biomedical Research
North Carolina Medical Society
Pew Health Professional Commission #1
Pew Health Professional Commission #2
PRO Committee
Society for Leukocyte Biology
Society of Medical Administrations
Southern Medical Association
University of North Carolina

University - Alphabetical
Box 62
Academic Council
Anlyan, William, M.D.
Arts & Sciences (Dean White)
Beckum, Leonard, Vice President
Board of Trustees
Brodie, H. Keith H.
John Burness, University PR

Box 63
Corporate Controller
Dean Council
Duke Management Company - Eugene McDonald
Fuqua School of Business
Graduate School (Keene Committee)
Graduate School (Malcolm Gillis)
Infrastructure & Science Resource Initiative
Misc. Univ. Correspondence
Presidents Advisory Committee on Resources

Box 64
Putman, Charles, M.D.
Science Resource Initiative (SRI)
Undergraduate Education
University Council

Typescripts and Reprints, 1972-1986
Box 65
The Journal of Clinical Investigation, #77, January 1986-March 1986
Arthritis and Rheumatism, #29, January 1986-March 1986
Journal of Immunology, 134, January 1985-March 1985
Journal of Immunology, 134, January 1985-March 1985
Characterization of Chemotactic Activity Produced In Vivo By A Cell Mediated Immune Reaction In The Guinea Pig, Arnold E. Postlethwaite and Ralph Snyderman - 57 copies
Humoral And Bacterial Mediators of Inflammation, Ralph Snyderman - 25 copies
Immunology of the Rheumatic Diseases Preface - 46 copies
Inflammation and Viral Infection: Chemotactic Activity Resulting from the Interaction of Antiviral Antibody and Complement with Cells Infected with Herpes Simplex Virus, R. Snyderman, C. Wohlenberg, and A.L. Notkins, from The Journal of Infectious Diseases - Vol. 126, No. 2, August 1972
Isolation of GTP - Binding Proteins From Myeloid HL60 Cells: Identification of Two Pertussis Toxin Substrates, by Ronald J. Uhing, Paul G. Polakis, and Ralph Snyderman - 6 copies
The Formylpeptide Chemoattractant Receptor Copurifies With A GTP Binding Protein Containing A Distinct 40 dDa Pertussis Toxin Substrate, by Paul G. Polakis, Ronald J. Uhing, and Ralph Snyderman
Zinsser Microbiology (19th Edition): Chapter 18: Immunopathology, Fred Sanfilippo. M.D., Ph.D., William M. Baldwin III, M.D., Ph.D., Ralph Snyderman, M.D.

National Arthritis Advisory Board (NAAB), 1977-1987
Box 66
IL-1 Assays
Cell Lines
Notebook #10
Notebook #11
Notebook #12
The Medical Letter - Volume 19, 1977
The Medical Letter - Volume 24, 1982
Telios Pharmaceuticals

Box 67
IL-2 Assays
National Arthritis Advisory Board (NAAB) - Minutes and Correspondence, 1986-1987

Reports and Presentations
Box 68
Patient and Family Handbook - Immuno Deficiency Foundation
Growth Factor Mediated Organ Repair - Presentation to Scientific V.P.'s
Telios, Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Periodic Drug Experience Report, January 17, 1978 to April 17, 1987, for Protropin (Somatrem For Injection) NDA, 19, 107 - May 15, 1987
Advisory Committee Summary, Activase (Tissue Plasminogen Activator, Recombinant), May 12, 1987
Alpha Company's and Sigma Company's Valuations - CONFIDENTIAL
Building 5 Renovation, South San Francisco, CA - Feasibility Study, Genentech, Inc., Project no. 86016, 1/23/87
Cardiorenal Advisory Committee, Panel Members
Shell Oil Company Delphi Study Final Results, (PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL), December, 1982
Expectations - Ralph Snyderman, 1989
Approved Drug Products and Legal Requirements, Volume III, USPDI, Ninth Edition, 1989
Genentech, Inc., 1988 Project Plan Review - CONFIDENTIAL, Dec. 11 & 21, 1987
New Developments in Biotechnology - 4 - U.S. Investment in Biotechnology
Syllabus - Revised Clinical Slide Collection on the Rheumatic Diseases
Syllabus - Clinical Slide Collection on the Rheumatic Diseases - Published by The Arthritis Foundation
Directory of Physicians In Member Companies, August, 1988
Recent Developments In The Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction, Activase Slide Lecture Buide, Genentech, Inc.

Slide Presentations
Box 69
Slide Atlas of Rheumatology, by Paul A. Dieppe, Paul A. Bacon, Andrew N. Bamji, and Iain Weist with a Forward by Daniel J. McCarty, M.D., Presented as a Service to Medicine by Merch, Sharp, Dohme, Produced and Published by Gower Medical Publishing Ltd, London, UK

Reprints, 1972-1986
Box 70
Mechanisms of Regulating the Respiratory Burst in Leukocytes, Linda C. McPhail and Ralph Snyderman -131 copies
Transductional Mechanisms of Chemoattractant Receptors on Leukocytes, Ralph Snyderman and Marilyn C. Pike - 18 copies
Human Mononuclear Leukocyte Chemotaxis: Definition of Two chemotactic Factors and a Previously Unrecognized Immune Dysfunction, R. Snyderman, L.C. Altman, and F. Mergenhagen - 66 copies
Humoral and Bacterial Mediators of Inflammation, Ralph Snyderman - 4 copies
Chemotaxis of Mononuclear Leukocytes, R. Snyderman and C.E. Stahl

Box 71
Inflammation and Viral Infection: Chemotactic Activity Resulting From The Interaction of Antiviral Antibody and Complement With Cells Infected With Herpes Simplex Virus, R. Snyderman, C. Wohlenberg, and A.L. Notkins: Reprinted from The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Vol. 126, No. 2, - 139 copies, August 1972
Bone Marrow - Derived Lymphoid Cells (B Cells): Functional Depletion With Cobra Factor and Frest Serum, Nelson L. Levy, David W. Scott, and Ralph Snyderman, Reprinted from Science, Volume 178, pp. 866-867 - 42 copies, 24 November 1972
Light Scattering by Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes Stimulated to Aggregate Under Various Pharmacologic Conditions, Itzhak Yuli and Ralph Snyderman, Blood, Vol. 64, No. 3 (September), pp. 649-655 - 74 copies, 1984
Receptor-Coupled Activation of Phosphoinositide - Specific Phospholipase C by an N Protein, Charles D. Smith, C. Christine Cox, and Ralph Snyderman, Reprinted from Science, Volume 232, pp. 97-100 - 201 copies, 4 April 1986
Defective Mononuclear Leukocyte Chemotaxis: A Previously Unrecognized Immune Dysfunction: Studies In a Patient With Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis, Ralph Snyderman, M.D., Leonard C. Altman, M.D., Anne Frankel, M.D., and R. Michael Blaese, M.D. - 113 copies
Chemoattractant-elicited Alterations of cAMP Levels in Human Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes Require a Ca2+ - Dependent Mechanism Which Is Independent of Transmembrane Activation of Adenylate Cyclase, Margrith W. Verghese, Kimberly Fox, Linda C. McPhail, and Ralph Snyderman - from The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 260, No. 11, pp. 6769 - 6775 - 86 copies, 10 June 1985
A Potential Second Messenger Role for Unsaturated Fatty Acids: Activation of Ca2+ - Dependent Protein Kinase, Linda C. McPhail, Christine C. Clayton, and Ralph Snyderman, from Science, Vol. 224, pp. 622-625 - 8 copies, 11 May 1984
Chemoattractant Receptor-Induced Hydrolysis of Phosphatidylinositol 4,5 - Bisphosphate in Human Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte Membranes, Charles D. Smith, Benjamin C. Lane, Iwao Kusaka, Margrith W. Verghese, and Ralph Snyderman, from The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 260, No. 10, pp. 5875 - 5878 - 233 copies, 25 May 1985
The NADPH Oxiolase of Human PMN Leukocytes - Folder #1
Phorbol Myristate Acetate mediates Redistribution of Protein - Folder #2
Chemotaxis of Mononuclear Leukocytes - Folder #3

