Hammes, Gordon G., Papers and Records, 1987-2008

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Collection Number: MC.0042
Gordon G. Hammes Papers and Records, 1987-2008

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held in the Duke Medical Center Archives in Durham, N.C. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the World Wide Web. See the FAQ section for more information.

Collection Overview

Size: 52.5 linear feet 35 record storage boxes
Abstract: Contains the professional papers and records of the administration of Gordon Hammes', vice chancellor of academic affairs at Duke University Medical Center. Also contains some materials from the Edward W. Holmes administration. Types of materials include correspondence with individuals and corporations, appointment, promotion and tenure materials, minutes, reports, subject files, budgets, evaluations, grant and contacts, and long-range planning documents. Major subjects include departments and administration of Duke University Medical Center, medical education, and faculty. Materials range in date from 1987 to 2008.
Creator: Hammes, Gordon G., 1934-
Language: English
Repository Duke University Medical Center Archives
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Access Restrictions
This collection has restrictions to access. Please see details below or contact the Archives Department for more information.
Usage Restrictions
Copyright for Official University records is held by Duke University; all other copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
Preferred Citation
[Identification of item], Gordon G. Hammes Papers and Records, Duke University Medical Center Archives.
Acquisitions Information
Transfer; 1994-2008.
Sensitive Materials Statement
Collections may contain Medical Center Administrative records. These include records of the officers of the University, as defined in the Bylaws, the deans of schools and colleges, and departments, institutes, and other offices as designated by the President. For a period of twenty-five years from the origin of the material, permission in writing from the director of the office of record and the Medical Center Archivist is required for use. After twenty-five years, records that have been processed may be consulted with the permission of the Medical Center Archivist.
Collection may contain Records of the Board of Trustees of the Duke University Medical Center. These include minutes and supporting documentation of the Board, its Executive Committee, and standing and ad hoc committees, and reports, studies, and the like presented solely to the Board. Records which have been existence for at least fifty years are available for scholarly research with the permission of the Medical Center Archivist. Access to records which have been in existence for less than fifty years shall be granted only by special permission, in writing, of the Medical Center Board of Trustees.
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Subject Headings

The following terms from Library of Congress Subject Headings and Medical Subject Headings suggest topics, persons, geography, etc. interspersed through the entire collection; the terms do not usually represent discrete and easily identifiable portions of the collectionsuch as folders or items.

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Biographical Information

Gordon G. Hammes was born in 1934 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He received degrees from Princeton University (B.A., 1956), University of Wisconsin (Ph.D., 1959) and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute in Germany (1959-1960) and at Stanford University (1968-1969). Following his postdoctoral experience in Germany, Hammes joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1960) where he worked as an instructor and later associate professor until 1965. From 1965 to 1988, Hammes was professor and chair of the department of chemistry (1970-1975) and director of the biotechnology program (1983-1988) at Cornell University. Hammes later served as professor and vice chancellor for academic affairs at University of California, Santa Barbara (1988-1991).

In 1991, he joined Duke University as professor and vice chancellor for academic affairs, a position he held until 1998. From 1995-1997, Hammes was the acting head of the Department of Molecular Cancer Biology. Hammes' research interests include biological chemistry (especially enzyme kinetics and mechanisms), biochemical control mechanisms, multienzyme complexes, and enzyme-coupled transport.

Honors in his career include Magna cum laude, B.A., McKay Prize in Chemistry (1956), American Chemical Society Award in Biological Chemistry (1967), and the receiving the National Institutes of Health Fogarty Scholar (1975-1976). He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and Phi Lambda Upsilon.

Hammes is the author of more than 200 scientific publications including: Chemical Kinetics; Principles and Selected Topics (1966), Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology (1999), Enzyme Catalysis and Regulation (1982), Principles of Chemical Kinetics (1978), Thermodynamics and Kinetics for the Biological Sciences (2000), and Investigation of Rates and Mechanisms of Reactions (1973-1974). He has served on the editorial board of Journal of Biological Chemistry, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Chemical Reviews, Biochemistry, and Journal of American Chemical Society.

