Davison, Wilburt Cornell, Papers, 1881-1972

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Collection Number: MC.0010
Wilburt Cornell Davison Papers,

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held in the Duke Medical Center Archives in Durham, N.C. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the World Wide Web. See the FAQ section for more information.

Collection Overview

Size: 80.5 linear feet 46 record storage boxes; 2 document cases; 5 oversize boxes
Abstract: Contains the personal and professional papers of Wilburt Cornell Davison (1897-1972), pediatrician, chair of pediatrics, and first dean of Duke University School of Medicine (1927-1960). Types of materials in this collection include correspondence, subject files, memorabilia, scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, programs, budgets, reports, deeds, poems, manuscript materials, creative writings, genealogical materials, article reprints, diplomas, certificates and invitations. Oversized diplomas and certificates have been separated from this collection. Major correspondents include George G. Allen, Atala Davison, Jay M. Arena, F. Vernon Altvater, Bessie Baker, William B. Bell, William Preston Few, Wiley D. Forbus, Frederic Moir Hanes, Elizabeth Hanes, Julian Deryl Hart, Sir William Osler, Talmage Peele, Wilder Penfield, Watson S. Rankin, Josiah Trent, and Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans. Major groups and associations in the collection include Alpha Omega Alpha, American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, Lincoln Hospital, Rockefeller Foundation, and Society for Pediatric Research. Major subjects in this collection include pediatrics, medical education, Duke University School of Medicine, Duke University faculty and students, Duke Hospital and Private Diagnostic Clinic. Materials range in date from 1881 to 1972.
Creator: Davison, Wilburt Cornell, 1892-1972
Language: English
Repository Duke University Medical Center Archives
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Access Restrictions
This collection may contain material with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals or IRB approval may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which Duke University assumes no responsibility. Contains University Administrative records. These include records of the officers of the University, as defined in the Bylaws, the deans of schools and colleges, and departments, institutes, and other offices as designated by the President. For a period of twenty-five years! from the origin of the material, permission in writing from the director of the office of record and the University Archivist is required for use. After twenty-five years, records that have been processed may be consulted with the permission of the University Archivist. (Issued by the Office of the Chancellor, December 1, 1975).
Some materials in Box 16 must be screened for sensitive or confidential materials before they can be accessed.
Copyright Notice
Copyright for Official University records is held by Duke University; all other copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
Preferred Citation
[Identification of item], Wilburt Cornell Davison papers, Duke University Medical Center Archives.
Acquisitions Information
Multiple transfers; 1996 and unknown dates
A2004-002; Transfer; 2004.
A2005-045; Transfer; 2005.
Sensitive Materials Statement
Collections may contain Medical Center Administrative records. These include records of the officers of the University, as defined in the Bylaws, the deans of schools and colleges, and departments, institutes, and other offices as designated by the President. For a period of twenty-five years from the origin of the material, permission in writing from the director of the office of record and the Medical Center Archivist is required for use. After twenty-five years, records that have been processed may be consulted with the permission of the Medical Center Archivist.
Collection may contain Records of the Board of Trustees of the Duke University Medical Center. These include minutes and supporting documentation of the Board, its Executive Committee, and standing and ad hoc committees, and reports, studies, and the like presented solely to the Board. Records which have been existence for at least fifty years are available for scholarly research with the permission of the Medical Center Archivist. Access to records which have been in existence for less than fifty years shall be granted only by special permission, in writing, of the Medical Center Board of Trustees.
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Subject Headings

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Biographical Information

Wilburt Cornell Davison, the son of a Methodist minister, was born on April 28, 1892 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He received the A.B. degree from Princeton University in 1913, attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar from 1913-1916, and was a senior instructor in Magdalen College from 1915-1917. He received a B.A. degree from Oxford University in 1915, the B.S. degree in 1916 and a M.A. in 1919. In 1917, he received the M.D. degree from Johns Hopkins University. From 1914 to 1919, Davison served with the American Red Cross in France and Serbia and as captain in the A.E.F. Medical Corps. Following graduate training in pediatrics at Johns Hopkins, Davison served from 1919-1927 as an instructor, associate professor, acting head of the pediatrics department and assistant dean of the Johns Hopkins Medical School.

In 1926, Duke University president William Preston Few recruited Davison away from Johns Hopkins University. Davison's charge was to plan organize, build, and direct the new Duke University School of Medicine and Medical Center. Davison brought with him a new approach to health care and health education to Duke University; he founded the medical school and medical center with young, unproven faculty and flexible educational policies. Being a generalist, Davison believed in nurturing a small department of versatile pediatricians, sending them into the community to practice, and using them to teach the medical students. President Few had at one time told Davison to 'make your own policies and when you get in trouble, let me know and I shall help you.' The confidence between Few and Davison contributed to the vitality of the medical school-university relationship.

Davison was so effective in both education and clinical management that within five years of its founding, Duke University was considered to be in the top ten percent of medical centers in the United States. As a result of his extensive administrative experience, Davison had concluded that there was a need for more efficient management in hospitals. In 1933, he inaugurated a formal program for the training of efficient hospital administrators. In this he anticipated the community hospital development programs being launched by the Duke Endowment in North Carolina and South Carolina and by the Hill Burton program throughout the United States--both programs required trained administrators with a comprehensive understanding of hospital and health field operations.

One of Davison's lasting marks on the process of health care treatment would be the concept of prepayment for services. Sensitive to the public and hospital problem of financing hospital care, he advocated for methods of prepayment as early as 1928. Unfortunately, due to the stock market crash of 1929, his early efforts were not successful. Had early efforts been successful, the Durham Hospital Association would have been the first prepaid voluntary hospital service plan in the United States. Nevertheless, as a result of his efforts, two of the earliest Blue Cross plans in the nation were established in North Carolina; one in 1932 and one in 1935. This pioneering work of Davison's contributed to the beginnings of the national Blue Cross program.

Davison authored Pediatric Notes (1925), Enzymes (1926), and The Compleat Pediatrician (eight editions from 1934-1961 and a Japanese translation in 1951). He was a member of the editorial board of many journals including New Physician, Quarterly Review of Pediatrics, Pediatrics Board of Health,and Child Family Digest, and also wrote over 250 articles for scientific journals.

Davison received honorary degrees from Wake Forest University (D.Sc., 1932) and the University of North Carolina (Ll.D., 1944). He married Atala Thayer Scudder, also a physician. The Davisons kept homes in Roaring Gap, N.C., and in Florida. Wilburt C. Davison died of leukemia in 1972.

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Scope and Content

Organized into the following series: Biographical and Historical Materials, 1881-1972 ; Academic Memorabilia, 1909-1938 (bulk 1909-1916); Correspondence, 1900-1972; Subject and Correspondence Files, 1927-1972; Commonwealth of Children Symposium, 1961; Travel and Research Files, 1948-1971; Newspaper Clippings, 1927-1972; Programs Files, 1930-1970; The Compleat Pediatrician, Manuscript Materials, 1934-1961; Appendices, 1913-1971; Articles and Writings, 1916-1969; Medicine in North Carolina Subject Files, 1916-1972; Reprints, 1920-1969; Manuscripts on Davison and Duke University History, 1950-1979; Scrapbooks and Memorabilia, 1886-1961; Honors and Testimonials, 1952, 1961; Photographs and Negatives, 1892-1972; A2004-002: Correspondence, 1964-1970; Speeches, 1950-1963; Regalia of Davison Family; A2005-049: Writings and Reprints, 1936-1943.

Oversized diplomas and certificates have been separated from this collection and moved to the oversize flat cabinets.

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Contents list

Series Quick Links

Biographical and Historical Materials, 1881-1972

Contains materials from Davison's father and mother, including deeds, family emblems, genealogical materials, correspondence, and memorabilia.

Box 1
Davison Genealogy, 3 folders
Davison Genealogy, Letters of Condolence
William Leek Davison Miscellaneous Papers, 2 folders, 1881-1890
Legal Papers and Miscellaneous Papers, 2 folders, 1910-1928
Davison biographical materials, 1950-1972

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Academic Memorabilia, (bulk 1909-1916), 1909-1938

Contains materials pertaining to Davison's education at Princeton University, Merton College, Oxford University, and Johns Hopkins Medical School. Major subjects include the study of health and science, student governance, and sporting events. Types of materials include course notebooks, scrapbooks, sporting and academic memorabilia, informal writings, an application, a license to perform laboratory work, clippings, and reunion letters and events memorabilia. Materials range in date from 1909-1938 (bulk 1909-1916).

Princeton University, 1909-1913
Biology course notebook, 1911-1912
Botany course notebook, 2 folders
Course notes, Debate
Osteology course, 1909-1913
Physiology course notes, 4 folders
Course writings, debate
Course writings, sciences
Clubs and social events, 1909-1912
Memory books, 1912-1913
Memory books, 1913
Memory book, Twenty Fifth Year Record of the Class of 1913, 1938
Commencement Programs, grade reports, 1909-1913

Merton College and Oxford University, (bulk 1915-1916), 1910-1938
Box 2
Writings, undated
Lab notebook, study of typhus, 1915
License to perform experiments at the University Laboratory of Physiology, Oxford, 1915
Pathology lab notebook, 1915
Pathology course notes
Memorabilia, social
Memorabilia, sports
Memorabilia, academic, 2 folders, 1913-1916
Rotunda Hospital Internship
Other Oxford memorabilia, 1910-1916
Newspaper clippings, 2 folders, 1912-1916

Johns Hopkins, 1915-1922
Application for admission, 1915-1916
Lab notebook, 1917
Lab notebooks, 2 folders, 1920-1922

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Correspondence, 1900-1972

Contains personal, professional, and general correspondence and subject files. Materials are roughly ordered within many sequences, either by subject or date. Correspondence between 1926 and 1937 concerns Davison moving to North Carolina and establishing residence in Durham.

