Medical Center Archives’ Records Management Training Modules

Records Management Training ModulesAttention!!! Attention!!! 
Does your office create records?
Do you know what records are? (No, not vinyl, the other type of records :-))
Do you know what to do with your office’s records once they have reached the end of their usefulness to your office? 
If you answered yes or are unsure you have come to the right place. The Duke University Medical Center Archives is proud to announce the launch of a new series of records management training videos. These seven online modules are short instructional guides on handling your records and transferring them for permanent preservation in the Archives. The videos are short, ranging from 2 to 7 minutes. 
The first video answers the question “What is a Record?”. It outlines key definitions and describes various record types. This module is a great starting point or introduction to records management. The other six videos provide records transfer instructions outlining the six steps you should take when transferring your records to the Archives. These steps include:
We hope these training modules make your office’s records management a little bit less confusing or intimidating. As we continue to make new educational guides, we welcome your feedback. Please contact the Archives with your questions.

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