Hammes married Judith Ellen Frank in 1959. Together they had three children.

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Scope and Content

Contains the professional papers and records of the administration of Gordon Hammes, vice chancellor for health affairs at Duke University Medical Center.

Organized into the following series: Subject Files, 1988-1994; Budget Materials, 1991-1992; Scientific Misconduct Cases, ca. 1996-1997; Departmental Files, 1991-1993; Chronological Files, 1992-1995; Alphabetical File, 1987-1994; Departments, 1991-1994; Corporations, 1991-1994; Committees, 1991-1994; Reports, Handbooks, and Bylaws, 1987-1994; Chronological Files, 1994-1996; Accounting Files, 1995-1996; Departmental Files, 1991-1995; Fund Codes Accounting, ca. 1996-1997; Chronological Files, 1994-1995; Scientific Misconduct (restricted), ca. 1996-1997; Long Range Planning Materials, 1991-1997; Subject Files, 1994-2000 (bulk 1998-2000); Additions of November 2008, 2008. Materials range in date from 1987 to 2008.

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Contents list

Series Quick Links

Subject Files, 1988-1994

Box 1
Animal Care Facilities and Amicus Curiae Brief
Biochemistry, Department of, 2 folders
Biomedical Research Shared Grants
Cato Research, Ltd.
Center for Health Policy Research and Education
Corporate/University Interactions
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Departmental Academic Plans, 1992-1993
Departmental Long Range Plan Back-up Material, 1993
Division of Audiovisual Education Background Material, 2 folders, ca. 1991
Director, Division of Laboratory Animal Resources Search Committee, 2 folders
Glenn, Tom
Graduate School
Includes applications, bulletin, budget hearings, transplant programs, committee on graduate education, 1992-1993
Medical Alumni Weekend, 1992
Medical Center Development, PRC Alumni Study 1993
Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)
Medicine, Department of, Ken Wilson
Neurobiology, Department of, Recruiting List, June, 1992
North Carolina Biotechnology Center, Advisory Committee on Development and Transfer of Biotechnology
Olive and Olive, Attorneys
Optiko, Inc.
Patent Information
Pathology, Department of, Program Plan
Pharmacology, Department of, Budget Material, 1994
Repligen Corporation
Review of Moravian College
Review of Princeton University, Department of Chemistry
Space Analysis, 1988
Strategic Planning Committee
Strittmatter, Warren J.

Technology Transfer
Box 2
V3 Loop Patent Position
Seminar, November 12, 1991

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Budget Materials, 1991-1992

Basic Science Chair Retreat, 1991-1992
Chronological File, 1992

Office of Science and Technology
Budget, 1992-1993
Management Meetings, 1991-1992
Technology Transfer, 1991-1992
Social Functions, 3 folders, 1991-1992
Budget/Accounting Information 1991/1992

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Scientific Misconduct Cases, ca. 1996-1997

Box 3
Scientific Misconduct

Restricted. Permission from Dr. Hammes required to view files.

Box 4
Scientific Misconduct

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Departmental Files, 1991-1993

Box 5
Biohazard Sciences and Environmental Safety Masters Program
Health Careers Internship Program
Interdisciplinary Units
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Medical Center Development, Lecture to Development office
Psychology, Department of
Correspondence, General, 1991-1993
Recommendations, 1991-1992
Molecular Cancer Biology and Cell Growth, 1991-1992
Neurobiology, 1991-1992
Pharmacology, 1991-1992
Academic Council, 1992
Basic Sciences, appointment, promotion, and tenure, 1991-1992
Clinical appointments, promotions and tenure, 1992

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Chronological Files, 1992-1995

Accounting, Calendar and Ralph Snyderman correspondence

Box 6

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Alphabetical File, 1987-1994