Duke Foundation Papers, 1989-1992
Box 72
Misc. Development, 1989-1991
Davison Club
John Thomas
Bernice and Mort Lerner Memorandum, 7 October 1991
List of Potential Candidates for DUMC Big Board, 7 March 1991
Summary Report - Operating Plan - DUMC for Fiscal Year 1991-1992
Keck Foundation Correspondence, 1991
Overview, Myrtle Beach Outreach Event, 27 February 1992
New Positions Cost Analysis
Fund Raising Priorities and Target Goals DUMC, 1 July 1991
DUMC Board of Visitors memorandum, 14 October 1991
Congratulatory Letter from Gordon H. DeFriese, Ph.D. to Ralph Snyderman, M.D., 14 September 1990
Sample Letter Sent Out To Caring People, 1991
Correspondence, Neil Didriksen
Development Paper
Foundation Strategy

Planning, 1990
Box 73
Departmental Reports to Board of Trustees
Planning Process Papers
Caring People's Lunch
Caring People's Luncheon
Heart Center, 1990
Appointment Calendars
NIH Appropriations

Somatagen, 1990-1991
Box 74
Somatagen Board of Directors, 1990-1991
Somatagen Correspondence, 1991
Somatagen Board of Directors, 1991

Board of Trustees, 1990
Box 75
Caring Luncheons
60th Anniversary Papers
Project 60 - Cultural Events
Project 60 - Basketball Tickets for Dec.
Project 60 - Initial Dev. Involvement
Project 60 - Press Coverage
Project 60 - Ice Cream and Cake
Project 60 - Jazz in the Park
Project 60 - Lapel Pins
Project 60 - Expenses
Project 60 - Jan. - June Task Forces
5th Oct. - Bd. of Trustees Mtg.
Preparatory Notes for Trustees Meeting, 5 October 1990
NIH Material
Board of Trustees Presentation, 19 September 1990
Miscellaneous Notes

Chronological Files, August 1989-November 1990
Box 76
Chronological Files, August 1989-March 1990
Letters Out
Chronological Files, July 1990-November 1990

General Development, 1989-1992
Box 79
Davison Club, 1989-1992
Development Planning Materials
General Development
John Thomas, 1989-1992

Manuscripts Reviewed and Miscellaneous Material
Box 80
Manuscripts Reviewed and Miscellaneous Material

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Box 81
Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center (Cancer Research), Fall 1989
AMA Policy Compendium - 1990 Annual Meeting Supplement
Development Operating Plan 1989-1990
Development Operating Plan 1991-1992

Box 82
Pew Commission Binder - Communications Resource Guide, Dated 8 November 1990
Pew Commission Binder - Follow-up to November 7 & 8 Meeting, Memo Dated 15 November 1990
Research Roundtable Council Meeting - 25-26 June 1990
Research Roundtable Council Meeting - 6-7 November 1990
Research Roundtable Council Meeting - 27-28 February 1991
Research Roundtable Council Meeting - 3-4 June 1991
Research Roundtable Council Meeting - 5-6 November 1991
Future National Research Policies Within The Industrialized Nations, February 1992
Research Roundtable Council Meeting - 11-12 March 1992
Research Roundtable Council Meeting - 22-23 October 1992

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Annual Transfer Deposited June 1993

Box 83
M. ADRC (Alzheimers Disease Research Clinic)
Academic Medical Ctr. Consortium
M. Administration
M. Animal Research (Vivarium)
M. Animal Care & Use Committee
M. A.P.T.
M. Articles
Basic Science Steering Com.
M. Bone Marrow Transplantation
M. Budget & Finance (Medical Center)
M. Budget - I.Rs.
M. Building & Grounds (Medical Center)
M. Center for Aging & Human Development
M. Center for Living

Box 84
M. Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
M. Clinical Research Unit
M. Conflict of Interest
M. CME (Continuing Medical Education)
M. Consultants/Resources
M. Consultant - Steve Ruma
M. Cultural Services
M. Diagnostic Technology
M. Distinguished Professors
M. Duke Endowment
M. Emeriti Faculty
M. Employee Orientation
Faculty Salaries
Faculty Meetings
M. Engel Society

Box 85
General Correspondence
Graduate Programs
Florida Hospital
M. Grants & Contracts
Clay Hamner
M. Human Resources
Hyperbaric Unit
I.C.C. Labs
M. Information Systems
M. Indirect Costs
Charles Johnson, M.D.
M. Minority Issues
Mathematical Biology Center
M. Outreach
M. Parking Issues
M. PA Program
M. Public Safety
Project Assist

Box 86
M. Sea Level Hospital
Science and Technology (2 Files)
MS. Medical School Curriculum
MS. Medical Center Library Oversight Committee
MS. Medical School General Correspondence
Doyle Graham Recognition

Box 88
Basic Science Chairman
D. Biological Anthropology & Anatomy
D. Department of Biochemistry
D. Cancer Center
D. Section of Cell Growth, Regulation & Oncogenesie
D. Department of Cell Biology
D. Genetics
D. Dept. Microbiology & Immunology
D. Neurobiology
D. Dept. Pharmacology
D. Clinical Chairmen
Graylyn Retreat, Nov. 26 & 27, 1991
D. Dept. of Anesthesiology
D. MedPac

Box 87
D. Dept. Community & Family Medicine/Physician Program
D. Dept. of Medicine - 2 Files
D. Dept. OB/GYN
D. Dept. Ophthalmology
D. Pathology
D. Pediatrics - 2 Files
Physical and Occupational Therapy

Box 89
Clinical Psychology
D. Dept. Psychiatry
D. Dept. Radiology
D. Radiation Oncology
D. Department Surgery