World War I
World War I correspondence and discharge
World War I memorabilia
World War I Medical services
Miscellaneous letters
Atala Davison, 1928

General correspondence, undated, 1900-1955

General correspondence, 1956-1961
Box 3

General correspondence, 1962-1968
A-Z, 23 folders (no Q folder, X-Z in one folder), 1962
A-Q, 18 folders (Duke Endowment 1964 follows D folder), 1963

Box 4
R-Z, 7 folders (no U or X folders, 2 Duke Endowment folders follow Z folder), 1963
A-Z, 25 folders (no X folder), 1964
A-Z, 26 folders (Duke Endowment follows D folder, no X folder), 1965
A-C, 3 folders, 1966

Box 5
D-Z, 23 folders (Duke Endowment follows D folder, no X folder), 1966
A-Z, 22 folders (no Q, U, X, or Z folders, no Duke Endowment folder), 1967
A-W, 22 folders (no Q folder, no Duke Endowment folder), 1968

General correspondence, ordered chronologically, 1962-1972
Box 6
January 1962-November 1963
[(no correspondence for February 1962)]

Box 7
December 1963-September 1964

Box 8
October 1964-October 1967
[(1 undated folder at end of box)]

Box 9
November 1967-March 1969

Box 10
April 1969-August 1970

Box 11
September 1970-May 1972
[(Folder for Christmas cards 1970-1971 between December 1971 and January 1972 folders, last folder in box is labeled "Correspondence 1972," May 1972 folder is empty)]

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Subject and Correspondence Files, 1927-1972

Contains clinical, personal, and academic correspondence between Davison, colleagues, and professional organizations. Also contains materials pertaining to Duke University School of Medicine funding, curriculum development, and recruiting. Materials are ordered alphabetically by correspondent's last name or name of the organization.

Some materials in Box 16 must be screened for sensitive or confidential materials before they can be accessed.

Box 12
Correspondence, A, 4 folders
Administrative Conference, minutes
Admission requirements, Duke University School of Medicine
Admitting Office, Duke Hospital Charges
Allen, G.G.
Alpha Omega Alpha, honorary medical fraternity, 2 folders
Altvater, F. Vernon
Alyea, Edwin P.
American Board of Pediatrics
American College of Surgeons
American Hospital Association
American Medical Association
American Pediatric Society
American Veterans Association
Amoss, Harold L., 2 folders
Anderson, Albert
Announcements and news releases, 2 folders
Aptitude Tests
Arena, Jay M.
Association of American Medical Colleges
Aydelotte, Frank
Correspondence, B, 3 folders, 1931-1934

Box 13
Correspondence, B, 2 folders
Baker, Bessie
Bachelor of Science degree
Beckman, J. William
Bell, William B.
Besson, Madeleine
Birth Certificates, designs
Bishop, Eugene Lindsay
Blind Committee
Boyer, John W. (The Calco Chemical Co.)
Brace Shop
Correspondence, C, 4 folders
Cancer Clinic
Carter, Francis Bayard
Certificate designs, Duke University academic and employment recognition
Clinical Pathological Conference
Commencement, 1932
Commencement, 1933
Crispell, Raymond S.
Curriculum Committee
Correspondence, D, 2 folders
Daniels, Josephus
Davis, Graham L.
Davis, Michael M.
Davison, W. C. and A. A. Weech
Dean's Report, 3 folders, 1933-1938
Downey, R. A. Raynor
Drug lists and costs, 1933
Duke Hospital rates, 1933
Duke University Medical Hospital Care Plan
Duke University Press
Durham Hospital Plan

Box 14
Correspondence, E
Eadie, George S.
Eagle, Watt W.
Education, miscellaneous
Enhance requirements
Executive Committee Meetings, faculty and councils, includes some minutes and agendas, 1932-1933
Correspondence, F
Faculty meetings, schedules and agendas, 1932-1934
Field Day, Duke Hospital, July 20, 1930
Few, William P.
Floor Plan, Duke Hospital and Medical School
Flowers, Robert. L.
Future events and engagements
Correspondence, G
Garage, E. H. Clement Co., first faculty garage, 1930
Gardner, Clarence E., 1944
General Education Board
General Hospital Board
Graves, Stuart
Correspondence, H, 3 folders
Hammond, Emily
Hanes, Frederic Moir
Hansen, Oscar C. E.
Hart, Julian Deryl, March - October,1929
Hart, Julian Deryl, November - January 1929-1930
Health Committee, North Carolina State Board of Health, 2 folders
Hospital Care Association
Hospital Reports
Correspondence, I
Insurance, Hospital
Interns and Internships at Duke University
Internships and Residencies, 2 folders

Box 15
Internships and Residencies, Pediatrics, 2 folders, 1934
Internships, Outside
Correspondence, J
Johnson, Christopher
Correspondence, K
Correspondence, L, 2 folders
Ladies Auxiliary Meetings (Duke Hospital Auxiliary)
Law and medical faculty lunch list
Lee, A. C.
Library, budgets, collection development and correspondence, 1930-1932
Lincoln Hospital
Loan Fund
Correspondence, M, 4 folders
McBrayer, L. B.
McBryde, Angus M., 2 folders, 1933
MacNider, William de B.

Box 16
Markham, Charles B.
Martin, J. H.
Memorial Tablet honoring North Carolina nurses who served in World War I, 1930
Microscope Committee
Mid-South Post-Graduate Assembly
Correspondence, poor girl seeking employment, 1932
Correspondence, N, 2 folders
National Economic League
News Notes of Duke University School of Medicine, 1933-1934
North Carolina Hospital Association
North Carolina Industrial Commission
North Carolina Medical Society
North Carolina Pediatric Society
Nurses' home
Nurses' room
Correspondence, O
Correspondence, P, 3 folders
Parfentjer, I. A.
RESTRICTED: Patients seeking charity treatment, correspondence, 4 folders
Pediatric instructor search, 1933
Perlzweig, William A.
Pharmacy and Duke University Hospital Formulary, 1933
Phi Beta Kappa
Photography, C. W. Richardson
Poate, Ernest M.
Post-graduate clinics, 1931-1934
Practices, available positions
Preceptorial system of medical instruction, includes correspondence, 1924-1928
Premedical Students' Time
Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Private patient treatment areas (cubicles), 1932

Box 17
Psychology equipment
Public dispensary (financial assistance to patients), 1933-1934
Public relations
Correspondence, Q
Correspondence, R, 2 folders
Railroad information
Rankin, Watson S., 3 folders
Reeves, R. J.
Regional Representatives of the Committee on Admission
Report of Duke University School of Medicine, 1934-1938
Rhodes Scholars District, 1930-1933
Rhodes Scholars North Carolina, 2 folders, 1930-1933
Rhodes scholarships, 1930-1933
Royster, H. A.
Royster, Lawrence T.
Rules and regulations, staff and employees, 1930-1934
Correspondence, S, 3 folders
Salvation Army
Sawyer, O. G.
School of Dietetics, includes correspondence with Bessie Baker, 1930-1932
School of Dietetics, graduates, 1932-1933
School of Nursing
Shands, A. R.
Sigma Xi
Smith, D. T.
Society for Pediatric Research
Southern Medical Association
Southern Pediatric Seminar
State Board of Medical Examiners, 1928-1934

Box 18
Stephenson, C. H.
Student and Doctor Rooms
Student Intern
Summer Camp internship placements, 1931-1932
Summer Quarter, 1932
Summer Quarter, 1933
Summer School
Superintendent of Duke Hospital, correspondence, 1928-1929
Swett, F. H.
Correspondence, T
Taylor, Haywood M.
Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association
Telegrams correspondence, 1932-1934
Telephone service, including directories, 1930-1931
Trinity Methodist Church
Correspondence, U
Correspondence, V
Veterinary Medical Association, North Carolina
Correspondence, W, 3 folders
Wannamaker, W. H.
Weed, Lewis H.
Welfare Department, Wake County
White House Conference on Child Health, Committee on Medical Care for Children, 1930-1932
Winston, M. E.
Wylie, Sir Francis
Correspondence, Y
Zapffe, Fred C.

Box 19
Alexander, Eben, 1963-1964
Allen, G. G., 1937-1938
Alpha Omega Alpha, 5 folders, 1956-1963
Altvater, F. Vernon, 1937-1939
Alumni, Medical School, 1964-1965
Alumni Photographs, 1961
Alvarez, Walter C., Modern Medicine portrait, 1960
American Academy of General Practice, 1957-1960
American Academy of General Practice, 1961-1963
American Academy of Neurological Surgery, 1961-1965
American Academy of Pediatrics, prospectus
American Cancer Society, 3 folders, 1959-1964
American Heart Association, 1961-1963
American Medical Association, 5 folders, 1960-1965
American Medical Education Foundation
American Medical Education Foundation Annual Report, 1952
American Surgical Association, 1960-1963
Angier B. Duke Memorial, Inc., 1961
Anlyan, William G., 3 folders, 1964-1969

Box 20
Anniversary Dinner, 1967
Anniversary, 25th, 1954-1955
Anniversary, 30th, 1957
Arena, Jay M., correspondence, 11 folders, 1961-1972
Armed Forces Medical Library, 3 folders, 1950-1956
Association of American Medical Colleges, correspondence, 7 folders, 1955-1963
Association of American Medical Colleges, 1964
Austin, Maynard A.
Bat Cave (Valley Clinic and Hospital), 1961
BCG vaccination, 3 folders, 1955-1967

Box 21
Beard, Joseph W., 1937-1939
Bell, William B., 1937-1939
Bindewald, R. A., 1964-1965
Binghamton General Hospital, 1962
Blue Cross, 1966-1967
Brower, A. S., 1953-1960
Bryson, E. C., 1953-1960
Budget materials, 3 folders, 1953-1960
Building file, includes additions and proposals, 5 folders, 1952-1961
Building file, proposed additions to School of Medicine, 1945
Building file, proposed new Clinic building, 1943
Carroll, R. S., 1938-1939
Centennial celebration, 1938-1939
Changing Image of Duke University Medical Center, 2 of 3 folders
[(third folder in following box)]

