Thanks for dropping off boxes! How do you put them together?

The boxes that we use to store departmental records are high-quality, but not easy to put together! Each box should have assembly instructions printed on them. When the box is properly assembled, the instructions will be on the bottom of the box. If you have problems interpreting the instructions, please contact us for assistance. We are more than happy to help you! Here are a couple of box assembly hints: 1) You do not need any additional materials to assemble the boxes. If, after assembling the box, it appears that tape is needed for it to stay together, it is not assembled correctly. 2) There are not any printed assembly instructions for the lids. Fear not; assembling the lids is very easy! Simply fold all of the sides up, and then fold the end pieces over. One side of the lid has "IN" marked on it. It is easy to miss, but it is there. The "IN" side should be the inside of the lid. If you assemble them the other way, the sides of the lid tend to tear and break. Do you have a question for “Ask the Archivist!”? Submit your question to