Box 90
Misconduct (Red Folder)
H. Articles
H. Direct Mail Prog.
H. Emergency Dept.
H. Financial
H. General Corres.
H. Hospital Auxiliary
H. Hospital Labs
H. Legal
H. Bylaws
H. Nursing
H. Patricia O'Connor
H. Mary Champagne - Dean, Sch. Nursing
H. O.R.
H. Patient Services (Complaints/Compliments)
H. Vick Stoughton
H. Duncan Yaggy, Ph.D.
Quality Assurance

Box 91
Anesthesiology Chair Search
Exec. Dir. - DH Search - 2 Files, 1992
VC CEO For Health Affairs - Stoughton
Search - VC Academic Affairs - 2 Files
Director of Information Systems Search
Mike Sheetz
Genetic Search
Medical School Dean Search

Box 92
Nursing Director Search
Neurobiology Search
Ophthalmology Search
Pathology Search
Psychiatry Search
Pediatrics Search
Pharmacology Search
Public Relations Search Committee
Search, Dir. VC Tech. Trans.

Box 93
Anesthesiology Review
General Dept. Reviews
Aging Center
Bio Anatomy & Anthropology
Cancer Center
Cell Biology
Community & Family Medicine
Medical School
Biochemistry Review
Cell Growth, Regulation & Oncogenesis Exterior Review

Box 94
Microbiology & Immunology Review
OB/GYN Exterior Review
Psychiatry Review
Public Relations External Review
Radiology Review
Veterans Administration

Box 95
AAHC (Assoc. of Academic Health Centers)
AHEC (Area Health Ed. Ctr.)
AANC - #2, 1993
AAMC (Assoc. of American Medical Colleges)
Beth Israel Hospital
Bowman Gray/Baptist Hospital
CCEC (Carolina Clinical Education Consortium)
Chamber of Commerce
City of Medicine
Durham County Regional Hospital

Box 96
Congressional Information
East Carolina U. (ECU)
East Carolina U. (ECU)
Governmental Relations
Harvard Medical School
Howard Hughes Medical Inst.
Institute of Medicine (Samuel O. Thier)
LCME Survey, Johns Hopkins University - 3/2-5/1992
Miscellaneous Societies, etc.
Lincoln Community Health Center
NC Medical Soc.
National Academy of Sciences (NAS) GUIR Roundtable
NC Academy of Family Physicians' Task Force
National Institutes of Health

Box 97
Institute of Medicine
NC Association for Biomedical Research
PEW Health Professionals Comm. - 2 Files
Society of Medical Administrations (SOMA)
University of North Carolina (UNC)
Society for Leucocyte Biology

Box 98
U. Academic Council
U. Academic Plan Steering Cte.
U. Arts & Sciences (Dean White)
U. Anlyan, William, M.D.
U. Board of Trustees
U. Minutes, BOT
U. Beckum, Leonard, Vice President
U. Brodie, H.D.H., President
U. Burness, John, Vice President
U. Consortium on Financing Higher Educ.

Box 99
U. Corporate Controller
U. Comprehensive health Care - DU (Cox Report)
U. University Counsel
U. Dean's Council
U. DUMAC/McDonald
U. Formula
U. Fuqua School of Business
U. General Policies
U. Governance
U. Graduate School (Malcolm Gillis)
U. Meredith, Dennis - Meredith, Wendy
U. Misc. University Correspondence
U. President's Advisory Committee on Resources (PACOR)
U. Putman, Charles, M.D., Exec. VP/Deferred Maintenance
U. Science Resource Center (SRC)
U. SRC Design Cte.

Box 100
Alumni Affairs
Emeriti Faculty Dinners
Board of Visitors Material Mtg., 12/1992
Medical Alumni Weekend
Basic Science Development
Caring House
Children's Center
Children's Miracle Network
Children's Classic
Center for Jewish Life
Davison Club
Chancellor's Forum Development
Development Consultants
Corporate Relations

Box 101
Jeff Clark
Med. Ctr. Development Plan
Corporations List
Press. Development Functions
Project 60
Sharon Larkins
Foundation Strategy Meeting - 5/20/1991
University Development
DUMC Feasibility Study & Enhanced Capital Fund-Raising Efforts, 12/4/1992
Case Statement Study DUMC
Univ. Feasibility Study
Campaign for Duke
Ralph Snyderman

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Planning Documents, 1991

Box 102
Department of Surgery Provisional Report - 29 March 1991
Planning Document Department of Radiology
DUMC Long Range Plan, September 1991
Pharmacology Department Planning Document, 2 May 1991

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Academic Affairs, 1991

Box 103
DUMC Academic Affairs
Biochemistry Strategic Plans, 8 April 1991
Department of Anesthesia Strategic Plans, 29 March 1991
Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development - Five year Planning Process, 23 April 1991
A Plan for the Future of the Section of Genetics, March 1991
Planning Report for the Department of Neurobiology, 28 March 1991
Medical Center Planning Process, Department of OB/GYN, 10 April 1991
Medical Center Planning Department of Ophthalmology, March 1991
DUMC Department of Medicine Programmatic Development, 1991-1996, April 1991
Planning the Future for the Department of Microbiology and Immunology During the 1990s
Comprehensive Plan, Department of Community and Family Medicine, 29 March 1991
Planning for Radiation Oncology, DUMC, 1991-2000
Planning Document, DUMC, 1 July 1991
Planning Document, First Draft, Dept. of Pediatrics, 29 March 1991
A Five Year Plan for the Department of Pathology, 29 March 1991
Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center Five Year Plan, 8 April 1991

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CEO Materials

Box 104
Raven Press
Raven Press
Raven Press
Raven Press
Raven Press

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Search Notebook

Box 105
Search Notebook - Vice-Chancellor for Health Affairs

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Miscellaneous, 1991-1993

Box 106
Medical Parents Weekend, DUMC, 1993
Medical Alumni Weekend, DUMC, 1992
Medical Alumni Weekend, DUMC, 1992
Board of Visitors Meeting, 13 May 1993
Overview of the Section of Cell Growth, Regulation and Oncogenesis
Duke-VA Center for Cerebrovascular Research
Holiday Cards, 1991
Management and Research Costs - Dept. of Health & Human Services
Liaison Committee on Medical Education
Science Lab Research Assistant Professor Search Comm., 1992

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Correspondence (Filed Chronologically), November 1991-December 1992

Box 108
Correspondence, November 1991-March 1992
Correspondence, March 1992-May 1992
Correspondence, May 1992-June 1992
Correspondence, June 1992-July 1992
Correspondence, July 1992-November 1992
Correspondence, November 1992-December 1992

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Transfer of 30 June 1994

Chronological Files, 1991-1994
Box 109
April 1994-June 1994
February 1994-April 1994
December 1993-February 1994
September-November 1993
June 1993-August 1993
April 1993-June 1993
March 1993-April 1993
January 1993-March 1993