Box 22
"Changing Image of Duke University Medical Center," 3rd of 3 folders
[(first two folders in preceding box)]
Charlotte Memorial Hospital, 1961
Cleland, James T., 1956-1960
Club Memberships
Cocke, Norman A., 1937-1939
Collegiate Council for the United Nations
Columbia Hospital, 1961
Committee on Health Affairs, 1949-1954
Committees, appointed, 1953-1954
Committees, dismissed, 1953-1954
Community Hospital Internships, 3 folders, 1960-1964
Davison, Jeana (Levinthal)
Davison, Sandy
Davison, Tom
Davison family wills and related correspondence
De Neveu, Edward H., 1953-1965
Dean's Corner/public relations, 1958-1960
Department of Defense, 1962-1967
Directors, 1961-1962
Doris Duke Foundation, 7 folders, 1956-1963

Box 23
Doris Duke Foundation, 5 folders, 1964-1969
Correspondence, Doris Duke, 1943-1948
Duke Endowment
Duke University, 3 folders, 1961-1969
Externship Program, 4 folders, 1963-1967
Proposal from Duke University, 1971
Proposal from Furman University, 1971
Duke Hospital floor plans
Duke Medical Center foundation, 1958
Duke Pediatric Society, 3 folders, 1956-1958
Duke University Archives
Duke, Charles A., 2 folders, 1954-1960
Duke University Medical Center, miscellaneous
Duke University Medical Center, summary of the Ten Year Reports of the Heads of the Departments and Divisions, 1958

Box 24
Edens, A. Hollis, 1954-1960
Educational Council for Foreign Medical Graduates
Eile, Martin D.
England, Medical Schools, 1935-1939
England, students, 1948-1953
England, students, 1954
England, students, 1955-1959
Executive Committee of the Medical Center, 1951-1952
F. Bayard Carter Endowment Fund
Farrar, Larston, 1937-1939
Few, William P., 1937-1939
Forbus, Wiley D., 1963-1964
Ford Foundation, 1956-1957
Foreign fellows, 2 folders, 1953-1956
Fort Bragg, 1958-1959
Furgurson, Ernest W., 1960-1962
General practice, 3 folders, 1959-1966
General practice forum, 1964
Graham, A. H., Jr., 1963-1966
Greenville General Hospital, 1961
Gross, Paul, 1937-1938
Gross, Paul, 1953-1961
Hanes, Elizabeth, 1946-1953
Hanes, Frederic Moir, 1938-1947
Hanes Gate
Hanes Memorial

Box 25
Hanes Scholarships, 5 folders, 1947-1960
Handler, Philip
Hart, Deryl, 1952-1961
Health Careers
Highlands Community Hospital, 1961-1965
History of Duke Medical School, 1959
Hospital Care Association, 3 folders, 1938-1955
Hospitals, 1961-1962
Howland, John, 1953-1954
Hsu, Nora, 1955-1963
Humanism in Medicine Symposium, 21-22 April, 1970
Independent Aid, Inc., 1949-1951
Inman, Walker P., 1953-1958
James Walker Memorial Hospital, 1961-1966
Jones, Tom, 1962
Kellogg Foundation, 1943-1953
Lee, Ting-Chien, 1954-1957
Lincoln Hospital, 1962-1967
MacNider, William de B., 1935-1939
Markle Foundation, 3 folders, 1938-1960

Box 26
Medical Society of North Carolina, 1937
Medical Symposium, Duke University School of Medicine
Mental Health, 1964-1965
Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, 1959-1961
Movie File, 1960
National Intern Matching Program, 3 folders, 1956-1968
National Society for Medical Research, 1958
Nevrath, Hans, 1950
Norfleet, Grizzelle M., 1965-1967
North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners, 1957-1960
North Carolina Medical Society, 1954-1960
Nursery Booklet for Pediatric Housestaff
Operating room committee, 1960
Orphans, 1962-1965
Out-patient department, 1960-1962
Oxford file, 1935-1947
Oxford file, 1961-1967
Peele, Talmage L., 1952-1964
Penfield, Wilder, 1962-1966
Perlzweig, Olga, 1954-1955
Personnel policies and procedures, 1959-1966
Pickens, Marshall, 1957-1961
Planning Committee, 1959
Porter, Ross, 1956-1966
President's Report, 1958-1959
Preventive Medicine, 1951-1953
Preventive Pediatrics, 1938-1940
Preventive Pediatrics, articles, 1938-1939
Princeton University, 1935-1939
Princeton University, 1956-1966
Proposal to the premedical advisors of Duke, UNC, Wake Forest and Davidson College, 1951
Psychiatry, 1938-1939

Box 27
Publications, School of Medicine staff
Rankin, Watson S., 1938-1939
Rankin, Watson S., 1956-1961
Rankin, Watson S., 1962-1966
Reidsville (Annie Penn Memorial Hospital), 1961
Report of the School of Medicine, 1941-1942
Reports to the President
Reprints and correspondence, 1950-1951
Research Triangle Committee
Restaurant lists, 1958-1960
Retirement and publicity, 1960
Rex Hospital, 1961
Rhode Island Hospital, 1961
Rhodes Centenary Celebrations and Jubilee Reunion, 1953
Rhodes Scholars, correspondence, 1957-1963
Roaring Gap cottage, 1947-1957
Roaring Gap cottage, 1958-1960
Rockefeller Foundation, 1940-1943
Rogers, Carl
Salem, M. H., 1956-1961
Santos, Edgard Rego (Bahia, Brazil), 1957-1959
Scholarships, 1965
"Deletions From Beneral Practice Versus Speculation"
School of Nursing, 1936-1939
School of Nursing, 1940-1949
School of Nursing, 2 folders, 1950-1952
Scudder, Townsend, 1963-1965
Sea Level Community Hospital, 1961-1962
Semans, Mary Trent, 1959-1960
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, 1959
Sidbury, J. Buren, 1964-1966
Smith, Courtney, 1953-1955

Box 28
Social Service, 1959
Sociometric Study of Duke Medical School Faculty, 1957
Spanel, A. N., 1953-1963
Staff recommendations, 1953-1955
Student American Medical Association, 1962
Student migration, 1948-1950
Summer internships, 4 folders, 1961-1967
Swett Memorial Fund, 1955-1956
Telephone lists
Television, 1962
Telfer, Laetitia Mary Bruce
Translations, 1948-1962
Trent, Josiah C. and Mary Duke Biddle Trent [Semans]
Tributes, Dedications, Expressions of Appreciation
Trumbauer, Horace, 1937-1938
Two-Year Medical Schools, 7 folders, 1962-1967
United Health, 1962-1963
Veterans Administration, 1958-1959
Wake Forest, Manson Meads, 1961-1966
Watts Hospital, 1961
Weaver, Harry M., 1957

Box 29
Weed, Lewis H., 1938-1939
Westerns and other paperbacks, 1968-1969
Whitby, Sir Lionel, 1953-1954
Wine list
Winston-Salem-City Memorial Hospital, 1961
Women, 1960-1965
Women's Auxiliary of Duke Hospital, 1954-1955
Woodhall, Barnes, 1962-1966
World Medical Association, first world conference
World Medical Association meeting, 1954

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Commonwealth of Children Symposium, 1961

Contains materials from the Commonwealth of Children Symposium, a symposium which featured experts in pediatrics and medicine. Types of materials include correspondence, invitations, programs, financial materials, correspondence, speeches, transcripts, and bound volumes of personal notes honoring Davison.

Committee minutes
Degree of Doctor of Laws
Financial report
Letter from the president
List of Davison publications, 1916-1961
Service of worship/sermons
Speeches and testimonials
Transcripts, 4 notebooks

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Travel and Research Files, 1948-1971

Contains materials from Wilburt and Atala Davison's trips outside of the United States, mostly to Europe, Asia and the West Indies. Types of materials include correspondence, travel arrangements, clippings, memorabilia, and research files.

Cairo, Egypt, 5 folders, 1954-1964
Caribbean, 1961-1971
Europe, 1950-1962
Havana, Cuba, 1953-1960
Japan, Correspondence and other papers, 9 folders, 1955-1959

Box 30
Japan, Correspondence and other papers, 1955-1959
Japan, photographs and newspaper clippings, 1954-1967
Taiwan, 1954 (1 of 3)
Taiwan, 1954 (2 of 3)
Taiwan, 1954 (3 of 3)
Taiwan, 1955
Taiwan, 1957-1958
Taiwan, 1959
Taiwan, 1960
Taiwan, 1961-1967
Passports and certificates

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Newspaper Clippings, 1927-1972

Contains clippings pertaining to Davison's professional career and selected events at Duke University School of Medicine. Includes Davison's obituary.

No date
2 folders, 1930-1939
2 folders, 1940-1949
2 folders, 1950-1959
Commonwealth of Children Symposium, 2 folders, 1961
Davison obituaries, 1972

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Programs Files, 1930-1970

Contains programs and other materials from conferences and seminars where Davison was a speaker or presenter.

Box 31
Programs, 4 folders

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The Compleat Pediatrician, Manuscript Materials, 1934-1961

Contains typescripts, drafts, galleys, working copies, correspondence and notes pertaining to The Compleat Pediatrician.

Typescript, Chapters 1-4
[(one folder for each chapter, except chapters 1 and 4, which have two folders each)]
Typescript, Chapters 6-12
[(one folder for each chapter, except chapter 6, which has two folders, and chapter 9, which has three folders)]
Edition preface, plates
Correspondence, folder 1 of 2, 1952-1963

Box 32
Correspondence, folder 2 of 2, 1952-1963
Fourth edition galley proofs, 3 folders, 1943
First through seventh editions, working notes
Working copies and separated materials, 1934-1961
Published copy, 8th revised edition, 1961
First through sixth editions, working copies, bound together, 1934-1949

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Appendices, 1913-1971

Contains appendices used for reference in Davison's personal writings and reminiscences. Contains short writings, memorabilia, correspondence, letters of appointment, wills, certificates, photographs, and clippings. Folders are numbered from 1 to 652 and ordered chronologically.

