Duke Nursing Magazine Available on MEDSpace

Duke Nursing Magazine is now available to users on MEDSpace. Users can view past issues here. Issues available on MEDSpace go back to 2006, and the Archives will continue to add new issues as they become available.
MEDSpace is the Duke University Medical Center Archives’ Digital Repository. Digital repositories are “the technical infrastructure, services, and resources for the storage and management of digital information” (Society of American Archivist’s Dictionary of Archives Terminology)
MEDSpace collections Nursing Magazine
MEDSpace contains a wealth of digital information about the history of Duke Medicine and its affiliated schools and programs. It contains nearly 700 photographs documenting the history of Duke Medicine. You can also find other publications, medical illustrations, artwork, and medical artifacts.
To learn more about DUMC history, visit the Duke University Medical Center Archives Website, ask us a question, or email us at dumc.archives@mc.duke.edu
This blog post was contributed by Medical Center Archives Assistant Director Lucy Waldrop.

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