Box 110
January 1993
August 1991-November 1991
May 1991-September 1991
February 1991-May 1991
November 1990-February 1991
Gordon Conference
Gordon Conference
Gordon Conference

Clinical Facilities Planning
Box 111
Long Range Plan Update
Ambulatory Care Clinic Planning
Strategic Planning, Duke Hospital
Specialty Clinic Space Program

Box 112
Clinical Facility Site Plan
Clinical Facility Development
Clinical Facility Planning
Surgical Animal Research Pavilion
Pagette Associates Correspondence
Hospital Addition Options

Box 113
Undergraduate Admission Recommendations
University Council
Department Visits, 1992
Treyburn Retreat
MedPAC Retreat, Treyburn, 14-15 December
Clinical Chairmen
Departmental Review
Department of Anesthesiology
Department of Community and Family Medicine
Department of Medicine
Planning Document, Medicine
Department of Medicine Correspondence
Department of Ophthalmology
Chief of Staff
Department OB/GYN

Box 114
Bernard F. Fetter - Teaching Scholar in Pathology
Department of Physical Therapy
Clinical Psychology
Department of Radiology
Radiation Oncology
Department of Surgery
Planning Document, Surgery
Department of Surgery, Chancellor's Report

Box 115
Basic Science Chairmen
Department of Biochenistry
Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
Duke University Biological Anthropology and Anatomy - External Review, 29-30 April 1993
Cancer Center
Department of Cell Biology
Chief, Cell Growth Reg., and Oncogenesis
Genetics Search

Box 116
Immunology Search
Microbiology and Immunology
Riklis Family, Neurobiology
Department of Pharmacology
Vitaes, Misc.

Box 117
Adams, Nash, and Haskell
Duke Hospital Articles
Hospital Direct Mail Program
Emergency Department
Duke Hospital Financial
Fred Brown
Hospital Costs
Gallup Survey Steering Committee
Duke Hospital General Correspondence
Duke Hospital Weekly Census Report
Hospital Administration Senior Staff Meeting
Hospital Auxiliary
Duke Hospital Legal
Duke Hospital Nursing
Nursing Dean Mary Champagne
Duke Hospital OR
Hospital Revenue Bonds
Duke Hospital Patient Services

Box 118
Mark Rogers, M.D.
Patricia O'Connor
Duke Hospital, Duncan Yaggy, Ph.D.
Vic Stoughton
Volunteer Programs (Holly Hayes)
VIP Patients

Medical Center
Box 119
ADRC - Alzheiver's Disease Research Center
AIDS Research Funding
Animal Research
Animal Care and Use Committee
Basic Science Faculty Steering Committee
Bone Marrow Transplantation
Budget "A & S"
Budget IR's
Medical Center Budget and Finance
Center for Aging and Human Development
Center for Living

Box 120
Center for Youth
Chancellor's Symposium
Clinical Advisory Board
Clinical Ethics
Clinical Forums
Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
Clinical Research Unit
Clinical Sciences Faculty Roster
CME (Continuing Medical Education)
PR Drafts
Community Relations
Congratulations from RS
Credentials Committee
Conflict of Interest
Cultural Services - Janice Palmer

Box 121
Data Ownership and Retention
Distinguished Professors
William J. Donelan - Vice Chancellor and CEO
Duke Endowment
DU Institutional Review Board
EHS Grant - D. Graham
Emeriti Faculty
Ethics Committee
Filing Sheets
Geller Professorship
General Correspondence
Graduate Programs
Grants and Contracts
Heart Center
Heart Center Outreach Plan
Home Care
Human Resources

Box 122
Indirect Cost
Information Systems
Peer Review Subcommittee
Legal "Risk Management"
Lenox Baker Children's Hospital
Medical Staff Bylaws
Medical Center Naming
Medical Center shared Resources Com.
Minority Affairs
Advisory Committee - Minority Affairs
Mechanisms of Intracochlear Electrical Stimulation
Proposed International Programs

Box 123
Non-M.D. Tenure Com.
Clinical AP&T
Parent Incentive Agreement
Parking Issues
Pastoral Services
Private diagnostic Clinic (PDC)
P.A. Program
Powell Chair
Miscellaneous Medical Center Planning Information
Science and Technology
Sea Level Hospital
Sexual Harassment
Steven Ruma, Consultant

Box 124
Steering Committee
Stroke Center
Transplantation Programs
Trent Professorship
University Architect/Planning
Veteran's Administration
VC, Academic Affairs Gordon Hammes
Vesic Chair
Winfrey, Robert
James B. Wyngaarden
X-Ray Crystallography

Medical School
Box 126
Medical School
Alex McMahon - Consultant, Managed Care
Task Force: Clinical Initiatives Infrastructure
Task Force: Primary Care
Task Force: Quality Initiatives
Total Quality Management
Office of Clinical Service Development
Managed Care - 2 Folders

Box 125
A.A.I. - American Association of Immunology
AAU - Association American Universities
AMA - American Medical Association
American Society for Clinical Investigation
AVAMC - COS Search
Association of American Physicians
Beth Israel Hospital
Bowman Gray School of Medicine
City, County and State Relations
Chamber of Commerce
Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
Task Force on Science and Technology April 1993
Association of Academic health Centers - Task Force on Science Policy, 22 October 1992
City of Medicine
Congressional Info.
Dean's Network
Durham County General Hospital

Box 127
Pew Health Professions Commission, 1992
Harvard Medical School
Health Care Reform
Institute of Medicine
Lincoln Community health Center
Governor's Institute on Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Government Relations
GUIR Roundtable
Johns Hopkins

Box 128
Miscellaneous Associations, Societies
N.C. Association for Biomedical Research
National Institutes of Health
NIH Strategic Planning Commission
National Leadership Coalition/Health Care Reform
State of N.C. Board of Medical Examiners
North Carolina Medical Society
Society for Leukocyte Biology
Society of Medical Administration
The University of North Carolina
The Pew Health Professions Commission, 1993

Professional and Research Organizations
Box 129
Society for Leuk. Biol. of Mfg., 1992
Society for Leuk. Biol. of Mfg., 1992
Genentech, 1988

Box 130
Academic Plan Steering Committee
Academic Council
Anlyan, William G., Chancellor
Baugh, P. J. "Jack"
Minutes Bot.
H. K. H. Brodie
Trustees, Board of
Herbert, George
Leonard Beckum
Nan Keohane
President Search
John Burness
Committee for the Support of the New President
Duke Health Plan
Cox Task Force Report
Budgets, Costs, and Reimbursement Accounting
Arts and Sciences
Consortium on Financing Higher Education