American Chemical Society, 1991-1994
AAMC, 1993-1994

ASBMB, Correspondence 1994
Financial Statements, 1993-1994
Investment Books
Weiss, Peck, and Green
Mercantile, Safe Deposit and Trust Co.
Alex Brown Investment management

Animal Care Facilities
Correspondence, 1991-1994
Accreditation Site Visit, 1992
USDA Site Visit, 1991-1993
Audiovisual Education, 1991-1994

Basic Science Chairs
General, 1992-1994
Chair Meetings, 1993-1994
B S Retreats, 1992-1993
Grant Funding Survey
Scientific Writing, 1993-1994
Biochemistry Journal, 2 folders, 1991-1994
Board of Trustees, 1994
Board of Visitors, 1991-1994
The Ruth K. Broad Research Foundation, 1991-1994
Burroughs Wellcome Graduate Fellowship Endowment Fund, ca. 1992-1994
CHPRE, 2 folders, 1992-1994

Box 7
Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development, correspondence, and reports, 1993-1994
Communications, Office of, general and director search, 1993-1994
Computers, 1991-1993
Conflict of Interest, 1991-1994
Departmental Reviews, Chemistry, 1991
Distinguished Chair Nominations, 1990-1994
Duke Endowment, 1992-1993
Foundations, 1991-1994
Governor's Institute on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, 1991-1993
Graduate School, awards, support and development, 1991-1994
Graduate Student Symposia, 1993
Grants and Contracts, 1991-1994
Grant Award Notices, Whitehead Scholars Program, 1991-1994
Hammes, Gordon, Correspondence, 1994
Hammes, Gordon, Recommendations, 1994

Box 8
Hammes, Gordon, Recommendations, 1993
Herosian, Alan, 1991-1994
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, includes Paul Modrich and Thomas Tedder, 3 folders, 1991-1994
Human Resources, 1994
Human Vaccine Initiative, Dani Bolognesi, 1993
Indirect Cost Issues, 1991-1993
IRB, 1992-1994
LSRC, 1991-1994

Medical Center Library
General, 1991-1994
Investigative Review, 1991
Library Advisory Committee, 1992-1994
Phase III IAIMS Grant Progress Report, 1991
Long Range Plans
General, 1992-1994
Departmental, 1993-1994
Progress Report, 1994
Marketing Review Committee (Plan)
Markey Foundation, 2 folders, 1991-1994
Medical Center Development
General, 1991-1994
Carol Brien and Associates, Feasibility Report, 1993
MCIS, General, 1993-1994
Continuing Medical Education, 4 folders, 1987-1994

Box 9
Medical Sciences Research Building (MSRB), 1991-1994
Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), 1994
Minority Faculty, General, 1992-1994
Research Roundtable Council Meeting, June 29-30, 1994
Research Roundtable Council Meeting, November 2-3, 1994
National Academy of Sciences, 1992-1996
Neuroimaging Interdisciplinary, 1993-1994

North Carolina Biotechnology Center
General, 1991-1993
Cristian R.H. Raitz
Advisory Committee on Development and Transfer of Biotechnology
Thomas Tedder
Guy Montelicone
Nomenclature Committee, IUBMB-gC, General, 1993-1994
Ph.D. Molecular Medicine Track, 1994
Physics, Department of
Provost Office (Strohbehn, John W.), 1994
Putman, Charles E., 1992-1994
Research Expenditures, 1994
Rice Diet, 1993-1994
Science and Technology, Office of (Robert Taber), 1992-1994
Technology Transfer, 1991-1993
Scientific Misconduct, General, 1993-1994
Searle Scholar Program, 1992-1993
Surveys, Gallup
Transgenic Mouse Facility, 1992-1994
Undergraduate Education, 1991-1994
Women at Duke University Medical Center, 1993