Box 33
1. Davison genealogy
2. Cornell Family History and genealogy
5. Franconia Concert, 1913
6. Foreign Student Admission, 1913
7. Eights Week Picture, 1954
8. Merton Eight, 1914
9. Oxford Water Polo Team, 1914
10. Hamburg Regatta Invitation
11. Vevey permit, 1914
12. Serbian appointment, 1915
13. Sir Thomas Lipton letter, 1916
14. Vivisection license, 1915
15. Vivisection license, 1915
16. Vivisection license, 1915
17. Oxford War hospital permit, 1914
18. Physiology tutorial appointment, 1916
19. Sir John Moore letter, 1916
20. Sir Walter Raleigh poem, 1915
21. W. H. Beal letter, 1915
22. "Ad Vitan Regurgo," by Maude E. Abbott, 1929
23. Penfield Sussex letters, 1916
24. John Hopkins admission, 1916
25. American Expeditionary Forces, Army orders, 1917
26. American Expeditionary Forces, identity, 1917
27. Rhodes Scholar reunion invitation, 1929
28. North Carolina Rhodes Scholar, 1935
29. Children's Bureau and Army medical library, appointments, 1943
31. Red Cross Appointment to Survey Committee, 1944
32. 4th Service Command Appointment and 6th Naval District Appointment, 1943
34. Epidemic Disease Board Appointment, 1943
35. Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs
36. Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs
37. Surgeon General consultant appointment
38. Surgeon General consultant appointment
40. Private Diagnostic Clinic Participants, 1945
41. U. S. Group Control Council Appointment, 1945
42. U. S. Group Control Council Appointment, 1945
43. German Itinerary, 1945
44. Army Orders, Germany, 1945
45. Red Cross Appointment to Advisory Committee, 1944
46. Procurement and Assignment Appointment, 1945
47. State Department Appointment, 1945
48. George R. Minot letters, 1945
49. Ernie Pyle letters, 1936
50. Harvard letter, 1913
51. Duke Calendar, 1924-1950
53. 65th General Hospital, letters
54. Navy V-12 Program- letters of Commendation
55. Weight Curve
56. World War I activities, 1917-1919
57. World War II activities, 1942-1945
58. Compleat Pediatrician figures, 1949
59. Duke Endowment figures, 1963
60. Pediatric Notes figures, 1927
61. Original Duke Medical Faculty
67. First Names, 1969
68. Foreign and Caribbean trips
70. St. Nazaire brothels
71. Sons of B. poem
72. St. Nazaire poems
73. Pershing's farewell, 1919
74. "Sunburned Idiots" poem
75. Watson S. Rankin's report, 1923
76. Rockefeller appropriations, 1930-1964
77. Blue Cross history
78. Testimonials, letters of appreciation, etc.
80. U. S. Army Organized Reserve Card
83. Q and Cosmic clearances, 1949
84. Poems of John Cotton
85. Central America orders, 1943
86. Press statement of President William Few, 1922
90. Letter, Charles S. Sherrington, 1916
93. Yorktown troops
94. Tribute to Rev. William Leek Davison, 1936
95. Directors of the Doris Duke Foundation
96. Tribute to Carl Rogers, by Mona Morgan, 1956
97. Officer's Reserve Corps appointment, 1948
98. Will of Atala Davison's grandfather, 1894
100. Telegram from President William P. Few to Davison, 1927
101. Medical colleges in North Carolina
102. Central American trip, 1943
103. Report of Japan, 1949
104. Report on Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, 1951
105. Report on Taiwan, 1954
106. Friends
107. Children's Schools
108. Correspondence, John R. Bungarner, "Cabana Tuan" , 1945
109. General practice in Canada, 1958
110. Poem by David Daniel for Mona Morgan, 1957
112. University of North Carolina controversy
113. Letter of resignation, 1947
114. Army Discharge, 1952
115. Original staff and Old Guard
116. Postwar activities
117. Compleat Pediatrician
118. Atomic Energy, 1956
119. National Defense Executive Reserve, 1956
120. Correspondence, J. L. Brent and Harold Brown, Taiwan letters
122. Thirtieth Anniversary of the Duke University Medical Center, 1957
123. Text of talk given by Wiley D. Forbus, 1957
124. Text of speech by Watson S. Rankin, 1957
125. Correspondence, L. E. Burney, 1957
127. Poem by Pachman for Mildred Sherwood, 1958
128. Princeton Record, 1910-1913
129. Endorsement by Woodrow Wilson, 1913
130. Correspondence, Henry Van Dyke, 1912
131. Distribution of Duke graduates, 1958
133. Twenty-fifth anniversary of Duke Hospital, 1955
134. Cairo itinerary, 1959
135. Sweating sickness, 1960
136. Commonwealth of Children Symposium
140. Hippocratic Oath
141. Osler's comments on full-time faculties, 1911
142. Foreign house staff and fellows, 1954-1955
143. Religio Medici Moderni
144. Curriculum vitae and daily routine
145. N. C. Conference for social service, 1961
147. Notification of Election as a Trustee of the
149. Highlights of the Duke University Medical Center (DUMC), 1930-1962
150. Report on salt poisoning at Binghampton
151. Department of Defense, civilian health
152. Department of Defense, civilian health
153. Bucaramanga Report, 1962
156. Commonwealth of Children Symposium
157. Suggested Chapter on Reflections on Medical
158. Osler writings, letter to The Lancet on inflections
159. Original Duke Out-Patient Clinic Announcement
160. Hollis Edens
161. Dean's Corner, 1958-1960
163. Department of Defense Planning Group Report on
164. Breaches of the honor system
165. Amoss, Few, MacNider, Poate
170. "Communicable Diseases", 1941
172. John Howland, reprints
173. Interns, residents, and seniors who have been Roaring Gap physicians
174. Towns visited, 1961-1962
176. Cosmos Club membership, 1942
177. Jay M. Arena correspondence
182. Princeton Cup Citation, 1913
183. Bailey K. Ashford obituary, 1963
184. William J. A. DeMaria letter, 1958
185. Lige Menefee letter, 1961
186. Original preceptorship report, 1963
187. Italian Schedule, 1963
189. Distinguished Service medal, 1963
190. Frank N. Rounds, interview with Davison
191. Douglas M. Knight