Box 131
CHIPRE - Center Health Policy
Council on Aging
Dean's Council
Janet Dickerson
Duke University Libraries
School of Engineering
Fuqua School of Business
Foundation Strategy
Malcolm Gillis
Government Relations
Graduate School
Graduate Training Program Committee/ Keene Report
Health Administration
Infrastructure Fund/Arbitrage
Miscellaneous University Correspondence
Provost T. Langford
Duke University School of Law
Physics, Department of
Executive Vice President, University/Putman, Charles, M.D./Deferred Maintenance
Terry Sanford
Science Resource Center
Al Rossiter, University News Center

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Transfer of 28 June 1995

Box 132
Academic Council, 1994-1995
Academic Council
Anlyan, William, M.D.
Arts & Sciences
Baugh, P. J. "Jack"
Minutes, BOT
Board of Trustees
BOT Breakfast Meetings
Beckum, Leonard, Vice President
Burness, John, Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officer
Center for Health Policy Research and Education, Duke University Advisory Board Meeting, 13 October 1993

Box 133
Corporate Controller (3 Files)
Dean's Council
Disque Dean Professorships
Duke University Health Benefits - Toby Kahr
Fuqua School of Business
Government Relations (P. Vick)
Graduate School (Lew Siegel)
Major Fund raising Campaign

Box 134
Meredith, Dennis
Methodist Retirement Home
Misc. Univ. Correspondence
Nan Keohane (2 Files)
RS/Keohane Meetings (2 Files)
Sr. Officers (NOK)

Box 135
Direct Reports (NOK)
Planning Steering Comm. (NOK)
Duke University Strategic Planning
Putman, Charles, M.D., Executive Vice President
Sanford, Terry, Senator
Science Resource Center
School of Engineering
DU School of Law
University Council
Undergraduate Education
University News Service
Univ. Policies

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Travel, 1989-1993

Box 140
Travel, 1993
Duke At Vail, 1992
Road To The Final Four, 1991-1992
September 1992-October 1992
Travel, November 1991-August 1992
Egypt, January 1992
Travel 1992

Box 142
NY - Hearst and Duke - 11 September 1991
Travel Complete, 1991
Travel, February 1991-April 1991
Travel Complete, 1990
Travel, February 1990-October 1990
Postgraduate Course/Morehead Symposium, (Blue Folder), 9-13 July 1990
Travel, May 1989-May 1990
Travel, July 1991-August 1991

Box 141
Dr. Snyderman's Travel Expenses, July 1993
Travel 1993
Travel, May 1993

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Talks, 1990-1991

Box 139
AAMC Talk, Oct., 23, San Francisco, Hard Copy
Fayetteville AHEC Talk, 1990
Charlotte Alumni Talk, 1990
Administrative Network Talk, April 1990
Basic Science Faculty Talk
BEHCET Syndrome, Grand Rounds, January 1990
Board of Trustees Talk, Oct. 5
Cancer Ctr/Lucifer's Child Talk, 2 February 1991
Chair To Interim Chairpersons
Charles Johnson, 14 September 1990
Clinical Society of Genitourinary Surgeons, Feb. 21
Davison Club Lunch, 19 October 1990
Department of Medicine - Monthly Residents Meeting, 15 April 1990
Duke Award for Immunology Research to H. McDevitt, May 1990
Emeriti Faculty Dinner, 4 June 1991
Employee Show - RS Speaking Part
Estes Dinner Talk, 13 September 1990
Job Enhancement Talk, 29 October 1990
Legislator's Breakfast With N.C. Biomedical Research, Raleigh, 11 April 1991
Freshman Orientation, August 1990, August 1991
MSC - Speech Outlines - Notes Only
MSRB Talk bc/me Academic Council, 1990
Medical Parents Talk, 1990
NASA Site Visit Team, 9 August 1990
N.C. Junior Science & Humanities Symposium, 18 March 1990
N.C. Medical Society, November 1990
Nurse Recognition Day, 2 May 1990
Rheumatology Awards Banquet, 8 May 1991
Rotary Clubs of Durham, Spring 1990
Sandoz Talk, 10 January 1991

Box 145
Wayne Rundles' Symposium, 12 April 1990
Reception - March 15 - New Leadership
Talk to Social Workers, Searle Center, 27 March 1991
Freshmen Seminar Series (Christakos) 9 April 1991
Center for Living Dedication & Dinner, 17 October 1991
Faculty/Administration Seminar - Role of AHC In The Nation's Health
Davison Club Lunch and Dinner, 4-5 October 1991
CRU Anniversary, 1 November 1991
Medical Alumni, 15-16 November 1991
Board of Trustees Presentation, 27 September 1991
Why Med. Is Like a Singing Bird by Frank Neelon
Dwindling Supply of Ph.D.s
National Academy of Sciences "Supporting Biomed. Research"
Orientation Talks - Vision Outline
Prompts for AHC Speechmakers
Quality Work Doesn't Mean Quality Service
Technology Transfer Talk
U.S./Canadian Health Systems Compared
Dr. Ralph Snyderman Bio.
Audio Tape of Talks

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Box 143
Gerard (Jerry) Anderson, Ph.D.
Duke Health Plan
Duke Hospital Memorandums
Emergency Department
Gallup Survey Steering Committee
General Correspondence
Health Systems
Hospital Administration Sr. Staff Meeting
Hospital ByLaws
Hospital - Miscellaneous
Hospital Nursing

Box 144
Hosp. - Patient VIPs
Hospital Patient Services Complaints/Compliments (2 files)
Hospital Revenue Bonds
Michael Israel
KPMG Peat Marwick
Nursing, Dean Mary Champagne
Patricia O'Connor
Quality Assurance
Mark Rogers
Paul Rosenberg

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Development, 1993-1995

Box 146
Miscellaneous Endowments
Medical Center Alumni Affairs
Alumni Miscellaneous
Duke Children's Classic
Children's Miracle Network
Development Operating Plan
Roland Wilkins Reception - 22 February 1995
Don Marchese
Wilson, Red
Molpus, Ann
Luken, Ellen
Medearis, Ellen
Herosian, Alan
Ruth Irwin
Larkins, Sharon
Taylor, Grace
Medical Parents Weekend, 21-23 April 1995
Lisa Weiner
Roland Wilkins

Box 147
Dev., Misc.
Emeriti Medical Faculty
Spirit of Caring - 1993
Univ. Dev.

