The Archives Increases its Storage Space

Interns Kahlee and Alex move boxes from Stacks 1 to Stacks 2

Space is often a contentious issue in archives because physical collections take up, well, so much space, but as collections grow, all archives must confront the issue of diminishing storage area. The Medical Center Archives recently met this issue head on by turning unused office space into a new storage area for low use collections. The addition of the new storage unit added 2,430 linear feet of space for the Archives to grow our collections. Translated from archives speak, this means the Archives now has the capacity to add 1,620 more boxes at our location. Onsite storage at the Archives can now hold 10,506 linear feet or 7,004 boxes. The creation of a new storage area, will help the Archives better collect and preserve the official records of DUMC and DUHS departments and divisions.  

For more information about the Archives and our collections, contact the archives staff

Interns Alex and Kahlee moving boxes into Stacks 2

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