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Departments, 1991-1994

Box 10
Clinical Research Unit, 1993-1994
Anesthesiology, 1994
Biochemistry, 1994
CMB Program, 1992-1993
Crystallography, 1991-1993
Molecular Biophysics Program, 1992-1993
Biological Anthroplogy and Anatomy, 1991-1994
Cell Biology, 1991-1994
Clinical Departments, 1993-1994
Clinical Services Retreat, 1993
Clinical Services Retreat, 1994
Clinical Research Unit (CRU), 1993-1994
Cancer Center, EHS Center, 1994
Genetics, 2 folders, 1991-1994
History of Medicine, 1992-1993

Box 11
Trent Foundation, 1993
Immunology, 1991-1994
Medicine, 1992-1994
Microbiology, 1991-1994
Sara Miller, Electron Microscopy
Molecular Cancer Biology, 1993-1994
Neurobiology, 1993-1994
Nursing, School of, 1993-1994
OB/GYN, 1993-1994
Ophthalmology, 1992-1994
Pharmacology, 1993-1994
Pathology, 1991-1994
Toxicology Program, 1991-1993
Pediatrics, 1992-1994
Psychiatry, 1992-1994
Radiation/Oncology, 1992-1994
Surgery, 1992-1994

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Corporations, 1991-1994

Baxter Foundation, 1992-1994

Box 12
Burroughs Wellcome, 1991-1994
Genentech, Inc.
Glaxo Research, North Carolina
Harvard Medical School
Eli Lilly, 1992
Merck, Sharp and Dohme, 1992
North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research, 1992-1994
Pasteur Merieux
Pfizer, 1991-1992
Quality Biotech
Rathman Report
Sandoz, 1991-1992
Stack, Richard
U.S. Surgical, 1992

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Committees, 1991-1994

Academic Council, 1993-1994
Clinical APT, 1993-1994
Basic Sciences APT, 1993-1994
Basic Sciences Faculty Steering Committee (BSFSC), 1991-1994
Biochemistry Chair Search Committee
Cancer Center Chair Search Committee
Chemistry Chair Search Committee
CRU Director Search
Clinical/Basic Science Research Planning Committee
Clinical Science Faculty Council (CSFC), 1993-1994
Community and Family Medicine search
Conflict of Interest Committee, 1992-1994
Dean of Medical Education search Committee
Deans Council, 1993-1994

Box 13
Division of Laboratory Animal Resources Search Committee
Institutional Animal Care Use Committee
Institutional Marketing Plan Steering Committee
Duke University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, 1993-1994
Executive Committee for International Affairs
Executive Committee for the medical School Curriculum, 1993-1994
Government Resource Committee
Graduate Program Coordinating Committee, 1991-1994
Immunology Chair Search Committee
IRB Chair Search Committee
Medical Center Information Systems Director Search Committee
Medical Center Library Directory Search Committee
Medical Center Steering Committee, 1991-1994
MedPAC, 1993-1994
Microbiology Chair Search Committee
OPS, 1993-1994
Research Policy Committee, 1991-1994
Reynolds Chair Search Committee (Chemistry)
Shared Resources Committee, 1991-1994
Status of Women Advisory Committee, 1992-1993
Strategic Planning Committee
Support Services Task Force
Technology Transfer Director Search Committee

Box 14
Vice Chancellor for Development and Alumni Affairs Search Committee

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Reports, Handbooks, and Bylaws, 1987-1994

Social events, 4 folders, 1993-1994
Task Force on Science and Engineering
Duke University Hospital Annual Financial Report, June 30, 1991
Review of Section of Genetics, Duke University Medical Center, April, 1993
Duke Hospital medical Staff Bylaws, Dec. 7, 1991
Duke Digest of Cancer, Vol. 2, 1995
Networking, Vol. 1, No. 2 Fall, 1994
Supervisor's Guide to Operations Improvement, 1994
Department of Pathology Faculty Handbook
Duke University Financial Report, 1993-1994
Information Systems at Duke University Medical Center, March, 1994
Duke University Medical Center Sponsored Research Report, 1989-1993
Duke University Medical Center Department of Cell Biology Faculty Handbook, Sept., 1992
Survey of Research Interests, Duke University Medical Center
Faculty Tenure Guidelines
Status of Anatomy Graduate Students, Oct. 1, 1987
Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center Progress Report, 1993
Duke University Health System Long Range Plan Progress Report, May, 1995