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Box 148
Anesthesiology, Dept. of
Basic Science Chairmen
Biochemistry, Dept. of
Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
Cancer Center (2 Files)
Cell Biology, Dept. of
Section of Cell Growth, Regulation & Oncogenesis
Chief of Staff
Clinical Chairmen
Community and Family Medicine
Genetics Search
Dept. of Immunology
Medicine External Review Committee
Medicine, Dept. of

Box 149
Dept. of Medicine
MedPAC (2 Files)
Dept. of Microbiology
Microbiology Search
Dept. of OB/GYN
Ophthalmology, Dept. of

Box 150
Pharmacology, Dept. of
Physical Therapy, Dept. of
Psychiatry, Dept. of
Radiation Oncology
Surgery, Dept. of
Treyburn Retreat

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Box 151
Search Committee/Chair, Com. & Family Med. (2 files)
Search, Department of Surgery Chairman
PRC Annual Study, 1993
Search, Department of Medicine
Vice Chancellor of Development - Search
Cancer Center Search - Director
Search - Dept. of Medicine Chairman

Box 152
Department of Medicine Chair Search
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Search

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Medical Center

Box 153
ADRC (Alzheimers Disease)
AIDS Research
Animal Research
Med. Ctr. Architect/Planning
Award Nominations
Basic Science Faculty Steering Committee
Budget & Finance (Medical Center)
Building and Grounds (Medical Center)
Center for Aging & Human Development
Center for Functional Neuroimaging
Center for Living
Center for Youth
Chancellor's Symposium
Clinical Infrastructure Committee
Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
Clinical Practice Comm.

Box 154
Clinical Research Unit
Clinical Science Faculty Council
Communications (2 Files)
Conflict of Interest
Cost Effectiveness Prog.
Cultural Services - Janice Palmer
Distinguished Professors
Donelan, William J., Vice Chancellor and CFO
Duke Endowment
Geller Professorship
Government Relations Committee - DUMC - Tim Garson
Grants & Contracts
Heart Center

Box 155
Human Resources
Human Vaccine Inst.
Indirect Costs
Information Systems
Institutional Review Bd. for Clinical Investigations
Proposed International Programs
Proposed International Programs
Legal - Risk Mgmt.
Medical Center Trustee Committee
Medical Center Miscellaneous
Minority Affairs
PA Program
Parking Issues
Peripheral-Vascular Program
Planning - Medical Center
Powell Chair
Primary Care
Public Safety

Box 156
RS - Special Notes
Rounds - June 1993
Ruma, Steve (Consultant)
Salary Equity Study
Science & Technology
Sloate, Steve - Assoc. Vice Chancellor
Small Res. Grants Comm.
Steering Committee
Veterans Administration
Vice Chan., Academic Affairs (Gordon Hammes)
R.C. "Buck" Walters
Winfree, Robert
Wyngaarden, James B.

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Box 157
AAHC (Association of Academic Health Centers)
AHC (2 Files)
AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) (4 Files)
AAP (Association of American Physicians)
AHEC (Area Health Education Center)
ASCI (American Society For Clinical Investigation)
State of North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners
Bowman Gray/Baptist Hospital
Chamber of Commerce
City/County/State Relations
City of Medicine
Congressional Information
Council of Deans
Dean's Network
East Carolina University (ECU)
Gov. Inst. on Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Governmental Relations
GUIR Roundtable
Harvard medical School
Johns Hopkins
Howard Hughes medical Institute

Box 159
Miscellaneous Outside (2 Files)
National Institutes of Health
Nat'l. Leadership Coalition/Health Care Reform
North Carolina Association Biomedical Research
North Carolina Health Care Information & Comm. Allia.
North Carolina Health Plan Commission
North Carolina Institute of Medicine
North Carolina Medical Society
Society for Leukocyte Biology
Society of Medical Administrations (SMA)
Spaulding, Elna Award (Women-In-Action for the Prevention of Violence)
State of North Carolina
University of North Carolina

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Health Care Reform

Box 158
Health Care Reform (8 Files)

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Medical School

Box 160
High Level Task Force
Liaison Committee on Med. Education (LCME)
Macy Grant
Medical School
Medical School Admissions Committee
Medical School Applicants
Medical School Curriculum
Medical School - General Correspondence

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Correspondence, Chronological, May 1994-December 1995

Box 161
20 May 1994-5 July 1994
6 July 1994- 31 August 1994
31 August 1994-13 October 1994
27 September 1994-2 November 1994
14 November 1994-17 January 1995
29 December 1994-9 March 1995
20 February 1995-29 March 1995
27 March 1995-22 May 1995
8 May 1995-20 July 1995
13 July 1995-10 August 1995
1 November 1995-28 December 1995

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Home Health Care Planning

Box 163
PDC, 1992
6 Files With No Designation
Video Tape Hands - "Seeing In Believing"
Notebook - Hands "Healthcare Applications Network"

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SOMATOGEN 1988-1994

Box 164
SOMATOGEN (Boxed as One File)

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Transfer of 11 June 1996

Medical School
Box 166
Graduate Medical Education
Medical School
Blazer, Dan
Medical School Curriculum
Core Competencies for DUMC Students
Flexner - Med. School
Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME)
Medical School Admission Committee
Medical School, Applicants
Medical School, General Correspondence
Medical School, Miscellaneous

Box 165
Anesthesiology, Dept. of
Basic Science Chairmen
Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
Biochemistry, Dept. of
Cancer Center (2 Folders)
Cell Biology, Dept. of
Chief of Staff, Sabiston, David
Clinical Chairmen
Community and Family Medicine
Community & Fam. Medicine Residency Review Committee
Human Genetics Institute, J. Nevins, 10 March 1995
Genetics Search
Immunology, Dept. of
Medicine External Review Committee
Medicine, Dept. of (3 Folders)

Box 168
Duke Interventional Cost Containment Program
Medicine, Dept. of
Microbiology, Dept. of
Microbiology Search
Neurology, Dept. of
Molecular Cell Growth
OB/GYN, Dept. of
Ophthalmology, Dept. of
Pathology, Dept. of
Pediatrics, Dept. of
Pharmacology, Dept. of
Physical Therapy, Dept. of
Psychiatry, Dept. of
Radiology, Dept. of
Radiation/Oncology, Dept. of
Surgery, Dept. of

Medical Center
Box 167
AHC 2000, 1995
AIDS Research
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center - ADRC
Animal Research
AOA - Alpha Omega Alpha
Award Nominations
Basic Science Faculty Steering Committee
Budget & Finance - Medical Center
Budget - IR's
Building & Grounds - Medical Center
Center for Aging & Human Development
Center For Living
Center For Functional Neuroimaging
Center For Youth
Chancellor's Symposium
Clinical Infrastructure Committee
Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
Clinical Practice Committee
Clinical Research Unit (CRU)

Box 169
Clinical Science Faculty Council
Conflict of Interest
Continuing Medical Education (CME)
Communications (2 Folders)
Cost Effectiveness Program
CME - Continuing Medical Education
Cultural Services - Janice Palmer
Duke Logo
Distinguished Professors
Duke University Affiliated Physicians, Inc. (DUAP)
Duke Endowment
Durham Asset Management (DAMCO)
Geller Professorship
Dr. Merle Sande
Robert Califf