Box 34
192. General practice vs. specialization, 1963
193. Correspondence, Warren Wells regarding University of North Carolina
194. Asa T. Spaulding
195. Original unexpurgated talk, 1961
197. Alpha Omega Alpha (W. W. Root)
201. Don Elias correspondence regarding Chapel Hill, 1946
204. Flyleaf from the bible of Davison's great-grandfather
206. Trips, 1964
207. Accused of lying
208. Text of speech by Yank Coble, 1961
211. Clinical notes on Davison, made by Osler, 1915
212. Clinical notes on Davison, made by Dreyer, 1918
218. Movie and restaurant lists, 1945-1962
220. Editorial on Davison's Retirement, 1960
221. List of collaborators for the 8th edition of Compleat Pediatrician
222. Caribbean Trips, 1943-1948
223. Batchelder, Sherwood, Porter, and Davison Retirement, 1960
224. Correspondence, F. Vernon Altvater on hospital care, 1964
225. Reprint, Eugene A. Stead article on medical care, 1963
226. General Practice Symposium by E. W. Furguson, 1964
227. Reprint, women in medicine article, 1968
229. North Carolina Medical Schools, medical history, 2 folders
236. N. C. Society for Antiquities certificate
237. Walter Reed Society certificate, 1952
241. San Juan Hill Figures
244. Serbian Typhus epidemic, 1944
246. Atala's reply to presentation of Social Service Award to Davison, 1961
247. Governor Sanford's appointment of Davison to Medical Advisory Council, State Board of Mental Health, 1963
251. Appointment to Duke, 1927
252. Death of Mona Morgan, 1964
253. Greenville, South Carolina talk on two-year schools, 1964
255. Army discharge, 1919
256. Flyleaf inscriptions, Osler, Welch and others
257. South Carolina hearing on Two-year medical school, 1964
258. Duke Hospital certificate for 30 Years of Service, 1964
260. Autographs on flyleaf of Oxford Dictionary, 1944
261. Bookplate correspondence, 1965
262. Deryl Hart's LL.D. citation, 1961
263. Wilder Penfield's tribute, 1962
264. Trinity College Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy
265. Writings, Joseph T. Wearn, "The Training of the Physician", 1964
266. Writings, Edwards A. Park, "History of the Harriet Lane Home", 1964
267. Sermon, James T. Cleland on the classroom and chapel, 1958
268. Sikkim coronation invitation, 1965
270. Pan American Medical Association diploma, 1964
271. Student American Medical Association dinner, 1962
275. Quotations from the Flexner report, 1910
276. Letter, Simon Green to the A and Y Railway (regarding his bull), 1913
277. October 1965 schedule
278. Jay M. Arena's letter to Irving J. Wolman, 1965
279. Department of Defense hospital planning, 1965
280. "Research Opportunities for Duke Medical Students", 1964
281. Prohibition
282. History of pediatrics in North Carolina, 1966
285. Unexpurgated history of Duke University Medical Center (DUMC), 1927-1968
286. Dogs
288. Distribution of Duke University Medical Alumni, 1959-1960
289. Rhodes Scholars, 1903-1957
290. Impressions of Russia (summer visit), 1935
291. Hunting
292. Negroes
293. Birth control and sterilization
294. Durham hospitals
295. Duke Endowment benefits
296. History of the southern pediatric seminars
299. Books donated to Duke University Medical Center Library, 1964
300. Retirement announcement for Duke Medical Alumni Newsletter, 1960
301. First Duke hospital patient
302. Cultural properties, college and university seals and other sculptural decorations on Duke Medical Center Walls
303. Miscellaneous certificates and caricatures
306. Rowena S. Hall's letter on College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1966
307. Department of Defense letters from secretary, 1966
308. Spanish-American War
309. Georges Renault estate
310. Salaries and expenses, 1927-1965
311. Cuban Revolution
313. General practice versus specialization
314. North Carolina Cerebral Palsy Hospital, Bulletin with Baker and Norfleet letters, 1950
315. Community hospitals, rotating internships, general practice
316. Two-year medical schools
323. Eugene A. Stead's article about Davison, 1960
324. Duke Medical cruise, 1955
325. Dedication of the Deryl Hart Pavilion, 1966
326. Reminiscences of Davison at Oxford, 1966
327. List of ten offices, 1927-1962
328. College and University Seals and Other Scriptural decorations on Duke Medical Center Walls
329. Original cost of the Medical Center
330. Sources of building funds
331. Importance of Medical Meetings (Osler)
332. Perlzweig file
333. The Out-Island Doctor and Coy C. Carpenter
334. Duke University Medical Center alumni in academic medicine
335. Deaths among the Duke University Medical Center faculty and staff, 1936-1966
336. Davison's medical school curriculum, 1913-1917
337. Duke Endowment
338. Medical Center report, 1958-1959
339. Additional buildings, 1932-1966
340. Duke University Medical Center alumni
341. "Arthritis Treatment", 1967
342. "The Chief," by Thayer (article about Osler)
345. Mrs. William Preston Few, correspondence
346. "Town and Gown Image" (article by C. W. Styron) 1967
347. Comments on poor teaching facilities at Duke
350. Medical Doctor's and Doctor's of Philosophy
351. G. S. T. Cavanagh's Comment on Walter Harris
353. Edenborough Medical College
354. Trinity College, Cambridge
355. Sir Charles Sherrington
357. Trinity and Duke, 1892-1924 (Earl Porter)
358. Warner L. Wells' history of North Carolina
359. 50th wedding anniversary, 1967
360. Sir Kenneth Wheare's barbecue letter, 1967
361. Davison Scholars
366. The Ackland Museum of Art
368. Speech, Watts Hospital History, 1895
369. Ph.D. and M.D. degrees, 1936-1937
372. Charles Sherrington and Lord Lister
373. James F. Gifford writings on the history of Duke University
376. "Private Diagnostic Clinics," by Davison
380. History of the Medical Schools in North Carolina
381. Dr. Thomas Parran and the USPHS grant for the nurses' home
383. "Selection of Medical Students by Computers," Robert L. Thompson, 1968
385. Cecil Rhodes and James B. Duke, 1934
386. "A National Study of Directors of Medical Education," Keith D. Blayney, 1967
389. Dinner, October 5, 1961
390. Duke Endowment market value, 1967
393. Josiah C. Nott, writings
395. "Osler at Oxford," by Sir Charles S. Sherrington
396. "Aseptic Surgery," by Josiah C. Trent
397. Distribution of physicians in North Carolina, 1966
398. W. W. Francis, tributes
399. Various Osler articles written by Davison
402. Osler's Textbook Revisited, 1967
405. Duke alumni in World War II
406. Jews
407. "Voting," by Nevil Shute
408. Wellington Quotation
409. Horoscope
410. Puerto Rico

Box 35
412. Blood Transfusions and Hepatitis
413. Letter regarding use of manuscripts and correspondence
414. Patients. Duke University Medical Center, 1931-1967
415. Yellow Fever
416. History of World Pediatrics, Hammurabi to Gesell, Symposium, 1961
417. History of Pediatrics in North Carolina, 1966
418. John P. McGovern tribute, 1967
419. Sleep and Seconal
420. New medical schools
421. Sikkim
422. Suydam family history
423. J. Lamar Callaway's Alpha Omega Alpha Talk, 1966
424. Jay M. Arena's tribute
425. Dipsomania (J. T. Nicholson)
426. Contributors to Duke University Medical Center history
428. Women in medicine
429. Haiti
433. William H. Welch letter to Davison, 1927
435. Contents of dean's traveling bag
436. Community hospital internships, 2 folders
438. Conforming hospital beds
441. L. H. Fountain Research Committee correspondence
442. Compleat Medical Care
443. South American trip, 1961
446. William A. Perlzweig
448. Inheritance of Longevity
449. Tribute to Clarence E. Gardner, 1968
450. Election as Duke Endowment Trustee, 1961
451. Duke University Medical Center alumni Reunion, 1967
452. Alan Gregg lecture, Society Challenges
453. Intelligence and ability
454. Prohibition
457. "Nolle Bastardo Carborundum," by Charles Wilson
458. Negroes at Duke Hospital, 1967
459. Diplomas and other Documents Donated to Duke University Medical Library, 1967
460. Caps, Gowns, Hoods, Donated to Duke University
463. Davison's arrival in America
464. Regimen Vitae and Miscellaneous Notes on Diet
465. Airplanes
466. Football
467. William H. Welch, "Walter Reed and Yellow Fever"
468. Italy and Sicily
469. Europe, 1932
470. International Pediatric Congresses
471. Letter, Duke University Press
473. Mexico, 1939
476. Durham Hospitals
477. Hanes Gate and the Iris Gardens
479. Roaring Gap, N. C.
480. St. Cuthbert and the Dun Cow
481. Europe, 1933
482. Cyclotron
483. Robert W. Monroe's letter, 1955
484. Frederic and Elizabeth Hanes
485. Honolulu
486. Japan, Shanghai and Manila, 1949
487. Centenary of Osler's birth
488. Omaha, 1949
489. Guatemala and Mexico, 1949-1950
490. Europe, 1950
491. Twentieth anniversary of the Duke University Medical Center
492. Korean War, 1950
493. Hiroshima and Europe, 1951
494. Resignation as Pediatric Chairman, 1954
495. Taiwan, Ceylon, Cairo, 1954
496. Cairo, 1956
497. Thirtieth Year at Duke, 1957
498. Europe (NATO) and Paris, 1957
499. Educational Council for Foreign Medical Services
500. Executive Reserve, Operation Alert
501. Survival School at Stead Air Force base
502. Dr. Jeana Levinthal's Thymus and Leukemia
503. Innerspring Mattresses
505. Sea Level Hospital
506. 50th Wedding anniversary letters, 1967
507. St. Croix and Virgin Islands
510. Origins of the Duke Medical Library, transcript
511. Davison issue of "Duke Medical Alumni Newsletter", 1968
512. Review, "A Louisiana Doctor Serves the British"
513. Wine in Medical Practice
514. Robert A. (Daddy) Ross Tribute, 1965
515. Durham Chamber of Commerce and Merchants
516. "Duke's Mixture: Davison's Saga," by Jay M. Arena
517. Duke Hospital budget, 1942-1943
520. North Carolina Art Certificate
524. Comite International de la Neutralite de la Medicine, 1968
525. North Carolina Pediatric Society Membership
526. North Carolina Medical License, 1928
527. Osler and Children
528. Ages of the Davisons at Death
529. Wilder Penfield's letter to Ragnar Granit regarding Charles S. Sherrington, 1968
530. Bengt and Son, Donald Hamilton
531. Elizabeth Peck Hanes
532. Davison's Medical Course and Internship
533. Billy Carmichael's Wreck letter, 1956
534. Administration of Duke School of Medicine
536. Memories of Sir William Osler, 3 of 6 folders, 1969

Box 36
536. Memories of Sir William Osler, 3 of 6 folders, 1969
537. "Osler as a Leader," Walter C. Alvarez
538. Typhoid Vaccine
539. Article on Davison in Allegheny News, 1968
540. Letter, Percy M. Dawson regarding Dr. Saike
541. Pediatrics and Child Welfare
542. Deryl Hart's Private Diagnostic Clinic
543. William B. Bean, articles on Osler
544. Reprints on Sir William Osler by Davison
545. Charles G. Roland's article on Osler
546. "Learning Medicine"
547. Ancestors
548. Growing up in Michigan, 1892-1895
549. Growing up, 1895-1898
550. Growing up in Brooklyn and Long Island, 1897-1898
551. Childhood, 1898-1905
552. Youth in Jamaica, 1905-10
553. Princeton, 1909-1913
554. Oxford University, 1913-1914
555. World War I, 1914-1915
556. Oxford, 1915-1916
557. Poem about Duke Hospital
563. Tribute to Marshall I. Pickens, 1968
564. Davison Club
565. Cornerstones at Duke
566. William Stewart Halsted
567. Mastership card in The American College
568. Wiley D. Forbus' letter regarding faculty memorials
570. Articles about Duke nurses, 1969
571. Pediatric house staff, 1930-1954
572. Graduation of first class, 1932
573. First Division dinner, 1969-1970
577. Osler ivy planting, 1969
578. Roaring Gap cottages, 1951
579. Letters of Army medical students, 1969
580. Duke alumni meeting, 1969
582. Poem by J. Cameron Hawkin, "Old 1913 Crocks"
583. Certificate of Election. American Academy of Pediatrics, 1935
584. Book of Health
585. Duke Art Museum
586. Anlyan on Medical Education
587a. Base Hospital #65
587b. Base Hospital #65 and Beresford correspondence
588. Countries and cities of medical interest
591. Hanes Memorial
592. North Carolina Medical Journal, October, 1961
594. Davison's last dean's report
596. Anecdotes
599. Clarence Poe comment on Davison's handwriting
600. Pat Cushing's Death, 1969
604. Davison Library (John P. McGovern)
607. Davison Circle Ceremony, 1969
613. Correspondence, Terry Sanford, 1969
615. Humanism in Medicine Symposium, 2 folders
616. Durham Veteran's Administration Hospital, Bonne and Bradley
618. Letter to grandmother, 1900
619. C. F. Krige
622. Wills File
624. Dr. Hinohara's letter, June 30, 1971
626. Fortieth anniversary at Duke University
627. "Aging," by Frank Berry
628. Marion Burr Atkins
629. Westerns and other Paperbacks, July 1971
631. Dorothy and Joseph Beard
632. A. Duncan Gardner
633. Davison Society
634. Family Practice (Stead and Estes), 1971
635. Laetitia Telfer
636. Proposed Family Practice Residency
637. Enzyme Research
638. Table Wines
639. Chauncey D. Leake
640. Checker Auto
641. Claudication
642. Howard A. Rusk
643. Jeana Levinthal's San Rafael House
644. Vascular Exercises
645. Wilburt C. Davison professorships
646. Permission to use papers, 1971
649. 80th Birthday
652. Pediatric Murals

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Articles and Writings, 1916-1969

Contains published articles, manuscript materials, and other short writings. Also contains chapters and writings from The Compleat Pediatrician. Materials range in date from 1916-1969.