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Office Copying Expenses
Office Supplies
Office Machine Repair
Business Related Meetings, Lunches, Etc.
Telephone Expense
Travel And Living Expenses
Printing and Design
Recharge for Copying
Imprest Cash
Hanes Fund
Molecular Biophysics Program
Faculty Assistance Fund
Veteran's Administration for HA Equipment Fund
Graduate Student Discretionary
Infrequently Used
Intergovernmental Person. Act for C. Richter, 1994-1995
Intergovernmental Person. Act for C. Richter, 1993-1994
North Carolina Biotechnology Center Grant (Tedder), 1994-1995
North Carolina Biotechnology Center Grant (Tedder), 1993-1994
Chancellor's Fund For Inter. Neuroscience, 1994-1995
Chancellor's Fund For Inter. Neuroscience, 1993-1994
Governor's Institute on Alcohol Abuse, 1994-1995
Governor's Institute on Alcohol Abuse, 1993-1994
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Basic Science Reorganization Fund
Shared Resources Reserve Fund, 1994-1995
Shred Resources Reserve Fund, 1993-1994

Box 15
Biochemistry, Department of, 2 folders, 1993-1995
Graduate Student Reports
Transfer Journal Vouchers

Fund codes
157-2005-xxxx, 8 folders

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Chronological Files, 1994-1996

Box 16
Snyderman correspondence, 1995
Hammes, Calendar, 1995
Accounting Reports, 1994-1995
Financial Statements, 1994-1995
Grants and Contracts Budget, 1994-1995
AA Budget Spread Sheets, 1995-1996
Accounting Reports, 1995-1996
Budget Information, 1995-1996
Financial Statements, 1995-1996
Staff Time Records, 1995-1996
Departmental Budgets, 1995-1996

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Accounting Files, 1995-1996

Professional Services, Other
Computer Supplies
Office Copying
Office Supplies
Computer Repair
Computer Software
Office Machine repair
Contract Work
Postage (Fed. Exp.)
Meetings, Luncheons
Telephone Expense
Travel and Lining Expenses
Printing and Design
Recharge for Copying
Bulk Mail
381-xxxx, North CarolinaBC Grant
394-xxxx HHMI Library Support
459-xxxx, Shared Resources Reserve Fund
850-xxxx, Biochemistry

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Departmental Files, 1991-1995

Box 17
Social events, 1995
Korea Trip, 1992
Stockholm Colloquium, 1992-1993
Anesthesiology, 1995
Biochemistry, General
Biochemistry, Department of, Macromolecular Crystallography
Cell Biology, 1995
Comprehensive Cancer Center 1995
Genetics, Department of, Center for Human Genetics, 1995
Genetics of Late-Onset Diseases (GOLD) Project (Blue Book)
Immunology, Department of 1995
Medicine, Department of 1995
Microbiology, Department of, Keene, Jack 1995
Molecular Cancer Biology, Department of
Molecular Cancer Biology
Neurobiology, Department Of 1995
OB/GYN, Department of 1995
Ophthalmology, Department of 1995
Pathology, Department of 1995
Pathology, Department of, Toxicology Program, 1995
Pediatrics, Department of 1995
Pharmacology, Department of 1995
Psychiatry, Department of 1995
Psychology, Departmental Review, 1994
Radiation Oncology, Department of 1995
Surgery, Department of 1995
Levine Science Research Center
A Duke Plan, Positioning Duke for the Twenty-First Century
NIH Construction Report
AAALAC Description, Duke University Animal Care Program, 1995