Box 170
Government Relations Committee - Tim Garson
Tom Glenn/Negotiations
Grants & Contracts
Graduate Education
Heart Center
Human Vaccine Institute
Human Resources
Indirect Costs
Information Systems
Institutional Review Board For Clinical Investigators
Proposed International Program
Legal - Risk Mgmt.
Lenox Baker Children's Hosp.
Medical Center - Miscellaneous
Medical Center Architect/Planning - LDN
Medical Center Building Fund
Medical Center Planning
Medical Center Trustee Committee
Medical Center Affairs Committee
Medical Center Committee
Medical Staff Bylaws

Box 171
Minority Advisory Committee
Minority Task Force
Minority Affairs
Misconduct (2 Files)
MSTP - Medical Scientist Training Program
NTIA Grant
Parking Issues
PA Program
PDC Administrative Board
PDC - Private Diagnostic Clinics (2 Files)
Primary Care
Public Safety
Rounds, June 1993-June 1994
RS Special Notes
Science & Technology

Box 172
Snyderman, Ralph
Small Research Grants Committee
Steering Committee
Veterans Administration
Vice Chancellor M.C. Development - J. Beyel
Chief Financial Officer - Donelan, William (Bill)
Vice Chan. - Academic Affairs - Hammes, Gordon
Sloate, Steve - Associate Vice Chancellor (2 files)
Wakeman Awards
Queen Effat Endowment
Women's Services
Winfree, Robert
Workforce Issues (2 Folders)

Box 173
Duke Health Network/Partnering (2 Files)
Duke Health Plan
Duke Hospital Memos
Emergency Department
General Correspondence
Good Samaritan Medical Center (2 Files)
Health Systems
HAS - Hospital Administration Senior Staff Meeting
Hospital Appropriations/Operations
Hospital - Bylaws
Hospital - Costs
Hospital - Legal
Hospital - Miscellaneous

Box 174
Hospital - Nursing
Hospital - Patient Services
Hospital Revenue Bonds
Israel, Michael - COO
KPMG Peat Marwick
Managed Care
Potential Job Applicants
Rosenberg, Paul
Quality Assurance
Rogers, Mark
Sounding Board
Volunteer Program - Hayes, Holly

Box 175
Anylan, William, M.D.
Arts & Sciences
BOT - Minutes/Committee
BOT - Four Files
BOT Breakfast Meetings
BOT Retreat - Graylyn
Beckum, Leonard, Vice President
Burness, John
Chief Financial Officer

Box 176
Chief Information Officer
Controller/Adcock, Jack
Dean's Council
Duke University Health Benefits - Toby Kahr
DUMAC/McDonald, Eugene
Fuqua School of Business
Government Relations/ Vick, Paul
Graduate School, Siegal, L.
Keohane - Direct Reports
Keohane, Nannerl O., Ph.D.

Box 177
Keohane, Senior Officers
Student Affairs Trustee Committee Meeting, 29 September 1995
Miscellaneous University Corr.
President's Advisory Committee on Resources
Keohane, RS Meetings

Box 178
PACOR - President's Advisory Committee on Resources
Planning Steering Committee - NOK
Putman, Charles, M.D., Executive V.P.
Science Resource Center - SRC
Sanford, Terry, Senator
School of Engineering
Shaping Our Future
University Committees
School of Law, D.U.
Undergraduate Education
University Council
University News Service
University Policies
University Secretary
V.P. Institutional Equity

Scientific Advisory Committees
Box 179
ARIAD Pharmaceuticals (2 Files)
Capital Health Venture Partners
Genetics Institute
International Advisory Board
Medco Research
Schroeder Ventures - Susan Wilner
Miscellaneous Capital Ventures

Box 180
Somatogen (6 Files)

Box 181
AAMC - Advisory Panel, Strategic Positioning for Health Care Reform
AAMC - Vision
Academic Health Centers (AHC)
AHC 2000, 1995
Area Health Education Council (AHEC)
American Medical Association (AMA)
American Society For Clinical Investigation (ASCI)
AMA Section on Medical Schools Agenda, Interim Meeting, 2-4 December 1995
Assoc. of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) (2 Folders)

Box 182
Association of American Physicians (AAP)
Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
Board of Medical Examiners, State of North Carolina
Bowman Gray/ Baptist Hospital
Chamber of Commerce
Children's Advocacy Center - Duke - UNC - NCCU
Council of Deans
City/County/State Relations
City of Medicine
Clinton, Bill, President
Congressional Information
Deans Network
Durham Regional
Durham Tech
East Carolina University (ECU)
Governmental Relations
Gov. Inst. on Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Healthy Carolinians
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
IOM Election
Institute of Medicine (Samuel O. Thier)
Johns Hopkins
Medical Leadership Council
Miscellaneous - Outside (Folder #1)

Box 183
Miscellaneous - Outside (Folder #2)
National Academy of Science
National Leadership Coalition Health Care Reform
National Library of Medicine
North Carolina Association Biomedical Research
North Carolina Health Care Info. & Comm. Alliance
North Carolina Health Planning Commission
North Carolina Medical Society
North Carolina Institute of Medicine
SWG, 1995
Society of Medical Administrators (SMA)
Society for Leukocyte Biology
Spaulding, Elna - Award (Women In Action For The Prevention of Violence)
State of North Carolina
White House - Misc. Correspondence
University of North Carolina (UNC)

Box 186
Travel Box One

Box 187
Travel Box Two

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Outside Advisory Committees

Box 188
Institute of Medicine
NIH Clinical Center - Structure & Function
National Institutes of Health
National Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Diseases Advisory Council
National Research Council

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Transfer of 17 June 1997

Box 189
Clin. Chair Retreat
Clinical Departmental Reviews
Clinical Chairmen
Community and Family Medicine
Anesthesiology, Dept. of
Medicine, Dept. of (2 Folders)
Dept. of Medicine Chairman
Chief Searches
Medicine External Review Committee
OB/GYN, Dept. of
Ophthalmology, Dept. of
Jay Arena Memorial, 29 March 1996
Pathology, Dept. of

Box 190
Pediatrics, Dept. of
DUMC Building Plans
Psychiatry, Dept. of
Chief of Staff, C. Hammond
Radiology, Dept. of
Radiation/Oncology, Dept. of
Surgery, Dept. of
Sports Medicine
Basic Science Chairmen
Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
Biochemistry, Dept. of
Cancer Center (2 Folders)
Ray White, Salt Lake City, Utah (2 Folders)
Cell Biology, Dept. of
Nevins, Joe, Genetics
Genetics Search
Immunology, Dept. of
Microbiology, Dept. of
Molecular Biology
Neurobiology, Dept. of
Pharmacology, Dept. of
Pharmacology Exterior Review, 14-15 March 1996
Miscellaneous, 1995

Medical Center
Box 191
AHC 2000, 1996
AIDS Research
Animal Research
AOA - Alpha Omega Alpha
Art McCombs
Articles/DUMC, WSJ, NYT, etc.
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center - ADRC
Award Nominations
Basic Science Faculty Steering Committee
Bonnie Brae Inn & Townhouses
Budget, IR's
Budget and Finance, Medical Center
Center For Aging and Human Development
Heart Center
Centers for Diversity Sciences (J. Keene)
Executive Physicals, CFL
Rice Diet Program
Prevention & Lifestyle Management (PALM)
Clinical Research Unit (CRU)