Box 37
0. Wilburt Cornell Davison, Publications, 1916-1961
1. "The Future of American Medicine", 1952
2. "The Training of a Hospital Administrator", 1948
3. "The Future of Medical Education", 1946
4. "Medical Education in Europe", 1946
5. "Duodenal and Gastric Tables and Determination, " undated
6. "Changes in Medical Education and Patient Care", 1952
7. "Pediatric Care Under the North Carolina Plan", 1949
8. "Virus Encephalitis", 1946
9. "Kidney Disease in Children", 1946
11. "Virus and other Encephalitis", 1946
13. "Conditions in Childhood Characterized by Acute Abdominal Symptoms", 1946
14. "The Pediatric Shift", 1949
15. "Childhood Cancer," 3 folders, 1951, 1953, 1956
16. "Rural General Practice in Groups", 1947
17. "Osler's Influence", 1949
18. "Better Health, Today and Tomorrow, Through Medicine", 1947
19. "Shigellosis", 1947
20. "Reminiscences of Sir William Osler", 1949
21. "Let's Give the Medical Schools Back to the Students", 1950
22. "Learning Pediatrics", 1947
23. "The Story of Yellow Fever," undated
24. "Medical Student Migration", 1945

Box 38
29C. The Evolution of Infant Feeding, 1951 (Correspondence Relating to Manuscript)
29D. The Evolution of Infant Feeding and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Soured Milk,
30. Compulsory Health Insurance. Who is Fooling Whom?, undated
31. "John Howland. The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of His Birth", 1949
32. Postgraduate Medical Education and Internships, 1940
34. "Programs to Provide More Physicians", 1951
35. "A Viscometic Method for the Quantitative Determination of Amylase", 1924
36. The Cost of Undergraduate Medical Instruction in an Endowed School, 1952
37. "Clinic on Poisoning", 1947
40. "Amylase distribution experiments," Holt, 1924
41. "Digitalis Therapy in Cardiac Decompensation in Children," undated
42. "The Origin of Obstetric Nurseries", 1953
43. "Varieties of Lactose Fermenting Organisms in the Stools of Adults and Children Suffering from Dysentery and Simple Diarrhea," undated
44. "Changes in Pediatric Practice", 1953
45. Hospital administrators, undated
47. Rooming-in, 1952
48. Compulsory rooming, ward and private newborn service at Duke Hospital, 1950 (McBryde and Davison)
49. Gaucher's disease, 1926
50. Contagious diseases, undated
51. Syphilis, undated
52. Some measures for the prevention of diphtheria, 1926
53. Religio Medici Moderni, 1938
54. "Nursing as the Foundation of Medicine", 1935
56. "The Amylase. Accelerator and Anti-Trypsin of Normal Human Serum," undated
57. "Preventive Pediatrics", 1935
66. "The Future of Pediatrics", 1938
67. "Hepatitis and Its Risk from Blood and Plasma Transfusions", 1953
68. "The Role, Problems, Responsibilities, and Training of Hospital Administrator", 1948
72. "The Reduction of Communicable Diseases Among Troops and Children During the National Defense Program", 1941
74. "Southern Medical Schools and Physicians of the Past Century and a Half", 1939
78. "A Program to Provide More Physicians and to Increase the Income of Medical Schools" (J. E. Markee, J. S. Harris and W. C. Davison), 1948
80. "Heredity and Genetics", 1942
88. "The Medical and Hospital Facilities Available to Children in North Carolina", 1941
103. "Pediatrics Therapeutics", 1935
107. "Relation of the Concentration of Starch Suspensions to Their Viscosity", 1941
110. "The First Ten Years of Duke University School of Medicine and Duke Hospital", 1941
111. "An Apparatus for Determination of Vital Capacity of Infants", 1941
114. John Howland, 1949
115. "Medical and Psychological Teamwork in the Care of Chronically Ill Children", 1954
117. "The Golden Age of Medicine", 1954

Box 39
144. "A Bacteriological Consideration of Bacillary Dysentery in Adults and Children," undated
146. Enzyme Book, galley and page proofs, 1926
148. Miscellaneous notes, undated
150. "Pertussis Vaccine", 1921
151. "The Isolation of B. Dysenteriae (Flexner) from the Urine of an Infant with Dysentery," undated
153. The Selection of Medical Students, 1927
154. The Relationship of a Dental School to Duke University, undated
156. "Infantile Diarrhea", 1928
157. Address on cardiac disease in children, 1928
158. M. D. Degree Five Years After High School, 1928
159. "Elimination of Milk-Borne Disease", 1933
160. "Filterable Substance Antagonistic to Dysentery and Other Organisms," undated
161. Duke Endowment, 1934
162. Case reports, 1930s
163. Pediatric diagnoses, 1936
164. "Failure of Yeast Therapy in the Feeding of Infants", 1922
166. "Observations on the Properties of Bacteriolysants", 1921
167. "Sero-Therapy of Bacillary Dysentery in Children", 1920
168. "A Bacteriological and Clinical Consideration of Bacillary Dysentery in Adults and Children", 1920-1922
170. "Why Education?", 1932, 1938
171. Liberalizing the curriculum, 1927
172. Reflections on the medical book and journal situation, 1935

Box 40
123. "Chronic Tubular Nephritis (Nephrosis) in Children and Its Relationship to Other Forms of Nephritis", 1926
131. Pediatric Notes, 1925
133. "The Factors Which Affect the Distribution of Physicians and Hospitals in the South", 1939
134. "The Effect of the Reaction of the Medium on the Activity of the Diastase", 1924
135. "Postwar Planning for Medical Education", 1943
136. "Poliomyelitis", 1935
137. "The Divisions of the So-called Flexner Group of Dysentery Bacilli", 1920
140. " Diagnosis of Enteric Fever by Agglutination Test," 1916?
142. "The Epidemiology of Post Influenzal Pneumonia in Diploccus Intracellularis Meningitis was Isolated," undated
143. "Epydema in Infants Under Two Years of Age", 1927
186. "Treatment of Bacillary Dysentery in Children", 1923
195. "Chickenpox and Pregnancy in the 1820's -- There Ain't Nothing New", 1950
198. Parker Suspension Appliance, undated
200. "Recruiting and Training Country Doctors", 1950
210. "The Case for and Against the Extension of the Socialization of American Medicine", 1941
211. Encyclopedia on Education, 1942
212. "A Rapid Method for the Detection of Meningococcus Carriers," undated
213. Dedication of the department of neuropsychiatry, 1940
214. Infant deaths and their prevention, 1938
216. "The Superiority of Inoculations with Mixed Triple Vaccine", 2 folders, 1918
218. Duke University Medical Center and Duke Hospital dedication, 1931
219. Enuresis
221 A. The Facts of Life, undated (later title: Learning Medicine) manuscript materials, parts A-F, 5 folders (no C folder)

Box 41
221 A. The Facts of Life, undated (later title: Learning Medicine) manuscript materials, parts G-L, 6 folders
223. Readjustments of Returning Medical Officers, 1944
225. "The Effect of the Reaction of the Substrate on the Serum Amylase and Amylase. Accelerator", 1942
226. The Tenth Birthday Party of Duke University School of Medicine and Duke Hospital, 1940
227. Medical schools and physicians in the south, 1938
228. Greetings from Duke University School of Medicine at the laying of the cornerstone of the Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest College, 1941
229. The Growth of the Schools of Medicine Nursing, and Dietetics, and Duke Hospital, 1930-1940
230. "Chemical and Enzymic Studies of the Duodenal Contents of Infants", 1941
232. "British Anti-Research Regulations," undated
242. Presentation of Greetings for the Delegates at the Dedication Exercises of the New Buildings of the Department of Medicine of the University of Virginia, 1929
243. The Significance of present entrance requirements, 1931
244. Sir William Osler and an Oxford medical student, undated
245. "Diagnosis of Disease in Children", 1933
246. "Prevalence of and Susceptibility to Diphtheria and Scarlet Fever in North Carolina", (W. B. Mayer and W. C. Davison), 1928
247. "Treatment and Prevention of Disease by Serums and Vaccines", 1924
248. "Gastric Analyses," undated
259a. Costs of Medical Teaching, 1950
259b. Costs of Medical Teaching, 1948
259c. Costs of Medical Teaching, 1946
260. Rhodes Scholarships, 1933
261. "Value of a Princeton Preparation for Medicine", 1934
263. Suggested Report of the Committee on Health of the Durham Chamber of Commerce, 1928
264. Duke University School of Nursing, 1928
265. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pediatrics, 1929
266. Radio address about Duke University School of Medicine and the Duke Hospital, 1929
267. Costs of medical care, 1933
268. "Epidemiology of Infantile Diarrhea", 1928
269. Hospital Insurance, 1928
270. Impressions of Soviet Russia, 1935

Box 42
274. Pediatric Progress, 1 of 2, 1954
278. History of the 65th General Hospital, 1958
280. Osler's influence on modern medicine, 1954
285. The Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic, 1955
288. Prevention of Vital Lymphoid Leukemia of mice by Thymectomy, 1959
289. Community hospital internships and general practice, 2 folders, 1960-1963
290. "Compleat, Continuing, Comprehensive and Total Medical Care, Health Supervision, and Rehabilitation", 1957
292. "Present Day Immunization Policies for Children", 1959
293. Atomic Medicine, 1958
295. The dedication of the Watson S. Rankin Health Center of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, 1959-1960
297. Pediatrics in Formosa (Taiwan), 1958

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Medicine in North Carolina Subject Files, 1916-1972

Includes subject files pertaining to the health care education activities of Davison, his colleagues at Duke and other universities in North Carolina. Also includes some autobiographical writings.