Box 18
Department of Microbiology External Review, 1995
Department of Cell Biology External Review, 1995
Sandoz, 1994
Sandoz, 1995
Academic Council, 1995
APT, Clinical
APT, Basic Sciences
Conflict of Interest Comp. 1995
Duke University Institutional Animal Care and Lease Committee
Executive Committee for the Medical School Curriculum
Financial Implications of Tenure Task Force
Graduate Program Coordinating Committee 1995
MedPAC 1995
Molecular Cancer Biology Chair Search Committee
UPS, 1998
Status of Women Committee (Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Development)
Task Force on Cognitive Neuroscience
Ralph Snyderman correspondence, 1996

Box 19
Budgets, 1996-1997
Assistant vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, Barbara Echols
Administrative assistant, Academic Affairs, Jean Senter
Academic affairs, General, 1991-1994
American Chemical Society, 1995
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) 1995
Animal Care Facilities, R. Rahija 1995
NIH Proposal, Extramural Research Facilities
AAALAC Site Visit, 1995
AAMC, 1993-1994, 1995
Basic Sciences Retreat, 1995
Basic Sciences Retreat, 1994
Salary Equity Study (Salary Comparisons)
Basic Sciences Chairs, General, 1995
Basic Sciences Chair Meetings, 1995
Biochemistry Journal Office, 1995
Board of Trustees, 1995
Ruth K. Broad Foundation, 1995

Box 20
Burroughs Wellcome Fund, 1995
Center For the Study of Aging and Human Development, 1995
Computer Advisory Committee
Conflict of Interest, General, 1995
Distinguished Chair Nominations, 1995
Ethics, 1994
Faculty Profile System, 1993-1995
Foundations, 1995
Governor's Institute on Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Graduate School, General, 1995
Graduate School Support and Development, 1994-1995
Graduate School Awards 1995
Graduate Student Symposium, 1994
Grants and Contracts, General, 1995
Grants and Contracts, Small Grants Comm., 1992-1995
Grants and Contracts, IRB, 1995
Grant Awards, Whitehead Scholars Program, 1994-1995
Herosian, Alan
Howard Hughes Medical Institute 1995
Human Vaccine Initiative (Bolognesi)
Medical Center Library
Medical Education, General, 1995
Minority Faculty Correspondence, 1995
Minority Faculty Development Program
National Academy of Sciences, 1995
Nomenclature Committee, International Union of
Performance Evaluations, 1994-1995
Policies, 1995
Putman, Charles E.
Research Expenditures
Rogers, Mark D.
Stedman, Sarah W. Nutrition Center, Site Visit, 1995
Work Force Issues

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Fund Codes Accounting, 1996-1997

6220, Professional Services
6408, Computer Supplies
6450, Lab/Res. S and M
6452, Bookbinding
6460, Office Supplies
6461, Subscriptions
6470, Publication Expense
6672, Computer Repair
6771, Furnishings
6774, Computers/Accessories
6776, Computer Software
6821, Eng. and Opers.
6886, Telephone Maintenance
6899, Eng. and Opers.
6902, Advertising and Publicity
6908, Legal Fees
6916, Contract Work
6928, Employee Interview Expense
6932, Entertainment

Box 21
6936, Postage/Fed. Ex.
6960, Meetings/Luncheons
6965, Parking
6980/82, Telephone
6986, Travel and Living Expenses
7120, Audiovisual
7140, Printing and Design
7141, Copy Equipment Rental
7142, Copying Recharge
7161, Conference Service
7166, Bulk Mail
7334, Computer Repair
7565, Office Products Recharge
7991, Temporary Services Recharge
349-xxxxxx, Conrad Richter
381-xxxx, HHMI Research Resources
383-2867, Glaxo Welcome Collaborative Research
391-2902, Governor's Institute on Alcohol Abuse
391-2907, Graduate Student Fund
391-3209, Hanes Fund
391-8890, Faculty Assistance Fund
391-8815, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Equipment
394-3211, HHMI Library Support
850-0250, Biochemistry