Box 192
Clinical Science Faculty Council
Clinical Information System Review Committee, March 1996
Communications (4 Folders)
Continuing Medical Education (CME)
Cultural Services, Janice Palmer
CRC, Califf
Distinguished Professors
Distinguished Guests
Duke Endowment
Duke Asset Management Company (DAMCO)
Duke Medical Strategies

Box 193
Durham Therapies 1 July 1995
Grants and Contracts
Graduate Med. Edu.
Human Resources
Toby Kahr
Human Vaccine Institute
Huntsman Cancer Institute/DU
Information Systems
Institutional Review Board for Clinical Investigations
Integrated Marketing Communications - Tactical
International Programs
Medical Center Building Fund
Medical Ctr. Convocation, 5 October 1995
Medical Center Planning
Medical Center, Miscellaneous
Med. Ctr. Trustee Com. MCTC
Medical Center Affairs Committee
MetroSport & Life for Life Project
Medical Center Architect/Planning, LDN
Major Initiatives & Priorities, 1995-1996
Long Range Plan Update Workplan, 1995
Minority Task Force
Minority Advisory Committee

Box 194
Minority Affairs
MSTP Program
Outreach Activities
PA Program
Parking Issues
MSO Legal Structure
OPS/Clin. - OPS
Patient Policy
Primary Care
PDC - Private Diagnostic Clinic
PDC - Blue Notebook, 1996
Rating Agency Site Visit, June 1996
RS - Special Notes
Risk Management
Small Research Grants Committee
RS - Home Gatherings (2 Files)

Box 196
Science & Technology
Sarnoff Endowment
Steering Committee RJL
Veteran's Administration
Vice Chan. - Academic Affairs, Hammes, Gordon
Vice Chancellor - CFO, Donelan, William (Bill)
Sloate, Steve, Associate Vice Chancellor
Waters, R.C.
Winfree, Robert

Box 195
Huntsman - Salt Lake City
Misc. Foundation Correspondence
Misc. Biotechnology
Broad Fdn. (2 Folders)

Box 197
Burrough - Wellcome (2 Folders)
John Thomas
Keck Foundation
Research! America

Box 198
Assisted Living Project MI, SS
Carolina Health Network
Clinical Services Planning - Kiger
Duke Health Plan
Duke Hospital Memos
ECMS, Minutes, etc.
Emergency Department
General Correspondence
Good Samaritan Medical Center
HAS - Hospital Admin. Senior Staff Meeting
Healthsource NC
Health Systems
Hospital - Bylaws
Hospital - Miscellaneous
Hospital - Nursing
Managed Care

Box 199
Medicaid managed Care Initiative
NYL Care (Formerly NYLife/Sanus)
Nursing - Champaigne, Mary (2 Folders)
Potential Job Applicants
Primary Care Physician
Practical Plans
Michael Israel CEO/Ass't. V.C. Health Affairs (2 Folders)
Rosenberg, Paul
Saudi - U.S. University Program

Box 200
Anlyan, William, M.D.
Arts & Sciences
Academic Council
University Bylaws
David Thomas
BOT - Minutes/Committees (4 Folders)
Board of Trustees - 9 June 1995
BOT Breakfast Meetings

Box 201
Board Trustee Committee - Duke Health System
Burness, John
Chief Information Officer
Controller - Adcock, Jack
CHIPPRE (2 Folders)
Dean's Council
DUMAC/McDonald, Eug.
Duke University health Benefits - Toby Kahr
Duke University Management Structure
Keohane/RS Meetings (2 Folders)

Box 202
Keohane/RS Meetings
Keohane - Senior Officers (3 Folders)
Keohane - Direct Reports
Keohane, Nannerl O., Ph.D.
Graduate School - Siegel, L.
Government Relations - Vick, Paul

Box 203
Wm. Griffiths - Volunteers/ Linking
Meredith, Dennis
Miscellaneous - Univ. Corr.
PACOR - Presidents Advisory Committee On Resources
Planning Steering Committee, NOK
Putman, Charles, M.D. - Executive V.P.
Undergraduate Education
Sanford, Terry - Senator
School of Engineering
School of Law, D.U.
Shaping Our Future
University Council
Chief Financial Officer, Tallman Trask, III, Executive Vice President - Treasurer
University News Service
University Policies
Institutional Equity V.P. Candidates
University Secretary
Women's Affairs

Box 204
Academic health Centers (AHC)
AHC 2000
Association of American Physicians (AAP)
American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI)
American Medical Association (AMA)
Assoc. of Academic Health Centers (AAHC)
Assoc. of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) (3 Folders)

Box 205
AAMC - Advisory Panel of Strategic Positioning for Health Care Reform
Board of Medical Examiners, State of North Carolina
Bowman Gray/Baptist Hospital
Chamber of Commerce
City of Medicine
City/County/State Relations
Council of Deans
Clinton, Bill - President
Congressional Information
Dean's Network
Durham Partnership for Children
Durham Regional
East Carolina University
Emory University
Governmental Relations
GUIR Roundtable
Harvard Medical School
Health Care Reform
Johns Hopkins
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Box 206
Institute of Medicine Council Meeting, 6-7 January 1997
Institute of Medicine IOM Annual Mt./IOM Council Mtg., 14-16 October 1996
Journal medical Clinics North America, Bart Haynes, 1995
Miscellaneous - Outside (2 Folders)
Cancer Centers Program NCI
National Academy of Science - NRC Synthesis/NAS White Paper Conf. Call, Debra Stein
NRC Governing Board Committee Preferences
National Institutes of Health

Box 207
National Research Council Report Review Committee (RRC)
NRC Synthesis
NRC Report Review Comm.
NRC Report Reviews
NAS/NAE/IOM Governing Board Synthesis Reports 2-3 August 1996
Annual Report, National Research Council, 1996
National Leadership Coalition, health Care Reform
North Carolina Association Biomedical Research
NC Academy of Family Physicians
NC Board of Med. Exam.
North Carolina Institute of Medicine
North Carolina Health Planning Commission
NC Primary Care Network
NC Medicaid
Society For Leukocyte Biology
Society of Medical Administrators (SMA)
Spaulding, Elna Award (Women-In-Action for the Prevention of Violence)
University Healthsystem Consortium/AAMC
Saturday Working Group
Children's Advocacy Center, Duke/UNC/NCCU
Research America
University of North Carolina (UNC)

Medical School
Box 208
Blazer, Dan
Medical School - Miscellaneous
Exec. Com. Undergraduate Med. Ed.
Medical School Curriculum
Medical School Applicants
Medical School Admission Committee
Medical School
High Level Task Force
LCME Site Visit, UT Southwestern, March 1996

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