3. "Compleat Medical Care," undated
4. "Crowds I Have Met", 1972
5. Dean's Corner: "Letter to alumni", 1960
7. "The Evolution of Therapy: A Plea For Treating the Patient as well as His Disease", 1939
8. "The Failure of Enzymic Therapy in Infant Feeding", 1942
9. "Forecast of Duke University Schools of Medicine", 1955-1960
10. Full-time teachers of medicine, 1962
11. The History of Pediatrics in North Carolina, 1966
12. History of the Medical Schools in North Carolina, undated
13. "Improving International Relations," undated
14. Letter to alumni, 1957
15. Loan funds versus scholarships for medical students, 1942
16. Medical and health evolution, 1942
17. Meeting your directors, 1955
18. Memories of Sir William Osler, undated
19. "My Experience with the British Anti-Research Regulations," undated
20. "My Medical Course and Internship"
21. Names, undated
22. New medical schools, 1964
23. "On Rounds with Osler", 1972
24. "Opportunities in the Practice of Medicine", 1940
25. "The Optimal Reaction in the Starch-Liquefying Activity of the Duodenal Amylase of Infants", 1942
26. Origins of the Duke Hospital Medical Library, 1962
27. Osler's Last Illness, 1952
28. Osler's Opposition to full-time Clinical Professors, undated
29. Osler's Opposition to whole-time Clinical Professors, undated
30. "The Preventable and Curable Diseases of Children", 1933
31. "Qualities Which a Medical Student and Physician Should Have or Develop", 1941
32. Reminiscences of Wilburt Davison at Oxford, undated
33. Report of Consultant, undated
34. Report on Prophylactic Vaccination with B. Typhosus, B Paratyphosus (A) and B Paratyphosus, 1917
35. Respiratory diseases in children, 1941
36. Some of the accomplishments of the faculty and students of the Duke University Medical Center, 1927-1966
37. Speeches, talks, and presentations
38. "The Talk Which Was Not Made on October 5th," undated
39. "A Tribute to Mrs. Mildred Farrar," undated

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Reprints, 1920-1969

Contains bound volumes and individual reprints of articles and short writings by Davison. Materials are arranged chronologically.

Collected reprints

10. "Divisions of the So Called Flexner Group of Dysentery Bacilli", 1920
12. "The Isolation of B. Dysenteriae" (Flexner)
13. "A Bacteriological Study of the Fecal Flora of Infants and Children (the Lack of Assn. of Nutritional Disorders with a So-called Putrefactive Intestinal Flora)", 1921
14. "The Serotherapy of Bacillary Dysentery in Children", 1921
16. "The Bacteriolysant Therapy of Bacillary in Children", 1922
20. "A Bacteriological and Clinical Consideration of Bacillary Dysentery in Adults and Children", 1922
22. " The Bacteriology of Diarrhea in Infants", 1924
26. "The Duodenal Contents of Infants in Health, and During and Following Diarrhea", 1925
27. "Gastric Analyses in Normal Infants and in Those Convalescent from Diarrhea", 1925
29. "An Apparatus for the Rapid Preparation of Protein Milk", 1925

43. "The Duke University School of Medicine", 1927
44. "Tubular Nephritis (Nephrosis) in Children and Its Relationship to Other Forms of Nephritis", 1927
45. "The Selection of Medical Students", 1927
48. "The Prevalence of and Susceptibility to Diphtheria and Scarlet Fever in North Carolina", 1929
53. "An M.D. Degree Five Years After High School", 1928
54. "Empyema in Infants Under Two Years of Age", 1928
55. "Liberalizing the Curriculum", 1928
57. "Two Additional Years in College Versus Two More Years in Hospital", 1930

58. "Fourteen Distinguished Physicians and Surgeons", 1931
59. "The Significance of Present Entrance requirements", 1931
60. "James Lawrence Cabell", 1931
61. "Effect of the Depression on Health", 1933
62. "Pediatrics. What Is It?", 1933
70. "Elimination of Milk-Borne Disease", 1935
71. "Round Table Discussion on Bacillary Dysentery", 1935
72. "Pediatric Therapeutics", 1935

73. "Brucellosis", 1936
74. "Pediatric Diagnosis", 1936
75. "Poliomyelitis. A Resume"
77. "A Survey of Medical Education in the South," undated
80. "Conditions Characterized by Acute Abdominal Symptoms in Childhood", 1938
81. "The Evolution of Therapy. A Plea for Treating the Patient as Well as His Disease", 1938
83. "The Future of American Pediatrics", 1939
84. "Southern Medical Schools and Physicians of the Past Century and a Half", 1940
85. "Preventive Pediatrics", 1940
88. "Opportunities in the Practice of Medicine", 1940

90. "The Medical and Hospital Facilities Available to Children in North Carolina", 1941
91. "Qualities Which a Medical Student and Physician Should Have or Develop", 1941
92. "The First Ten years of Duke University School of Medicine and Duke Hospital", 1941
94. "Reduction of Communicable Diseases Among Troops and Children During National Defense Program", 1941
95. "The Future of Pediatrics", 1941
96. "An Apparatus for Determination of Vital Capacity of Infants", 1942
97. "Reflections on the Medical Book and Journal Situation", 1942
98. "Nutritional requirements of Children", 1942
99. "The Treatment of Respiratory Diseases in Children", 1942
100. "Amylase, Accelerating Action of Gastric Contents", 1942
101. "Loan Funds Versus Scholarships for Medical Students", 1942
102. "Difficulties in the Enzymic Titration of Duodenal Contents", 1942
104. "Relation of the Concentration of Starch Suspensions to their Viscosity", 1942
105. "Heredity and Genetics", 1942
196. "Optimal Reaction for Starch-Liquefying Activity of Duodenal Amylase of Infants", 1942
107. "Relation of the Concentration of Starch Suspensions to Their Use as Substrates for the Amylase of the Duodenal Contents of Infants", 1942
108. "The Effect of the Hydrogen-Ion and Starch Concentration of the Substrate on Serum Amylase and Amylase, Accelerator of Serum", 1942
109. "Enzymic Therapy in Infant Feeding", 1942
110. Medical and Health Evolution in Durham, North Carolina, 1943
111. Medical Education and the Distribution of Physicians and Hospitals in the South, 1943
113. Nursing as the Foundation of Medicine, 1943
115. Should American Medicine be Socialized?, 1943
116. Chemical and Enzymic Studies of the Duodenal Contents of Infants, 1943
118. Postwar Planning for Medical Education, 1944
119. Readjustment of Returning Medical Officers, 1944
120. The Serbian Tyhpus Epidemic, 1915, 1944
122. "Postwar Medical Education", 1945
124. "The Plan in North Carolina", 1945

125. "The German University Medical Schools During the Occupation", 1946
127. "The Future of Medical Education", 1946
129. "Medical Student Migration", 1946
131. "Sir William Osler Reminiscences", 1949
132. "Medical Education in Europe", 1947
134. "Conference at Duke Hospital Clinic on Nephritis and Nephrosis", 1947
135. "Conditions in Childhood Characterized by Acute Abdominal Symptoms", 1947
136. "Conference at Duke Hospital Clinic on Poisoning", 1948
137. "Lye Poisoning in Children", 1948
138. "Better Health-Today and Tomorrow, Through Medicine", 1948
139. "Rural General Practice in Groups", 1948
141. "Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Pediatric Education in Medical Schools", 1948
145. "John Howland: The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of His Birth," undated
146. "Osler's Influence", 1950
147. Sir William Osler, "Memories", 1949
149. "Pediatric Care Under the North Carolina Plan", 1950
150. "Health Legislation and the Shortage Physicians", 1950
151. "The Pediatric Shift", 1949

152. "Recruiting and Training Country Doctors", 1951
153. "Meet the Dean", 1951
154. "Childhood Cancer (Tumors, Leukemia and Hodgkin's Disease)", 1953
155. "To the Editor" ( The Journal of Pediatrics), 1951
156. "Programs to Provide More Physicians", 1951
158. "Cost of Undergraduate Medical Instruction in an Endowed School", 1952
164. "The Role, Problems, Responsibilities and Training of a Hospital Administrator", 1954
165. "The Origin of Obstetric Nurseries", 1954
166. "Medical and Psychological Team Work in the Care of Chronically Ill Children", 1955
167. "The Golden Age of Medicine", 1955
168. "Changes in Medical Education and Patient Care", 1954
169. "Pediatric Progress", 1954
170. "Sees Need for Speed-Up in Medical Training", 1954
171. "Osler's Influence on Modern Medicine", 1955
172. "John Howland", 1955
173. "Rooming In", 1955
174. "Viral Hepatitis and Its Risk from Blood and Plasma Transfusion", 1955-1960