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Chronological Files, 1994-1995

Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Review, 1995
Taiwan Trip, 1995
Seoul, Korea Trip, 1996
Basic Science Chairs, Research Council Meetings
Faculty Orientation
Medical Center Library, employee grievance
PTO Feasibility Study
National Academy of Sciences, Regional Meeting, Jan. 12, 1996
Searle Scholars Program
Gordon Hammes, Calendar, 1996

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Scientific Misconduct (restricted), ca. 1996-1997

Box 22
Annual Reports of the Committee
Cases, 12 folders

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Long Range Planning Materials, 1994-1997

Box 23
Live for Life Agreement, 1996
Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, 1997
NCBC-MRI Grant, 2 folders, 1997
Research Faculty Plan, 4 folders, 1997
Research Park, 1997
Quantitative Health Sciences Site Visit, 1998
Duke University Medical Center Long Range Plan, 4 folders, 1991-1997
Marriott Report, corporate Live-for-Life analysis, 1994/1995

Long Range Planning departmental reports, 1993
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
Community and Family Medicine
Cell Biology
Cell Growth, Regulation, and Oncogenesis
Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development
Medical Center Library
Office of Science and Technology
Radiation Oncology

Long Range Planning departmental reports, 1994
Cell Biology
Center for Health Policy Research and Education
Medical Center Library
Clinical Curriculum Retreat
Community and Family Medicine
Government Relations
Physical Therapy
Physician Assistant
Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Radiation Oncology
Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Molecular Cancer Biology
Long Range Planning Background, 2 folders, 1995-1996
Long Range Planning Background, 2 folders, 1995-1996

Box 24
Long-Range Planning, final version, 1996

Long Range Planning, 5-Year, departments, 1997
Anesthesiology, Five Year Review
Community and Family Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development
Medical Education
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Center for Human Genetics
Graduate Medical Education, White Paper
School of Nursing
Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
Cell Biology
General Clinical Research Center
Molecular Cancer Biology
Medical Center Information Systems
Office of Science and Technology
Surgery, Residency Programs
Center for AIDS Research
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Division of Laboratory Animal Resources
Radiation Oncology
Stedman Center for Nutritional Studies
General memoranda, 6 folders, 1991-1997
Department Updates, 1998
Final Version, 1998

Box 25
School of Engineering (original plan)
School of Engineering, memoranda and reports, 8 folders, ca. 1995-1996
Medical Center Information System, Resource Plan and Gray book, 4 folders, 1995
Research Council Meetings, 1996
MedPac Off Site, 1995-1996
Duke University Medical Center web site, 3 folders, ca. 1996

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A2004-004: Subject Files, (bulk 1998-2000), 1994-2000

Box 26
Alumni Awards (Medical)
American Medical Association
Anatomical Gifts Program
Animal Care Facilities, Rahja, 3 folders
Biochemistry Journal
Biomedical Research Bioinformatics (databases)
Board of Visitors Bristol-Myers Squibb
Ruth I.C. Broad, BioMedical Research Foundation Board
Burroughs Wellcome Grad. Fellowship Endowment Fund
Cellstore Agreement
Center for Entre. and New Tech Center for Genome Tech. Center of Excellence
Center for Human Disease Models
Center for Clin. Health Policy Research
Center for Human Genetics, 2 files
Center for Medical Ethics and Humanities
Center for Studying Aging and Human Development
Clowes Memorial Award 2000

Box 27
Development and Alumni Affairs
Development Office, School of Medicine
Distinguish Duke Center for integrated Medicine
The Duke Endowment
Duke School of Medicine Mission Statement
Ethics and Humanities, Study for the Center
Faculty Hearing Committee
Faculty Profile System
Forces for Change
Fullerton Foundation
Grants and Contracts (Renee Deguehery)
Grant Awards Notices
Nanaline H. Duke Scholars
Doris Duke Clinical Scientist Award
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Medical Student Scholarship Fund
HHMI, General
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant for 2000-2003

