Calling All Alums! Do you have Student-Faculty Show Materials?

Each year the School of Medicine students put on an entirely student-run production that offers a comedic view of the experiences of a medical student at Duke, usually parodying a popular musical or movie. The shows feature original songs and dances, student performances, and guest appearances by School of Medicine faculty.
The Duke University Medical Center Archives actively collects Student-Faculty Show materials. The Student-Faculty Show Collection contains digital and analog materials that feature video performances (VHS video tapes, U-matic video tapes, DVDs, MP4 files), audio recordings (LPs, CDs, 7 inch reel-to-reel audio tapes), photographs, negatives, scripts, cast lists, bulletins, programs, tickets, drafts, and lyrics. Materials date from 1940 to 2020.
The DUMCA is always looking to add to this collection. If you have any materials from Student-Faculty Shows from days past, present, or future, please considering donating them to the DUMCA where they will serve to document this School of Medicine tradition.
For more information about this growing collection or to donate to it, contact the Archives or go to the Student-Faculty Shows Collection finding aid
Back to the Suture 1987 SFS  1991 SFS 2002 SFS
This blog post was contributed by Assistant Director and Technical Services Head Lucy Waldrop.

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