175. "The Evolution of Infant Feeding and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Soured Milk Mixtures", 1956
176. "The Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic", 1956
179. "To The Editor "( The Journal of Pediatrics), 1957
180. "John Ruhrah", 1957
181. "A Note on Air-Conditioning in Infancy", 1957
182. "To The Editor" ( The Journal of Pediatrics), 1957
183. "Preventive and Therapeutic Pediatrics", 1958
184. "British, American Pediatrics and Child Care: General Practitioners, Consulting and Practicing Pediatricians, Pediatric Education", 1958
185. "Atomic Medicine", 1958
186. "Pediatrics in Taiwan (Formosa)", 1959
187. "The Advantages of BCG Vaccination in Preventing Tuberculosis", 1958
188. "Progress in Child Health", 1958
191. "History of Base Hospital Number 65", 1959
192. "Immunizations for Children", 1959
194. "Medical Center Report", 1959-1960
195. "Dr. Watson S. Rankin", 1960
197. "My Experience With the British Anti-Research Regulations", 1960
198. "Sweating Sickness", 1960

199. "The Relationship Between Pediatrics and Preventive Medicine", 1961
200. "Let's Give the Medical Schools Back to the Students", 1963 1964
202. "The Talk That Was Not Made on October Fifth", 1961
203. "Friedreich's Ataxia", 1962
204. "The Birth of Blue Cross", 1964
205. "General Practice Versus Specialization", 1965
207. "The Basis of Sir William Osler's Influence"
209. "Memories of Sir William Osler", 1969

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Manuscripts on Davison and Duke University History, 1950-1979

Contains writings, manuscripts and indices pertaining to Davison's experiences at Duke University. Many of these writings are collaborative efforts between Davison and other faculty members. Pagination varies greatly between folders. Materials range in date from 1950 to 1979.

Box 43
Appendices index
Learning Medicine index
"The Changing Image of Duke University Medical Center", 1963
Descriptive bibliography of major works, 1968
The Thin Book, draft, pages 1-529a, 3 folders
The Thin Book, draft, multiple paginations, 3 folders
Davison of Duke, Reminiscences, correspondence regarding publishing personal materials, 1971-1979
Learning Medicine, Volume 1, 4 folders, 1958
Learning Medicine, Volume 2, 3 folders
Learning Medicine, final edited copy, 3 folders, 1963

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Scrapbooks and Memorabilia, 1886-1961

Contains scrapbooks and memorabilia pertaining to the Davison family, Princeton University, Merton College and Oxford University, sporting events, academics, and publications. Scrapbook 1 contains memorabilia from Princeton University, Merton College at Oxford University, holidays, and vacations. Scrapbook 2 contains memorabilia from Merton College and Oxford University, including academic, sports, and social events. Materials range in date from 1886 to 1961.

Box 44
Scrapbook 1: [1913], 64 pages
Scrapbook 2: [1914], 64 pages

Box 45
Scrapbook 3: [Fortieth Anniversary of the Duke Endowment] 1964

Box 46
Family, James C. Cornell resolution, 1886
Duke University School of Medicine, first graduating class, commencement exercises program, 1932
Quarterdeck Yacht Club welcome letter, 1953
Modern Medicine cover, signed by Davison, 1960
North Carolina Medical Journal, W.C. Davison issues, 1961
Frontispiece of The Compleat Angler, used for The Compleat Pediatrician frontispiece

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Honors and Testimonials, 1952, 1961

Contains materials honoring Davison during retirement. Contains a testimonial and bound volumes personal notes from friends and colleagues on the occasion of his retirement.

Mementoes of Symposium and Testimonial Dinner, 1961
Volume 1, 3 folders
Volume 2, 3 folders
Volume 3, 3 folders
Volume 4, 3 folders
A Testimonial of Appreciation, 1952
Yale University Response, 1931

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Photographs and Negatives, 1892-1972

Contains photographs, negatives, slides, and scrapbooks pertaining to Davison's family, education, associates and colleagues, and professional activities.

Box 47
Albums 1 and 2: World War I and travels
Album 3: World War I and travels

Box 48
Family and personal, early, including preschool, childhood, siblings, and parents
Davison portraits
Unidentified Photographs of Davison and Cornell Families
Princeton University
Atala Thayer Scudder, including childhood and adulthood.
Davison Family Photographs, Wife, Children
Wilburt and Atala Davison
Davison In 1960, for Greensboro Daily News
Retirement (Davison and Lincoln Continental car received as gift)
Fairways, Davison's Home In Hope Valley, Durham North Carolina
Turnage's Barbeque
Davison father and grandfather, and male relatives
Davison mother, grandmothers, and female relatives
Davison Parents
Davison portrait painting and presentation, 1939
Portrait, stretched and framed by Dr. L. Moses, also includes personal note of admiration, 1968
Davison's friends and acquaintances (includes Robert A. Strong, Walter Bierring, Hyman L. Goldstein, Frank J. Goodnow, Thomas B. Futcher, A. Hollis Edens, Watson S. Rankin, Col. George Matthews, David Swinny, Sam Smith)
Rhodes Scholars, reunions, 2 folders, 1933, 1951
Johns Hopkins Medical School Class of 1917, 40th Reunion, 2 folders, 1957
Osler ivy planting, 1970
McGovern, Jack and Kathy, 1966-1970
Conferences and associations, 1951-1959
Pediatrics Societies, 1950-1956
Board Meetings, 1963, 1967
Chief Consultants, Virginia and Washington, D.C., 1953
Osler Forum At Galveston, 1970
Roaring Gap, North Carolina
Japan, 1949-1951
Maryknoll Sisters' Clinic, Pusan, Korea, 1959
Trip To Guatemala and Costa Rica, 1943
Trip To Haiti, 1945
Ground Breaking For New Hanover County Hospital, 1963
Inter-American Institute, Chapel Hill, 1941
Colleagues from Duke University, 1953-1956
Davison with Students, 1934-1953
Medical Center Library and Trent Room
Senior Classes visiting Squibb Drug Company, 1965
Duke University Commencements, 1932-1949
Commonwealth of Children Symposium, 1961
Duke Pediatric Society Meetings, 1957-1960
Davison Club, 1969
Alfred Shands banquet, 1969
Medical students, social, 1958-1960
Medal of Commemoration, Duke University School of Medicine, 1969
Institute Of Nuclear Studies, 1950
Inventions, Respirometer, Spirometer, and Infant Lung Pressure Apparatus, 1930
School of Medicine staff at dinner, undated, includes Alyea, Handler, Davison, Bernheim, Carter, Harris, Forbus, Handler, Hetherington, undated
World War I
Davison in uniform
France and England, 1918
World War II, advisory capacity (includes photos taken at Duke University, Wurzburg, Germany, and Fort Knox), 1945
Military, other, includes NATO, Alaska, Honolulu, HI, and U.S.S. Independence, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Medical Library, U.S. Naval Medical School, U.S. Naval Facilities, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 1948-1963
Inspections, 1957-1958
Traveling, 1950
Unidentified photographs
Churches Dr. Davison's father served
Talk Cards, A-Z, 7 folders

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A2004-002: Correspondence, 1964-1970

Box 49

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Speeches, 1950-1963

Speech notes, ordered alphabetically by subject, 1950-1963

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Regalia of Davison Family

Contains robes, hoods, drapes, and caps from various academic institutions including Yale University, Princeton University, and Oxford University. The majority of regalia are identified with the initials or name of Wilburt Cornell Davison. Also included is the regalia of Davison’s father, William L. Davison, Atala Thayer Scudder, and members of the Scudder family. Materials are stored in oversized boxes.

Object TXT116
TXT116: Robe

Object TXT117
TXT117: Robe

Object TXT118
TXT118: Robe

Object TXT119
TXT119: Robe

Box 50
TXT123: Graduation cap

Box 51
TXT124: Graduation cap
TXT125: Graduation cap
TXT126: Graduation cap
TXT127: Graduation cap
TXT128: Academic hood (blue and black with white fur)
TXT129: Academic hood (orange, black, and beige)
TXT130: Academic hood (purple and black)
TXT131: Academic hood (gold and black)
TXT132: Academic hood (green, yellow, and black)
TXT133: Academic hood (blue, silver, and black)
TXT134: Academic hood (gold, brown, and black)

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A2005-049, Writings and Reprints, 1936-1943

Contains writings pertaining to the naming of the wards in Duke Hospital, planting of Osler ivy, graduation of the first class of the School of Medicine, a hearing on general statutes where Davison put forth a new definition of osteopathy, and remarks concerning John Howland.

Box 53
"Remarks to the First Graduation Class of the Medical Society on the Occasion of the Planting of a Sprig of Osler Ivy from 13, Norham Gardens," by William S. Thayer
American Medical Association correspondence regarding a hearing before the subcommittee of House Committee on the Judiciary testimony, 1943
Davison and other's remarks during a memorial service for John Howland, 1927
"John Howland, (1873-1926)", 1926
Original materials and reprints for "Remarks at the Unveiling of a Plaque in Memory of John Howland", 1930
Original materials and reprints for "Duke Hospital Ward Names" and "Fourteen Distinguished Physicians and Surgeons", 1930
The Duke University School of Medicine, read before the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina, 1937

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A2012-038: Construction plans, 1929

Oversize 1
Davison's copy of the original plans for the Duke University Medical School and Hospital (with annotations), 1929

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W. C. Davison Scrapbook: Osler Correspondence, 1913-1950

Contains treated scrapbook and bound digital print copy of letters and articles between Dean Wilburt C. Davison and Sir William and Lady Grace Osler. The first page of this scrapbook bears the inscription: "Wilburt Cornell Davison from William Osler, in memory of Oxford, July 27, 1916". Material consists largely of letters from Sir William Osler and his wife, Lady Grace Osler, to Dean Davison. There are also letters from Lady Grace Osler to Davison's wife, Atala Thayer Davison, and from Lady Grace's sister, Susan R. Chapin to Davison. Newsclippings include articles either by or relating to Osler and obituaries of Osler's and of Lady Osler's death. There is also a short manuscript by Davison, "Sir Williams Osler's story of his life."

Box 54
Bound digital print copy

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