Box 28
Integrative Medical Bus. Plan International House
North Carolina Joint Conference Committee on Med Care Keck Proposal
Legal Issues
Levine Science Research Center, Long Range Plans, 3 folders
Duke University Health System Inpt. Market Share Overview MCIS Procedures
Medical School Rankings
Medical Scientist Training Program City of Medicine
Merck Company Foundation Minority Facility
MMEP MSIP Nanotechnoiogy NIH
NIH Guide: Large Scale Collaborative Project Awards
NIH Proposal: Extramural Research Facility
National Science Foundation North Carolina Medical Board North Carolina Medical Society
North Carolina State University North Carolina Supercomputing Oak Ridge National Laboratory Contract

Box 29
Pain and Palliative Care Program
Partnership Potential
Ph.D. Program in Molecular Medicine
Planning Process (Strategic)
Private Diagnostic Clinic
Research Expenditures
Research Triangle Institute
RTP Collaborative Initiative
Roundtable on Biomedical Engineering
Science and Technology, Office of Robert Taber
Scientific Research
NC Schweitzer (Fellows)
Scientific Advisory Board
Scientific Misconduct
Sickle Cell Housing
Space Allocations

Box 30
State of Med School Address
Stedman Center
Republic of China, Taiwan
Tobacco Coalition
Tobacco Settlement
Transgenic Mouse Facility
Translational Medicine Award Winners
Translational Medicine Award Winners VA Hospital
Vice Dean for Education
Vice Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs
Whitehead Scholars
Women at Duke University Medical Center

Basic Sciences Faculty Steering Committee Clinical Task Force
Committee on Review, Mini Courses
Conflict of Interest, Dermatology
Conflict of Interest Committee
Dean's Committee for the Veteran's Administration
Duke Institute on Care at End of Life Planning Cam.
Duke University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Duke University Health System Strategy, Committee
Engineering Task Force
International Affairs Committee

Box 31
Baxter Foundation
Eli Lily
Glaxo Welcome, Inc.
Huntsman Cancer Instit.
North Carolina Biotechnology Center
North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research
Pfizer Agreement
Research Triangle Institute Sandoz
SER-CAT Sigma XI US Surgical

Duke University Deparments
Box 32
CFAR, Center for AIDS Research Chemistry
Clinical Departments
Community and Family Medical, Lloyd Michener, Chair
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Emergency Task Force
Genetics, Department of (Nevin)
Vance Laboratory

Box 33
Anesthesiology Review, 1996
Anesthesiology Department of J.G. Reves
Biochemistry Department of Christian R.H. Raetz
Biological Anthropology and Anatomy- Richard Kay Biology
Department of Biostatics and Informatics
Brain Imaging and Analysis Search Committee
Brain Imaging and Analysis, Gregory McCarthy Cancer Center
Center for Human Disease Models Cardiology
Cell Biology Chair Search
Cell Biology Department of Michael P. Sheetz

Box 34
History of Medicine
Immunology, Department of, Thomas Tedder
Medicine, Department of, Barton Haynes Microbial Pathogenesis
Microbiology Department
Molecular Cancer Biology, Department of
Neurobiology, Department of
Nursing, School of OB-Gyn
Department of Oncology and Transplantation
Ophthalmology, Department of
Pathology, Department of

Box 35
Tab A
Tab B
Pathology, Salvatore Pizzo
Pediatrics-Michael Frank
Pharmacology, Anthony Means
Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Anthony Means
Psychiatry, Allen Frances
Radiology, Carl Ravin
Surgery, Robert Anderson
Graduate Coordinating Program Committee (GPCC)
Resource Advisory Committee
School of Medicine Executive Committee
Steering Committee
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A2008-077: Additions, November 2008

""Evolution of the Medical Center-University Relationship: From PhD Programs to Human Genetics,"" 2008

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